The Tale of the Hawke 

“The Tale of the Hawke: Dragon Age 2” by RavenCall70 on Wattpad http://my.w.tt/UiNb/myvpAjiLtC


Frabill Combo Deals - From $9.99

Field & Stream Shop has all of their Frabill Combos marked down 50% or more. If you need a boost to your rod case check out these deals! 152 more words

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Kal's March 2017 Forecast

March is here… wow.  It’s kind of a shock to say that.  I’ve been busy.  Really, really busy.  Between work, and moving (did I mention I was moving?   316 more words


I hath returned

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!! I have returned. I sadly took an unexpected hiatus due to several circumstances. Schoolwork piled up, fell behind in anime AND I recently performed in the Jamaica Musical Theatre Company’s rendition of The Wiz!!! 85 more words

How to paint Space Wolves part 1: Geigor Fell-Hand painted as Bran Redmaw, Wolf Lord

For about three years, I spent my time collecting Space Wolves. I liked the Vikingness of them, and the Chapter’s colours too, so, I amassed a battle company, and chose Bran Redmaw to lead it. 709 more words


Pixel Sex?

So! Romance in video games! It ranges from the sweet to the more.. well, less sweet..

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought maybe I could offer my two cents on romance in video games and what they might offer to a game. 552 more words



I haven’t drawn broody elf bf for a while.