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A feral cat

She is tall for her age.
The anger that vibrates
through her body,
as her fists harden,
her muscles tense,
her eyes on high alert, 85 more words


Now What?

After a false start on Wednesday, I managed to trap Little Black and get her to the vet on Thursday. She had a full exam, blood and urine, fecal test and even a nail trim (because she likes to swat at me and those daggers of her tear my hands to pieces). 899 more words


It's a boy!

So maybe you will recall that after Bob (the feral cat that I thought was a boy, but was really a lady cat, and she had kittens and I got her fixed and now she’s chipped to me but roams the means streets of our hood), Bob 2 showed up. ¬† 256 more words


Love Unbounded: The Feral Cat

The feral cat shook its fur on the blanket. It stretched its back a bit, carefully enough not to wake up completely.

If feral cats can yawn, it yawned, too. 613 more words


Tentang Ciara

Hi, Ciara!

Jadi, bulan Mei lalu aku mengadopsi kucing kampung yang suka nungguin aku di lobby apartemen yang kami kasih nama Fig. Masuk bulan ketiga Fig berada di rumah kami, dia mulai menunjukan banyak tanda stress (mungkin kesepian), dari yang hyperaktif sampai nggak doyan makan, terus sering muntah. 337 more words


Perry and Mom Visit the Doctor

Just a brief update on Perry’s health. I took him to a veterinary internist yesterday, and he determined that Perry isn’t in an urgent situation. He either has this fast breathing response to stress or he might have a polyp which could probably be seen on a CT scan. 245 more words


New Kitten, Old Cat

I decided that my blogger will be for my bad poetry. I’ll probably cross post some but not all. it’s the girl who likes to stare, but at blogger. 316 more words