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Angry Indian Goddesses.

Just as I thought today would have been my most unproductive day in a long time, I ended up watching one of those movies I was extremely eager to watch ever since I had gone through it’s teaser. 529 more words

Bechdel Smechdel: Volume One

I will ruin all the films you love

I bloody loved Ghost Busters as a kid and I bloody love the new lady one. If anyone disagrees or thinks that how Leslie Jones has been treated is in anyway ok, I’m a take you out right now! 605 more words

The feminist victimisation of the traditional woman

Feminist want you to think that the traditional women and housewifes are poor poor creatures squashed by the hand of the white male.

“Because every husband is a wife beater” … 105 more words

Things 3rd wave feminist ruined

  1. Feminist fucked up women’s expectations for men , as they endoctrinated women to think that they can do anything and don’t need a man to provide for them .
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My life is plight with tabloids journalists. One of them once told me: I supposed you march your two daughters round the garden the garden in dungarees shouting “Kill men!

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“Why delve into this murky waters, why not let it be than try to ………?” That was my ‘ChinekeD’ mind speaking to me dissuasively. Trying to dissuade me from this much discussed issue of EQUALITY, GENDER EQUALITY, that has split opinions. 1,372 more words