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Domestic Violence...

This is what happens when your utterly feral 14 year old Egyptian cat does not want to have her Fentanyl patch taken off. It had been a hard week for her – a very expensive operation ($1300), one tooth left, ingrown toenail, antibiotics for a sinus infection. 115 more words


Hi! Can you help? Need A New Name for the Cat!


So, I’m looking to get Gyro some vet care, and I know they will ask me “Name of cat?”

Well, what I found out is she is well, a female. 196 more words


the feral cat

lived here ’til the swallows came –

the vet’s needle


Image courtesy The Guardian

It’s not supposed to be like this – just made myself cry…


the blue cat

i added a lot of red/yellow to this image to bring Quicksilver back to his natural color. Perhaps, i should show you the before?

Quicksilver is my feral cat. 167 more words


Be Vewy Vewy Quiet, I'm Hunting Kittens

Looks like I don’t need to join the New Zealand Police to get some better work stories.

This afternoon a visitor came to reception to tell us there was a tiny black and white kitten stuck up on the wall. 477 more words


Wild Thing, I Think I Love You

Happy Feral Cat Day! Drop treats for, and stand some distance from, facing away and with your eyes averted, your favorite feral cat today.