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Guarding her equality.

As I’ve demonstrated (here and here), an underpinning belief of complementarianism is that the source of feminist resentment is sinful men, men who are not sufficiently nice and accommodating.  280 more words


A Theory of Feminism

I’ve been thinking a lot about feminism lately. What with Hillary Clinton being the Democratic nominee for president, the issue gets a lot of airtime. 478 more words

Who is she teaching?

A few days ago CBMW Women’s Studies professor Mary Kassian published a new post titled Does a Husband have the Authority?*  The post follows the Duluth model framing headship as abuse, and the… 1,340 more words


Does Feminism/Social Justice come in a sacred text like religious books?

I ask because feminists do not seem to want to take questions about their cult sorry movement. #SociopathicJuvenileWhiners/Feminist Logic: “It’s not our job to educate you!” 555 more words

The Democratic Convention

Well, the Democratic convention is underway. It will be a not-stop festival of lies and distortions.

The speakers will talk about diversity, tolerance, and the  112 more words

Tumblr Bullshit.


Hey cisgendered little boys, girls, apache helicopters, coffee mugs, and others! How many of you have been to Tumblr? 1,443 more words


All roads lead to Duluth.

In the early 1980s a group of feminists put together a model to approach domestic violence called the Duluth Model.  Under this new (feminist) model the focus is not on actual violence, but on fighting the patriarchy and “male privilege”.  2,243 more words