Second glaze firing -- results

Right, so we finished our second glaze firing with the second-hand kiln we bought. The result: plenty of of groovy pottery lewts. Pics below. Made in paper clay. 85 more words

Debris Field

Customer Order 【amie】

Prompt/Idea: Aida, Saige, Anya, and Fenris go to a fair. What kind of fair it is is up to you, but it’s one of those that has those carnival games. 2,646 more words



If I work hard, mother and Varania get a nicer supper. 

Sunday, June 12th
“I… I remember you. We played in our master’s courtyard while Mother worked.

163 more words


here’s another print ill have at melb comiccon 

warriors in fitness gear :D

There Must Fall the Joy of Frigg

Now comes to Hlin* | yet another hurt,
When Odin fares | to fight with the wolf,
And Beli’s fair slayer | seeks out Surt, 52 more words



I’m working on some Illustrations for a friend @getsyouby ‘s fic called Shadow on the Run.

Shadow on the Run AO3 link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6843289/chapters/15621496…

39 more words