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Savvy Gift Guide: Top 10 Books for Feminists

Books have the perfect power to inspire, encourage, and support, which is why we love this list of books put together for the feminist in your life! 887 more words


Why Don’t Feminists Talk About the Abuse of White Women?

Feminists and social justice warriors fall silent about the slavery of Whites, which still exists today. Please share this video with everyone you know, and warn White women not to go to Israel in search of work.


If you did not want to be falsely accused of rape, then maybe you shouldn't have been dressed like a rapist

I hate talking about rape, but unfortunately it must be done. No matter how much is said, there is still so much left unsaid. It is tiring to say the same things over and over again, frustrating that these things even have to be said, infuriating that some people will never get it, no matter how many times these things are said. 943 more words

When Your Ex asks for the Promise Ring back

Quite frankly speaking, people who call feminists “men-hating lesbians” come across real shallow in the head to me. In other words, stupid. (Fortunately, there’s a cure for that). 964 more words



Every time she spoke the society shut her up!

The Gypsy

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5 Black Friday Deals

I hate shopping.

Some people love shopping. That’s cool. There is room for everybody in this big world.

I’ve amassed here for your convenience a wonderful list of online art and literary deals to peruse from the comfort of your couch, plush blanket and expanse of belly full of starchy carbohydrates. 630 more words