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Screeching Harpies Claim Another Scalp

Former Senator Jim Webb last night announced he would not be accepting a Naval Academy Alumni Association award because of recent protests from other alumni. At first, I thought Webb, whom I always respected as a military officer and politician (if that’s at all possible), had done something egregious, causing his fellow Naval Academy alumni to consider him undeserving of the award. 1,628 more words



I look at her….. and said:

“You have been let down for a number of times.

But you have also stood up on your own.” 27 more words


United Airlines Leggings Controversy Demonstrates Why Today’s Feminists Do Not Really Believe in Equal Rights or Equality at All


It has probably been about four decades since the average women’s activist was doing valuable work for society. The recent United Airlines leggings controversy demonstrates why today’s feminists do not really believe in equal rights or equality at all. 523 more words


Why I No Longer Identify as a Feminist – Areo Magazine

| by Helen Pluckrose | I don’t remember ever not being a feminist. I toddled in marches of the 1970s with my mother. She became a second wave feminist in the 1960s after being denied a mortga… 11 more words

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Gad Saad on Hysteria and “Collective Munchausen” around Donald Trump, Speaking Out as an Academic, and Evolutionary Psychology 101 – Areo Magazine

| by Malhar Mali | “As somebody who escaped Lebanon and actually hid under desks to avoid death squads, I don’t take well to these idiots from Wellesley College who say, ‘I’… 83 more words

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Personal Thoughts On Feminism As A Nigerian

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Feminism is a word that scares a lot of Nigerian men. To the average Nigerian man, feminists just want to “destroy the natural order of things” and “go against God’s plan for the world”. 1,124 more words

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We Should All Be... 

Living in a narcasstic world where people lose their identify in the love of “self” only to end up going in search of finding it again, I couldn’t help these past few days but wonder what we are truly missing and why the confusion on what we should be continues to linger on and on. 506 more words