Taught Something by a Little Dog: Another Fenris Update

Sheer determination!!!

This little guy right here hates being alone so much that he was bound and determined to make it into the bedroom where my husband, Chris and I were. 128 more words


My Thoughts on Whip Weights

As a whip enthusiast, I have handled a number of whips with varying weights. Here are my thoughts on the subject of whip weights. 428 more words



Well apparently he has a ruptured disk in his neck. The vet said it is normal for the partial paralysis to take place in the hind legs first and then move to the front legs. 300 more words


Fenris Unchained by Phil Kaveny


Illustration by Theo Howard

Fenris Unchained

            By Philip Kaveny C 2013

Fenris the Wolf will be unbound and eat the sun.  The world will be wrapped in ice unleashing Ragnarok (‘Doom of the Gods’), Gotterdammerung. 9,721 more words


Fenris Whips

Remember my blog entry a few days back wherein I expressed my thoughts about being a whip maker? 77 more words


Giveaway winner, and a new giveaway

The winner of the Loki Fox Giveaway is Owanderer – congratulations!  I’ll be sending you an e-mail shortly re: shipping info.

I now have a new giveaway for the audience. 427 more words


Týr's Promise

Oil Painting, 18″ x 24″ – This original is in a private collection.

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