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Real Problems and Campaign Rhetoric

I am the great grandchild of people who immigrated to the United States. This makes me as unusual as a grain of sand on a beach. 480 more words

Z is for Zombie-Proof Fence #zombies #AtoZChallenge

Remember all the trouble Rick Grimes and friends had with keeping up the fence around the prison on The Walking Dead? The ability to erect zombie-proof barriers is a key to surviving the zombie apocalypse. 559 more words

Zombie Apocalypse

Good fences make good neighbours

My last post was about the absolutely fabulous garden my husband built for me. While he was hard at work making our garden space functional, I was hard at work making it beautiful. 244 more words


Good Fences #110

A nice group of Black Angus cows.  Looks like they all had a productive spring.

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When it comes to fences both mental and physical two things always come to mind, first Chesterton who says in, ” “The Drift from Domesticity”: 548 more words

Good Fences

Today my mind is drifting to the topic of rural life and mentally streaming some narrative blend of Garrison Keillor and Lyndel Miekle. Springtime in Montana is weeks ahead of schedule, and tuning up the fences on our own property is a task that is not very poetic in practice, but so very necessary.   1,572 more words


Mending fences.

Now that the rocks and leaves are out of the way and we’ve hilled up and/or smoothed out all 14 rows, we used the cloudy Friday to do some preventative maintenance on our fence. 189 more words