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Official Posters, Stills, & 1st Trailer for Upcoming Chinese Drama "Ice Fantasy"

I started watching Chinese dramas only 18 mths ago so am still really new to the ins and outs, including the various actors.  So I just vaguely know who most of these actors are.  255 more words

Trailer & Teasers

Prince of Lan Ling 兰陵王 (2013)

Story timeline ~564-577AD (Northern Qi-Northern Zhou)

One of my most skipped dramas. The scenes with bad guys were unbearable, so I literally skipped through all of it. 574 more words


The Palace: Lock Heart

The Palace : Lock Heart aka 宮-鎖心玉 Review

Synopsis: Qing Chuan, played by Yang Mi, a modern girl is accidentally transported back into Emperor Kang Xi’s era of the Qing Dynasty. 1,428 more words


A Tale of a Beauty on the Battle Field

I have always been fond to a fairy tale, ancient tale and every kind of tale since in my young age. It must be because Granny will always told me a story when I was sleeping with her, well actually I forced her to tell me a story. 412 more words


Golden Era Actors Speak

All of 2 minutes.

I dare you to not get all hot and bothered by 朱亚文 talking about how he approaches his character and his profession.   264 more words


[Cdrama] ‘Prince of Lan Ling’ episodes 21-46(end) ~ impression/opinion ~

It’s been such a long time since I marathoned a drama, more importantly a historical one. As I mentioned in my previous post about “The Prince of Lan Ling”, I don’t normally like historical dramas, however right now my two favorite dramas of all time are both historical “Warrior Baek Dong Soo” and “The Prince of Lan Ling”. 1,267 more words

Ariel Lin

[Cdrama] ‘Prince of Lan Ling’ episodes 1-20 ~ first impression/opinion ~

Got a new obsession: Prince of Lan Ling

I normally don’t like historical dramas, however from time to time I start getting obsessed with a historical series, like for example: Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Empress Ki, Bu Bu Jing Xin and now Prince of Lan Ling. 658 more words

Ariel Lin