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Wild thing....

The “Plan” for yesterday was to locate myself up in the mountains along a four-plus mile trail that led to one of my favorite Wasatch Mountain lakes, but the weather forecast suggested a 60-80% chance of snow and rain up there…and I did not bring any wet-weather-appropriate hiking gear with me from the desert…so I instead went and had lunch with an old friend…and then stopped off at the Jordan River Walkway on my way back to the house.   204 more words

Photos - Outdoors

Bob, the lady cat.

As you will recall, Bob is the feral cat that I started feeding last fall, when she was just a kitten. Then Bob got knocked up, and her gender became more obvious, but I kept her name anyway. 657 more words


Trail Camera Part 2

Not all the trail camera captures are wildlife.  I have learned that I have a half a dozen feral cats visiting the water dish (set out for the birds). 81 more words


Meet Figasaurus Rex

We got a cat. Namanya Fig. Kenapa Fig? Karena mirip Fig dari @figanddumpling. Fig ini sudah berkeliaran di lobby apartemen dari akhir tahun lalu. Pertama kali ketemu Fig, aku lagi sayang-sayang kucing lain, terus tangan dipegang-pegang sama Fig karena dia cemburu. 340 more words


Aurthur The Feral

We received a message about a white cat that a lady had been feeding for some time as she said he looked as though he was losing some weight over time.  408 more words


Guess Where Perry is Now?

Don’t tell my mother, but Perry moved in here Friday evening. She told me once that she didn’t think she should tell anybody I have five cats because it was embarrassing. 338 more words


Daily Gratitude

Gratitude – for correspondence from afar that made me smile, for the rain stopping at noon, for the sound of twenty-plus cats zealously crunching kibble, for a welcoming committee at the Happy Forest, for nearly 3000 new words written, and for cherry blossoms.