Týr's Promise

Oil Painting, 18″ x 24″

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Fenrir The God Of Destruction

We are use to judge things just by what we hear or what is told to us, this happens with all things in life because it is a rarity in the human nature to delve deep into any subject, trying to understand the meaning of things, to see all the sides of something, seldom anyone goes through the “trouble” of studying the true nature, essence and meaning of a variety of subjects, this is why i will be writing about Fenrir today. 1,312 more words

Gods And Mythology

CASTLE DOR (2.0): Snowy Kisses

Fenris sniffs the air he looks about himself. He can smell the person he is looking for Morrgahn is hiding and hiding well. He is not sure how much he likes that. 506 more words

Adventures in Dragon Age: Romancing Fenris

YAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS. Just YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS. That is all I have to say. I’ve always loved Fenris’ dark character, and my sassy, anti-mage Hawke was a perfect match for the brooding former slave. 12 more words

Dragon Age 2: Act 3 Thoughts, Part 2

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • People can say what they like about Gamlen, but he certainly expresses more care for Hawke and Leandra than Leandra did for him or Hawke.
  • 275 more words
Spoiler Thoughts

Daily Draw: XV The Devil, Fenris

On one level, today’s draw is a reminder that sometimes things are just fucked in the head and unjust. No getting around it. Things happen. Earthquakes level cities. 171 more words


The Herald's Rest [ Commission ]

The War had been won and Corpyheus had been defeated; the Inquisition were now a truly magnificent force to behold in Ferelden and their forces continued to grow each day. 1,090 more words

Dragon Age