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The Trials of October 14

Darkthrone Has Released Their 16th in 2016

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Norwegian Councilman Gylve Nagell who is fondly known as Fenriz, has resurrected his legendary band Darkthrone. 653 more words

Heavy Metal

Transmissions from the Black Ivory Tower - Episode 2

The second episode of the Black Ivory Tower podcast, such joy! Click here to download it over at Podbean, or listen directly through the stream below. 282 more words


Am I going to make a living with music?

No, probably you’re not.
Ok, done! Shortest article ever.

Well, I’m sorry for you but actually it’s a bit more complex than this. And I’m probably going on for a few more lines. 1,849 more words

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Darkthrone - Total Death

Something I did today just for the joy of the creative process. The design slightly differs from the original, the blue tones are lighter and I changed the font, but I really like how it turned out…


Throwback Thursday: Darkthrone's "Soulside Journey" Turns 25

Yes, the above header is accurate. On January 13th, 1991, Darkthrone‘s debut, Soulside Journey, was released to the world. This means two things: 1. 493 more words

Daily Heresy

The Nine Circles ov... Darkthrone

Along with Bathory, Mayhem and a handful of other acts, Darkthrone is one of the most commonly recognized and iconic black metal bands of all time. 1,193 more words

Daily Heresy

Things I'm Thankful For...

Thanksgiving: A time to reflect on all the good things we have in life, cherish family connections, and  bow to the metal gods for gifting us with the beautiful man that we know as Fenriz. 420 more words

Daily Heresy