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The Feminist Rape Delusion — Miss Misanthropist

Great blog post.

There is a lot of problems with how rape is tossed around so easily these days, and really it’s usually only used improperly by feminists. 108 more words

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# Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

“Gender is not an easy conversation to have. It makes people uncomfortable, sometimes even irritable. Both men and women are resistant to talk about gender, or are quick to dismiss the problems of gender. 213 more words


Why Feminism is needed in the 21st Century?

In 2016 not many people know the true meaning of feminism or what feminism is as a whole. The majority of people seem to fear the word and see it as man hating or females thinking that women are superior. 962 more words

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Women in Tech: Safra Catz


Let’s talk about Safra Catz. She is the current co CEO of Oracle Corporation which, if you aren’t familiar, is a company that specializes in database softwares and other enterprise programs. 347 more words


Education through a feminist eye

Feminism studies is all about a feminist’s perception of a male-dominated society. Typically in school, women would take subjects such as food technology and home economics, whereas men would excel in areas like maths and science. 507 more words


Day 16: Ismat Chughtai

I first read Ismat Chughtai’s highly acclaimed and highly controversial “Lihaaf” as a teenager, relatively ignorant of the intricacies of gender and sexuality. I read it again several years later when I was not quite so innocent, or perhaps, ignorant, anymore. 314 more words

365 Days, 365 Women

Pornstar Feminsts

One group of Feminists scream sexual objectification and another group of Feminists embrace their sex object label; hence, the satire in my novel. I also wrote posts to satire… 75 more words