Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode Fifteen: "Amplification"

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • I’m glad they all let Lydia just hang out all safe and all in Arkam Asylum all this time.
  • If I was even remotely close to critical, I’d have a living will made out demanding I be taken to Hill Valley Hospital.
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Spoiler Thoughts


If you not already aware of it, Darkthrone legend, Gylve Fenris Nagell hosts his own radio/podcast show called Radio Fenriz.

Take a listen..

Black Metal

Shot .o4;;

Title: A Magical Celebration

Series: Cottontale: Bunny Kingdom

Characters: Aida, Anya, Canon, Fenris, and Saige

Additional Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYA!!! Saige’s gift looks like #2 from… 2,279 more words

Espresso Shots

Fenrisian Wolf

**Featured Post** (originally posted Dec 2015)

I’m never going to be Warhammer’s core audience, but there’s a lot to like about Space Wolf lore, including GINORMOUS SNOW WOLVES! 66 more words


Fenrir Sculpt finished

Fenrir was pretty fun to sculpt..I was playing around with a kind of illustration style, kind of cartoony with exaggerated anatomy… painting however was not so exciting as I was trying out a lot of new things with this piece and trying to create a better technique. 30 more words

Gathering Intel

Some days after the fiasco that was MonitoManika 2015, which Ichigo enjoyed and Fenris thoroughly hated, the Lycantroop decided to do some snooping of his own. 253 more words



Here are a few bonus scenes from Ichigo and Fenris’s day out at MonitoManika 2015.

So… tell me… 59 more words