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Hands up all those who correctly answered, “Climate change.” Quote. Women must be at the heart of climate action if the world is to limit the deadly impact of disasters such as floods, former Irish president and U.N.

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bye bye bikini's

I hope the chics who want to both lift weights and climb the corporate ladder chill out just a bit and seek some peace before describing all females as feminists.  574 more words


Trump & Rise of MGTOW

President Trump is an idiot. Which is why he was elected for the most powerful job. Having a nincompoop as a leader makes is easy to control the nation. 840 more words

Stuff anti-feminists say

I’ve learned not to read feminist sites. It’s bad for my sanity and worse for my faith in humanity. One day I hope to also learn to not read anti-feminist sites, but sadly, that day has not come yet. 2,922 more words


Miss America Ends Swimsuit Competition

In 1921, the Miss America beauty pageant began as a bathing beauty contest.  As of now, it’s been discontinued.

The contest, long targeted by feminists, is now being run by women.  158 more words

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Blank slates and bioessentialism

The current feminist view on psychology is that everything about me is wrong and it’s all my fault.

That’s not quite how they put it, of course, but it’s what it amounts to. 1,687 more words


When Venus Attacks.

I’m not especially familiar with the various definitions of Feminist that have come into existence, but I am certain that the spirit of it is all but dead, and lunacy (oh the irony in that word…) has risen in its wake. 550 more words