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A walk in the woods with Fenriz

A little sunday afternoon constitutional? How about an agreeable hike with the world’s cuddliest black metal legend and vice-councilman of Oppegård, Fenriz? If we’re going to have black metal aerobics then black metal hiking actually makes a lot more sense. 141 more words


Darkthrone Soulside Journey

That the first album by a band that became legendary for their black metal is one of the best death metal albums to ever be recorded is a very telling symptom of the sterility of the death metal genre in general.   506 more words


The Trials of October 14

Darkthrone Has Released Their 16th in 2016

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Norwegian Councilman Gylve Nagell who is fondly known as Fenriz, has resurrected his legendary band Darkthrone. 653 more words

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