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Justin Trudeau elbows female member of Parliament, but who cares? He's a "feminist"

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Self-proclaimed feminist Trudeau going pugilistic

I can’t decide which is richer in layer upon layer of irony: Self-proclaimed feminist and liberal heartthrob Justin Trudeau’s elbowing a female member of the Canadian Parliament–or the Gender Studies 101 reaction of another female member of Parliament  who witnessed the incident.

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May 25th in (Feminist) History

On this day in 1925 was the birth of Rosario Castellanos, a Mexican poet and author, who was considered one of the most important literary Mexican voices in the last century. 392 more words

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May 23rd in (Feminist) History

Today in 1810 was the birth of Margaret Fuller, an American women’s rights activist and journalist who was also a part of the transcendentalism movement. 348 more words

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and then there were two: pt. 1

i’ve been hooked on the mindy project since the pilot.

my affinity for a strong, single female lead goes all the way back to the early 2000’s with the debut of the cw’s {before that, the wb’s} … 971 more words

And Then There Were Two

Wait till those "women deacons" find out that they have to be celibate and wear nuns' habits

From my latest for First Things:

Armenian women deacons: Actually, they were nuns.

The nunnishness of the early Christian women who became deaconesses is striking.

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I Blame the fathers.

From quite early stage of my dating life, I realised the showing pattern of men I attract ( or men that attracts me? ).

-daddy issues. 468 more words

If You're A Woman And You Know How To Read, You're A Feminist

Feminism has nothing to do hating men, hating makeup, hating bras, or hating other women who love those things. Feminism is simply the concept that people should be allowed to be who they want to be, and society shouldn’t punish them for their choices. 794 more words