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Slate feminist distressed that "American Sniper" was about Chris Kyle instead of his wife

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Why doesn’t the movie have her divorce him and run off like Thelma and Louise?

“We’ve seen a flood of supporting roles designed to be played by high-profile actresses in high-profile films, written to suggest that the characters possess depth and a vaguely feminist sense of liberation—qualities that never seem to interfere with the character’s ability to neatly slide into the same old ‘concerned girlfriend/wife/confidante’ role…..

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“Thanks to socialism, Cuban girls must make the cleanest and best-educated prostitutes in the world.”

Recently, I was asked to present some of my research about the feminist movement in Cuba at my university. Let me just say, these facts are not pretty. 555 more words

Are Modern Feminists "Outbidding" Themselves?

Feminists have come a long way since that 1848 Seneca Falls Convention we all learned about in History class. In fact, it wasn’t even until until five-and-a-half decades ago that women developed desires outside of the workplace; they figured, why stop at “equal pay” rights, when we could have it “all?” And, we should rightfully be thanking our female predecessors for thinking outside of the box in the first place. 911 more words

Up the Women!

Today 25 February a new series starts on BBC2 called Suffragettes, For Ever! The Story of Women and Power. It’s a 3-part series looking at the beginnings of the suffragette movement fighting for women’s rights to vote going right up to the battles of the twentieth century for equality. 96 more words

Learning to Push Back

As a kid, I was the proverbial “good girl,” a rule follower, a goody two-shoes, and I liked it that way. Truth be told, I still like it that way. 840 more words

7 Feminist Actresses Who Made a Mark in Cinema This Year

1. Anna Kendrick  

This year Anna Kendrick played Cinderella in the Oscar nominated movie for Cinematography and Production Design called Into the Woods. Kendrick puts a modern spin on the classic Cinderella story that Disney fans have loved for years. 884 more words

Andrew Garfield

Feminism: A Gargantuan Sham of the Modern World

Mr. Reinhard returns with a short essay….

All work courtesy of L. Reinhard

The Feminist Movement has been around for quite some time. It has been credited with ‘leveling the playing field’ for the ‘female minority’ (it is noteworthy that women actually outnumber men and are, therefore, … 350 more words