Shot .o2;;

Prompt: Mushroom picking at the Mushroom Grove! (based on this)

Series: Cottontale: Bunny Kingdom

Characters: Aida, Saige, and a voice cameo from Anya and Fenris… 1,103 more words

Espresso Shots

Whip Making Improvements

I have made some improvements on my whip making techniques. The new construction technique now makes for a whip that flies straighter and more fluid… and, of course, cracks more easily. 146 more words


Devotional Service - Tyr & Fenris

These services are done at Sacred Journey Fellowship, an Earth-centered Unitarian Universalist Church located at 1215 Main St. Garland, TX 75040.
I am not a registered holy person (godhi/priest/etc.). 1,223 more words


ICYMI ~ @OutOfTokensCast #11 - Ladies Night - AKA HAWKE FEELS!

So we’re doing things a little differently this time around, David gets the night off as we have a ladies night to spill all our Hawke feels on the table, the floor, everywhere. 422 more words