Andrea & Andreas von Strucker (Fenris)

I should have realised this earlier, my bad. The name of the male protagonists was revelatory enough. Anyway, turns out that The Gifted‘s main characters are actually an adaptation of a very well known pair of siblings from the comics, albeit their allegiance has been clearly changed. 1,141 more words


Valor's Calling Snippet One

Hey everyone, here is the first snippet of Valor’s Child, the second book of the Children of Valor series.  First, the blurb and the cover image, and the snippet is to be found below.  1,263 more words


mean while, at the sleepscribbles Instagram...

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Kal's September 2017 Forecast

Hey everyone.  In case you missed it, I just released Ghost Star, Book 6 of The Shadow Space Chronicles.  So what else is new?

Well, I finished Valor’s Calling, the sequel to Valor’s Child last month.  225 more words


Cosplay Basics: How I actually build it!

So you’ve seen my Lets Build A Sailor Scout: Sailor Uranus series (and if you haven’t click because this whole thing is a link)

And you’ll see more of the Let’s Builds in the future (Yuri Plisetsky, and Sailor Star Maker are both on my list of possibilities right now) 737 more words


The Folk Horror of H. Russell Wakefield in Two Stories.

H. Russell Wakefield is an author who is perhaps not as well recognised as he deserves. When mentioned at all, it’s often in the same breath as M. 2,559 more words

Folk Horror