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Feng Shui Tips for a Happy Home

Feng Shui can help increase the comfort of your dwelling to unexpected inner happiness.


Intention comes up a lot.  When reading books about reaching goals, life design, positive thinking, Wicca, alternative healing, feng shui, etc., intention is mentioned.

When reading about the metaphysical properties and potential of symbols, stones, crystals, colors, plants, scents, and the like, it can be easy to dismiss such ideas. 129 more words

Initial Reaction: Chu Feng: B.E.E 1

It’s the year 2030, peace covers the globe, mechatronics technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, and Obama has an Afro. Calling this show corny does it justice. 137 more words


Review on : Air pollution, greenhouse gases and climate change: Global and regional perspectives Feng, Y. & Ramanathan, V. (2009)

Review: Air pollution, greenhouse gases and climate change: Global and regional perspectives

The article studies about how air pollution in Asia contributes to climate change. It also explains how air pollution affects the monsoon system in Asia. 486 more words


Programs Double Lucky Fortune Fish and Feng Shui Magic

fortune 1952,1964,1976,1988,2000 fortune Xiao Long who committed this year, funeral mourning, or in cases of misfortune, not funeral, visiting inappropriate, criminal grams loved ones, wife wounded mother grams, male life is negative, beware of accidents. 271 more words

Amulet Sandal Wood Bat Feng Shui Symbols Lucky Coin

Shaw snake fortune 1953, 1965,1977,1989,2001 fortune Shaw fierce snake star every year, everything go not right, the official non-tongue, or affected, prison disaster victims, soul possessed, body Qianan, loneliness, the couple discord, loss of financial loss. 254 more words

Chen style taiji practice: Hong Yilu and Feng 24x

Practice sessions, August 2015. One each full performance of the Chen style taiji Practical Method, Hong Yilu, and the Chen style Feng 24x.