Daily Draw: XV The Devil, Fenris

On one level, today’s draw is a reminder that sometimes things are just fucked in the head and unjust. No getting around it. Things happen. Earthquakes level cities. 171 more words


The Herald's Rest [ Commission ]

The War had been won and Corpyheus had been defeated; the Inquisition were now a truly magnificent force to behold in Ferelden and their forces continued to grow each day. 1,090 more words

Dragon Age

Lyrium-Infused [ Mature Themes ]

It was rather late, probably past midnight now but Serah Hawke remained at her writing desk with a quill in hand, trying to finish the letters she had started over an hour ago. 1,344 more words

Dragon Age

Dragon Age 2: Act 2 Thoughts, Part 1

Spoiler thoughts:

  • You would think, with all of Hawke’s new-found fortune, she’d spring for a decent haircut.
  • Three years, Fenris. Are you even dusting the dead bodies?
  • 306 more words
Spoiler Thoughts

Dragon Age 2 Review

Okay. So I’m branching out a little bit here. Testing the waters for game reviews whereas I usually only write about books.

First, a confession. 402 more words


Dragon Age 2: Act 1 Thoughts

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Varric!  Long time no see, buddy.
  • I must say, if it hadn’t been for Tumblr, I would probably never have noticed the guy Varric punches out hanging around the bar.
  • 610 more words
Spoiler Thoughts