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Stay @ home mom VS staying @ home just cause (Rant moment of the day)

Growing up I hated those words ” when you work you can buy it your self” or “lets see when can I have extra and we buy it”.   490 more words


Pride& Everyone's Prejudices

I’m so sick of the way I get treated. At first, I was going to make this post specifically about work. But then I realized that I get a lot of shit for no reason other than the fact that I’m doing okay. 692 more words


It's Another Boy!

Each time another Planned Parenthood video hits the internet, it’s apparent that each one becomes more macabre than the one before.  Thus far we’ve witnessed medical doctors explaining concerted efforts to save intact “tissue;” one describing the procedure as performing a “less crunchy” abortion.  310 more words


The Year of the Woman

Shirley Chisholm, Flo Kennedy, Bella Abzug, oh my!

An amazing documentary that had been lost in time….until now.

A  documentary that disappeared more than 40 years ago is finally available to everyone for the first time – a gift to modern-day feminists thanks to… 82 more words


People and the friendzone

Before you hang me for being another one of those wanna be feminists who thinks only jerks who want to bang land there, hear me out… 774 more words

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Feminists exploit and manipulate children for their own ends

It’s official, feminists will exploit and manipulate children for their own ends. Feminists will do everything to protect their agenda (feminist agenda). Got to get them indoctrinated young. 108 more words

Feminists: Air Conditioning 'a Sexist Plot'

Yes, you read the headline right: a feminist writing for The Washington Post has declared air conditioning “another big, sexist plot” ( http://dailycaller.com/2015/07/25/air-conditioning-is-a-big-sexist-plot-washington-post-investigation-reveals/ ). Indeed, she says, air conditioning is “the Manspreading of Summer ’15.” 146 more words

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