Cosplay Basics: How I actually build it!

So you’ve seen my Lets Build A Sailor Scout: Sailor Uranus series (and if you haven’t click because this whole thing is a link)

And you’ll see more of the Let’s Builds in the future (Yuri Plisetsky, and Sailor Star Maker are both on my list of possibilities right now) 737 more words


The Folk Horror of H. Russell Wakefield in Two Stories.

H. Russell Wakefield is an author who is perhaps not as well recognised as he deserves. When mentioned at all, it’s often in the same breath as M. 2,559 more words

Folk Horror

Valor's Child Snippet One

Here’s the first snippet for Valor’s Child, which comes out on June 30th, 2017:

Chapter One: My Parents Are Evil

I lay awake atop my covers as I listened to my parent’s raised voices.  1,144 more words


Neil Gaiman - Norse Mythology

You know, I’m really starting to like Neil Gaiman, a lot. It started with American Gods, because all the stuff that I read before didn’t leave too great of an impression of the author. 233 more words

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The Tale of the Hawke 

“The Tale of the Hawke: Dragon Age 2” by RavenCall70 on Wattpad http://my.w.tt/UiNb/myvpAjiLtC


Frabill Combo Deals - From $9.99

Field & Stream Shop has all of their Frabill Combos marked down 50% or more. If you need a boost to your rod case check out these deals! 152 more words

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Kal's March 2017 Forecast

March is here… wow.  It’s kind of a shock to say that.  I’ve been busy.  Really, really busy.  Between work, and moving (did I mention I was moving?   316 more words