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Setting a record in trailblazing.

On September 21, 2017 the Washington Post triumphantly announced that the first woman had completed the Marine Infantry Officer Course:

In a historic first, the Marine Corps plans to assign a female officer to the infantry following her anticipated graduation from its grueling training program, service officials said Thursday.

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Favourite Instagram Pictures of January

I liked so many pictures in January, which made it fairly difficult to reduce the number of images for this post. So sorry for the picture overload! 56 more words


Valentine's Day: When the Feminists Fuck Up

I was sick on the 14th, and therefore the lateness of this post is justified. Anyway, let’s talk about it.

Before I launch into the anti-climactic debaucherus tirade on the celebration of the semi-lucid depiction of “true love” created by Hollywood mass marketing, I must take uno momento to make it clear that I do not intend to use this post to wage war on Valentine’s Day in and of itself. 254 more words


Blacktown Council Promotes Sex Discrimination

Blacktown in Sydney’s west is an area known for its cultural diversity, its council is made up from a culturally diverse group of people. Blacktown councillors are made up of eleven men and four women, I am sure feminists will point to this over representation by men and voice their accusations of a patriarchal society where men hold positions of power and use that power for the benefit of men to the exclusion of women. 560 more words

Men's Rights

Fake feminism: today's reality?

Considering the recent cases of Shamir Reuben and Aziz Ansari, we wonder if celebrities are milking the feminism rage and building a faux image or are they genuinely supporting the cause? 227 more words

Feminism + Chivalry = Modern Conservative

David Marcus has a new post up at The Federalist demonstrating that modern conservativism is feminism with a chivalrous cherry on top.  From We Must Still Keep Teaching Our Boys They Must Never Hit Girls… 203 more words


My Favorite Women - January

2018 is the year of the woman. I have no doubt.

What does that mean? – That means that this year women strive individually and as collectively as we can to continue progress towards gender equality in our respective countries, cities, workplaces, homes, etc. 269 more words