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Buzz. Buzz.

Dear Butch,

Our hands gently flirt across the table, a whisper of a touch.  Your face is inches away from mine.  I can smell the coffee on your breathe and hear the pounding of your heart.   338 more words


A Work Of Art

She’ll never show the fears she has,

she’ll never open up that far,

her integrity and pride will never fast,

they think she’s full but it’s an empty jar, … 100 more words

Memo To The Clueless Butch 3

- if a femme you just met is sick, you offer to bring her soup, and she declines, don’t keep asking. It makes you sound like a creep who wants to know where she lives to stalk her. 1,544 more words

Le sportswear féminin

Alors que beaucoup attendaient la présentation des nouvelles Yeezy 750 lors de la fashion week à New-York, Kanye West a créé la surprise en présentant une cinquantaine de silhouettes sportives. 550 more words


Come Here Cloud Nine

And she licks her lips to make them shine,

breaks into dance and clears the room,

her eyes glisten and it’s, “come here cloud nine”, … 130 more words

Is The I In Community Silent?

From time to time I toy with the idea of writing a post about the NYC butch femme community, its presence or lack thereof, for all the readers who are in the middle of nowhere and look up to us with a mixture of pride and envy. 679 more words