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Quels personnages joue-t-on ? Magicien perdu dans ses grimoires, guerrier futuriste maniant un sabre de lumière, super-héro des temps modernes, robot de combat Black Gene Lies: Slave Quarter Cures, 2006, Joel D. 370 more words


[Master Up] Zutto Mae Kara Joushi Deshita

Feng has mastered up Zutto Mae Kara Joushi Deshita! Thanks for the hard work! It’ll be released on March 30!

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度重なる延期で大変ご迷惑をおかけいたしました。本日「ずっと前から女子でした」マスターアップいたしました! 男だと思っていた幼馴染みがコミュ障・地味巨乳美少女に! 通常版1,998円(税込)です。 …

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Why the roots of patent trolling may be in the patent office

(Source: arstechnica.com)

In recent years, American companies have faced a growing threat from patent assertion entities derisively called “patent trolls.” These often shadowy firms make money by threatening patent lawsuits rather than creating useful products. 1,415 more words


[News] Update on Zutto Mae Kara Joushi Deshita.

Feng has released the casts and added more sample CGs!

Kazama Sena 風間 星名:Mitaka Rin みたかりん

Itsutsuji Akira 五辻 あきら:Ayane Mako 綾音まこ

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[141219] Kanojo no Seiiki

Hello again, EroKeis here. Another game finished during the LONG LONGG holidays… This time it’s Kanojo no Seiiki by feng. It’s my first time playing feng’s games too. 989 more words

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Feng shui masters predict claws out in Year of Dog

(Source: sg.news.yahoo.com)

As the Chinese zodiac switches into the Year of the Dog later this week, Hong Kong feng shui experts predict anything but a walk in the park for global leaders… 548 more words

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