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Start the year right! How to feng shui your home in 2017

It’s a brand new year and you’re excited for a brand new beginning! But before you get into your quest of the year, take the step to redecorating your home first. 419 more words


Feng Shui Life Assessment Survey

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Many of us make resolutions for the new year with the hope and intention that things in our lives will somehow improve. 994 more words

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Feng Shui for the New Year

I love Feng Shui (however, I don’t love how complicated it can be)! I have been practicing Feng Shui in my own life for close to 10 years and I figured out a way to keep it simple and fun. 861 more words


Feng Shui your bathroom to transform it into your personal Beauty Retreat

A great way to invigorate the New Year~

Re-vamping your bathroom into your refreshed and practical BEAUTY RETREAT will bring an awareness of what you really resonate with in regards to your personal Beauty Regime and will re-new and re-fresh your outlook about yourself in a positive way. 7 more words

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Recommendations for a Winter Glow...the basics to get started~

Here are some of my BEAUTY SECRETS to assist you in getting started on a new SKIN CARE REGIMEN in 2017~

 #1–Make your skin care regimen a pleasant and nurturing daily ritual by having all your products organized on your bathroom counter in the exact order you will use them–early in the morning or late at night, you’ll be glad you did :) A pretty container like a rustic basket, or a mirrored tray to hold your facial products will bring a sense of order and a feminine touch. 161 more words

Health & Beauty Connection


What is Koi Fish Legend?

According to a very old Japanese legend Koi fish are found in the Yellow River where they are often seen swimming bravely upstream. 431 more words

Easy Ways to Uplift the Look and Feel of Your Home with Feng Shui

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