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Wakey Wakey: You're getting an opinion whether you asked for it or not!

Throughout my blogging career, I’ve rarely expressed strong opinions – if at all. Indeed, if you see a book review here it will be a book I’ve enjoyed and not one that made me laugh or cry for all the wrong reasons. 183 more words


Welcome to the top of the fence: the weather isn't perfect, but the view is spectacular!

Hi! My name is Jasmine and I am a student, athlete and self-proclaimed fence sitter.

By definition, a fence sitter is someone who takes a position of neutrality on a subject. 522 more words

Analysis Paralysis

Boots And All

Another way of putting it is ‘Don’t be a Mugwump Christian.’

A Mugwump is a bird that sits om a fence with a mug {head} on one side and it’s wump {rump} on the other side. 273 more words


View from the fence, part I

For two months now, I’ve been sitting on a fence.

It doesn’t look like a fence.

In fact, what it looks like is the entrance to a comfortable family living room containing a small group of honest, sincere, dedicated people who are the living definition of “spiritual friends.” 1,523 more words

Notes Along The Path

Why do I write, more rubbish and mushrooms.

(notice where the comma is, ^^ although you probably didn’t even see it :-))

I was looking back over a few posts and realised one I wrote could have been finished, or expanded on. 366 more words

Personal & Family

Mixed Messages

A few days ago I was privy to an internet outbreak regarding a concerned “friend” calling out her 30-something friend for not having kids but totally secretly wanting them… 1,307 more words

Corporate Discontent