the end

9/9: inspired by reaching the end of DA2 again, sob!! I can’t handle my life without this game

“What the fuck did you do?” Hawke shouted, shattering the stillness of the night-shrouded coast. 798 more words


Second glaze firing -- results

Right, so we finished our second glaze firing with the second-hand kiln we bought. The result: plenty of of groovy pottery lewts. Pics below. Made in paper clay. 85 more words

Debris Field

Customer Order 【amie】

Prompt/Idea: Aida, Saige, Anya, and Fenris go to a fair. What kind of fair it is is up to you, but it’s one of those that has those carnival games. 2,646 more words



well if you’ve wondered where my art’d disappeared to, I was busy with this thing

because let’s be real, Fenris would be a fantastic Witcher. 


If I work hard, mother and Varania get a nicer supper. 

Sunday, June 12th
“I… I remember you. We played in our master’s courtyard while Mother worked.

163 more words