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Printemps/L'été 2017

The Classics Spring/Summer 2017 collection coming soon

REVIEW // FEMME - Debutante (Tape Music)

This article originally appeared on God Is In The TV

A debutante is typically a young upper class woman making her entrance into the world, usually at a meeting of high society.   508 more words

Album Review

International Alert et Yole Africa fêtent l’art de la paix à Goma

Le 21 septembre de chaque année le monde célèbre la journée internationale de la paix, une date qui coïncide avec les 30 ans de International Alert… 554 more words

Lipstick Love

Hello there!

There was a few days of silence for this blog because I was out of town for a few days. During my trip, I got to spend time with some very good friends of mine. 1,076 more words


série Belisama Cornellia

Sculpteur Philippe Buil

2016 série Belisama – Acier feuille d’or 24 carats et papier (h 60 cm)

Philippe Buil

série Pavarti Evé

Sculpteur Philippe Buil

2016 série Pavarti – Acier Bronze (h 28 cm)

Philippe Buil

Yes I'm Pressed, Thanks For Noticing

In recent times people have asked and told and mentioned how “pressed” I “always” am. Or wonder why I sound so bitter or hurt. And its only because I began to express my emotions a lot more than usual because of my ever present, but recently renewed fuck you all attitude. 1,008 more words

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