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Why I (a Fat Woman) Avoid "Chubby Chasers"

I at least thought about writing this awhile ago and couldn’t remember if I actually did or not, but I tried looking and didn’t see any post about this, so I’m assuming it was one of those things I thought “I should write a blog post about that” and never did. 879 more words

Madison Witman, Miss Teen Oklahoma

What a great story! Madison Witman decided to compete in the Miss Teen Oklahoma Pageant without capitulating to any outside pressures of what it means to be beautiful or feminine: … 108 more words


A ta femme

“Tu as donc été choisie comme sa potentielle future femme, félicitations.

Tu es sûrement une personne formidable, ce n’est pas n’importe qui qui peut lui plaire. 689 more words

Jasper's Wardrobe

“Yesterday I started sketching my current view on male-femme fashion. To summarize the points from yesterday, I find the body hugging clothing emphasizes the femme curves that we have always already had. 294 more words