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Big, Burly, and Beautiful

This piece was first published in the zine, Not Trans Enough.  Written by Rhiannon Robear; reprinted with permission.

One night this summer, I was at the gay club looking glam, and having a smoke break outside with my friends.   681 more words


I'd rather be queer in Seattle

I miss Seattle.

Last  night, I went out with some friends from school. At one of the bars we went to, I stepped outside to answer my phone. 153 more words

Her Royal Highness

Suzaku ruffled as he tried to make himself comfortable in the leather seat. Across from him his superior had already made herself at home. Her purse claiming a seat of its own, she sat, quietly flipping through the mock-up and writing notes here and there with a flourish and an expression of disdain distorting her pretty face. 565 more words


Privilege and Femme Identity: Coming Out 

This post is the first in a two-part series written by the same author about her coming out experience.  

I grew up in an incredibly privileged family. 983 more words


For the record I’ll like to say these are not views or opinions or recommendations or condemnations. I am speaking and questioning and very much welcome discussions, corrections, clarification on any topic raised here. 1,288 more words


Femme/Butch Identities

In the LGBTQ+ Community, there are a lot of stereotypes. Oftentimes I think we conform to these without even realizing. One of these that can be seen in people of all… 1,157 more words

Shades Of Life - Book Launch - Selfie with Authors

Wow! What a day it is! I’m really overwhelmed with the response I received from the people. Though a few expected ones did not make it to the launch including Mahesh (as he met with an accident and it did play on my mind until I came to know he is fine and all is well). 351 more words