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Home Interior Feng Shui Tips

We are already in the second half of 2015, but it’s not yet too late to do some changes in your home’s decorations to welcome wealth, happiness and harmony into your home this year of the Wooden Sheep. 352 more words

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Feng Shui Tips: How to Prevent Bad Luck on your Bedroom

When we talk about bedrooms, it’s given that it is where we usually take our precious rest. We either take a quick nap or a good night sleep. 717 more words

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Feeling trapped?

Even though today’s fashion shop sell decorative cages, look into what they really symbolise for you!

Each moment your eyes are scanning the decor inside your home. 91 more words

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What Does the Rooster Month (from 8th September) Hold?

The (8th) month of the Wood Rooster 2015.

(Sept 8th 8:10 to Oct 9th 00:09 inclusive)





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Hot Tubs and Feng Shui

A feng shui client sent me an email asking about the placement of a hot tub in her backyard. It’s still warm in September and October here in the San Francisco Bay Area, so it’s not that unusual to set up a hot tub in September. 524 more words

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Negative Feng Shui?

Why is it some people after doing Feng Shui cannot see good benefits or benefit comes slower?

Negative thoughts slows down what ever good effects that good Feng Shui brings. 88 more words

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Red Rose Symbolic Meaning

Inner Knowing/Wisdom: Seeing the red rose, in your waking life, in paintings, in dreams, flashes, visions, is a message of forthcoming changes, Love, passion, empowerment, psychic abilities, blooming where you’re planted. 351 more words