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The Beginning of My Journey...

Let the world empower you. Let the world empower you like how I let the world empower me. You can not live peacefully if you do not see the world’s defects. 436 more words


Facebook quotes, manly fake boobs, Instagram killed Feminism and more

I just saw on facebook a post saying: “These women are going topless, but it is for a good reason” and I swear I haven’t found one instance on my mind where going topless is for a bad reason. 642 more words


Media uncover real reason for Waco brawl: restaurant "objectification of women"

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Making men happy with beer and bodaciousness–we can’t have that

Guess what’s to blame for that biker brawl over the weekend in Waco, Texas, that resulted in nine deaths and 170 arrests?

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Sen. Claire McCaskill outraged that--surprise!--someone gets raped on "Game of Thrones"

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Sansa and new husband Ramsay: The Middle Ages without the nice people

What is it about female Democratic senators and fictional rape victims?

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After "Casa Latina-- Mother's Day Event"

I chose to place my photos in the “Building Communities” category because they depict people interacting with the art and music at Casa Latina. Each person demonstrates identity; each identity melds with the environment and transforms cultural aesthetics. 1,313 more words


Susan Sontag: looking back at a genius of the obvious

Susan Sontag may well have been the most overrated writer and thinker of her generation. Her sole gift in her philosophical musings was her ability to state the obvious in such a way as to seem original. 909 more words


It kills me to say this...

It kills me to say this, but Amanda Marcotte, bless her shallow and vain little heart, almost got two things right. I guess even a broken watch can be right twice a day. 645 more words