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4 Myths About Feminism That Are Still Out There (And What The Truth Really Is)

Anti-feminists seem to be against Feminism and have hate towards it because they have all of these preconceived notions about it. But all of their assumptions are based on misinterpretations of what it’s really about. 886 more words

Today in (Feminist) History | April 30th

On this day in 1937, women in the Philippines receive the right to vote when 90% voted in the affirmative during a “special plebiscite” ( 100 more words

Women In History

Today in (Feminist) History | April 28th

Today is one of those ones that makes you think: Why didn’t I learn this in school? On this day, April 28th, in 1915, the International Congress of Women convened in The Hague, in the Netherlands. 347 more words

Women In History

The ultimate affront to cartoonish chivalry.

It is bad enough that we force women to join and even lead our military in the real world, but this has gone too far:


What feminists wish non-feminists understood

Sometimes it’s hard ot make people understand why I’m a feminist and why feminism is (still) important. I acknowledge that people might see the world differently than I do. 179 more words


Girls Need Better Role Models than Beyoncé’

Our Country’s devolved to the point where Beyoncé’ is considered a role model.  I’m not just referring to teenyboppers enamored with her music and dancing style.  551 more words


I Am So Much More Than A Body For A Man To Exploit

I woke up this morning to the usual rhythm of rage at my alarm clock and the enthusiasm of an old, worn-out sweater. I made a quick cup of coffee, watched a few vlogs, made my way to the bathroom and dragged myself out of the house to begin what already felt like a never-ending day. 597 more words