Journey In Journey v1 #114b (March 1965)

Marvel Number: AHA0018

Writer: Stan Lee

Artist: Jack Kirby

Synopsis: The goddess Indura heads for Asgard with the golden apples of immortality and encounters Haakun the Hunter. 51 more words


Dragon Age

A year ago I found a rpg game Dragon Age and I truly fell in love with it :)

Here’s a fanart of the character named Fenris, but in more modern style :D I made it in SAI, the background is a photoshopped photo. 41 more words



An archive of some older fics. Enjoy, netlings.

Standalone Pieces:
Monuments in Ash (Explicit)
K!Meme fill: The Arishok demands sex in exchange for Isabella.
Unrepentant porn. 66 more words


30-Day Video Game Challenge - Day 5: Game Character You Feel You Are Most Like

I find myself too multi-faceted to pick my likeness in one character. Maybe by listing the few I can compare myself too, I can find a character by the end of this list. 939 more words


30-Day Video Game Challenge - Day 2: Favorite Character

This challenge is almost as bad as a military brat (like me) being asked “Where are you from?” THERE ARE TOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM.  564 more words


Odin's Eye Snippet Two

Here’s the second snippet for Odin’s Eye, coming this weekend!  Odin’s Eye is the sequel to Fenris Unchained and a novel in the Star Portal Universe.   1,634 more words


The Lay of Vafthrúthnir: Vafþrúðnismál

Short-short pre-summary: Óthin hears of the wisdom of the giant Vafthrúthnir and goes to see him in his hall against his anxious wife’s wishes. The giant begins to test Óthin’s wisdom before realizing who he is, then urges him to occupy the high-seat to continue their contest with the loser’s head at stake.  1,105 more words