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Weekly Writing Prompt

Fences are built for many reasons. Why was this fence left to decay? What about how this broken fence makes you or your character feel. Write for five minutes. 

Writing Prompts

The Fence And The Driveway

A dirt driveway going along the metal fence and this photograph was taken on a Konica Pop camera.


Winter Muckxtravaganza

The daytime temperature yesterday climbed well above freezing and turned that beautiful snow we received over the weekend into a soaking slop that the horses converted into a regrettable mucky mess. 346 more words


DIY Fence Installation vs. Hiring a Fencing Contractor: Pros and Cons

Oftentimes, homeowners believe that setting up a fence is an easy job that they can simply do on their own. However, putting a fence up isn’t only limited to digging holes, fastening posts, and meshing wires. 109 more words

Moroun company official says nothing wrong with installation of Abars fence

An official representing real estate holdings of Ambassador Bridge owner Matty Moroun said there has been no wrongdoing by workers installing a fence around the former Abars restaurant and surrounding properties. 271 more words

Local News

Hello, December sun...

I had so many wonderful ideas about this Week’s Photo Challenge: Relax… Starting with a photo of yours truly taking a bubble bath, while having a glass of wine… alas, that will have to wait as I don’t have a bathtub lol :D But, seriously, I had high hopes of taking a nice relaxed photo during the weekend… instead, by Murphy’s law, the weekend was anything but relaxed… 212 more words