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Ban Beauty Pageants?


The news this week that Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir (pictured), the current Miss Iceland, quit an international beauty pageant after she was told to lose weight has caused quite a rumpus. 2,057 more words


Censorship is anti-feminist

Censorship has been used increasingly in modern times for the most mundane of things. Notable examples of this include the “No More Page 3” campaign, launched by self-proclaimed feminists trying to topple the patriarchy. 486 more words



A lot of things actually made me think about doing this but I don’t really want to go too in depth because no matter what you say about feminism people are going to hate you. 418 more words


I mentioned in a previous post something about some over the top, bat shit crazy feminists … I have only now remembered I really do not like calling them feminists because what they complain about and the things they try to ram down everyone’s throats has nothing to do with real feminism and does more harm than good. 1,676 more words

Fear of a Feminist Future

To imagine the future is a political practice, which means that it’s both strangely awful and awfully strange. In 1990, a team of scientists and researchers was given the task of mapping far-future scenarios for the disposal of nuclear waste. 180 more words



I have been watching some very scary stuff on YouTube and relieved that I have watched this through the eyes of someone with a level head. 2,418 more words

Why Nobody Likes Social Justice Warriors

What prompted me to write this article was a recent blind accusation from a Social Justice Warrior that we are “white supremacist bigots.” *pause for chuckle* 746 more words

Social Justice Warriors