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'Inclusive' is bullshit

Not often do I ‘go off’ at (het) women, but the one time that I do, is their insistence that everything be either male/M2T ‘inclusive’. They need to wake up and smell the patriarchy on this one. 1,494 more words


Victoria & Elizabeth: Not My Feminist Role Models

Queen Victoria, the second reigning queen of England, came to the throne in 1837. There she reigned until her death in 1901. Queen Elizabeth II came to power in 1952, and she still reigns today. 1,531 more words


Suffering to Suffering

This wasn’t the first time we met. In fact the first time I did what you’re supposed to do: we met in a public space. By the time it happened we’d been together at least 5 times. 1,576 more words

#Hiyerquotes as he says !

Harrish Iyer came into limelight after he was seen in Aamir Khan’s highly acclaimed social talk show “Satyamev Jayate” (Season 1) way back in 2012, where he spoke in depth about his ordeal as child sex abuse survivor. 2,074 more words


President Park Geun-Hye’s escalating scandal: a fight against the patriarchal system

Gender Theory influx in South Korean’s democracy

From medieval ages to modern times, the dormant individual that inherits heredity a unipolar role is virility. The indication of a social construct that is imbedded in the society, that we marginalise the differences of gender has impacts in twain. 399 more words