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[Finished Airing] The Starry Night, The Starry Sea Second

Set in the seaside town Chang Le of the prosperous Tang with a developed shipbuilding industry, the drama tells the story of a human girl Lu Li who disguises herself as a male, hoping to make her mark in the shipyard and realize her dreams. 142 more words

[Feature] Photo Shoot Roundup: Jing Tian, Jelly Lin, Tong Liya, Hu Ge, Zhu Ya Wen & More!

There’s a ton of gorgeous spreads of pretty people in this post! Included here are photos of Jing Tian, Angel Wang Ou, Lu Shan, Jelly Lin Yun, Liu Wen, Tong Liya, Hu Ge, Feng Shao Feng, and Zhu Ya Wen! 29 more words