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Starting moving overseas check lists

Le décompte est bel et bien commencé il ne me reste que 85 jours avant mon départ!!! Dans la liste des choses qu’on peux régler au moins trois mois avant le départ,  on peut facilement régler le Visa, le cas des assurances du Québec (RAMQ)  les assurances à l’étranger et le compte bancaire en Australie. 442 more words


So Glad You Have Mary

Coming out of my therapist’s office the other day, I bumped into a straight mom I know from cross country (Owen has been running Varsity since freshman year). 544 more words



Chances are, we’re not alike.

I see the types of people that normally come to WP and you will rarely find someone like me. I’m not bragging or anything, I just think we should cherish differences and I’m here to offer a new perspective. 361 more words


i choose you.

seems like nowadays, although things are getting crazy, there is only one thing most people crave more than money. LOVE. We all want to love and be loved just as much by someone, but of course the way everyone loves is not the same and some are afraid to love due to parental issues or issues with how they were brought up. 670 more words

Return to fabric


After a burst of inspiration, I have been working on some new fabric pieces. (Click on each photo for higher resolution.) The above piece is finished, and if I were to show it I would hang it on a wall or suspended like this. 465 more words


Listen to "SOS" by Charli XCX Opener Femme

When I saw Femme open for Charli XCX, her coy brand of pop music didn’t do much to sway the crowd. Maybe it was just the fact that she went on at 8pm, but apart from me and a couple of wasted 19 year olds no one was dancing. 91 more words

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