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The Cross: a Humbling Experience

Corrie ten Boom wrote a book called The Hiding Place and it’s the true story of how she not only survived the brutal concentration camps of WW2, but how she saved the lives of countless persecuted Christians. 1,396 more words


Fear Vs Anger

I live with a lot of fear, clearly, as I keep writing about the constant nightmares that I keep having. Being in social situations scare me, the future scares me, death scares me. 1,000 more words

Wakey Wakey: You're getting an opinion whether you asked for it or not!

Throughout my blogging career, I’ve rarely expressed strong opinions – if at all. Indeed, if you see a book review here it will be a book I’ve enjoyed and not one that made me laugh or cry for all the wrong reasons. 183 more words


Welcome to the top of the fence: the weather isn't perfect, but the view is spectacular!

Hi! My name is Jasmine and I am a student, athlete and self-proclaimed fence sitter.

By definition, a fence sitter is someone who takes a position of neutrality on a subject. 522 more words

Analysis Paralysis

Boots And All

Another way of putting it is ‘Don’t be a Mugwump Christian.’

A Mugwump is a bird that sits om a fence with a mug {head} on one side and it’s wump {rump} on the other side. 273 more words


View from the fence, part I

For two months now, I’ve been sitting on a fence.

It doesn’t look like a fence.

In fact, what it looks like is the entrance to a comfortable family living room containing a small group of honest, sincere, dedicated people who are the living definition of “spiritual friends.” 1,523 more words

Notes Along The Path