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The Center Cannot Hold

Amidst the standard partisan barrage of accusations, insults and general malevolence that one can typically expect when offering an opinion online, one relatively recent attempt at political slander that seems to be in fashion is the accusation of being a wishy-washy centrist without the courage to state or adopt convictions. 1,674 more words


What Kind of Commitment-phobe Are You?

Our world is spinning faster and faster. What was new and improved yesterday is old and out dated today. Got the new iphone? Sorry, that’s last weeks model. 823 more words


Get off the Fence

We all know fence sitters.  Maybe it doesn’t bother most people, but it bothers me.  I’ve been on the verge of writing about this for some time now and each time I start I stop myself because I wonder if it really matters that much or if I’m just making it matter to me because I am definitely NOT a fence sitter. 1,231 more words


When did being open-minded make you the bad guy?

Are you an open minded person?

Is it a good or bad thing?

I was brought up in a rather strict but strangely liberal way. I lived in a house with my parents and my grandparents who were quite happy for me to form my own opinions about the world, as long as I cleared my plate and was home before it got dark. 601 more words

Fence Sitter

Here’s a definite fence sitter.  An Eastern Kingbird.

Seems it’s favourite spot is like this.


The Cross: a Humbling Experience

Corrie ten Boom wrote a book called The Hiding Place and it’s the true story of how she not only survived the brutal concentration camps of WW2, but how she saved the lives of countless persecuted Christians. 1,396 more words