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chain link by tom clausen

how lovely
to do nothing at all
as these wind gusts
billow her blouse
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Glowing & Growing Gardening Trends

With the Springtime sun finally starting to warm our faces, we’re getting our gloves and trowels out and preparing ourselves and our yards for some inspired springtime gardening. 258 more words


That White-Haired Daddy of Mine...

April 1st will mark the second anniversary of Dad’s death. He was and always will be a unique, multi-faceted character in my mind. Others may choose words such as riddle, enigma, weirdo or oddball. 1,960 more words


I have been meaning to get around to writing this since Sunday. We have been so busy I keep forgetting. By the time I come in from outside, I’m sunburnt, hungry and exhausted. 201 more words

43:11:22:03:15:21 - genuine *

* they say that the clothes make the man.  but let’s face it, if you’ve got it, you’ve got it.


Fences (three poems)


Like early motion pictures,
slits of light through slats of fencing—
passing bicycle seen as if through glass.


Persistent memories
press through planks, 56 more words