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I had been seeing Cisco on my cameras at night off and on since April.  Usually he would come in the middle of the night and either just pass through under the deck or on occasion walk across the deck.  603 more words


The cat guardians of Singapore

A small army of patrollers takes to the streets of Singapore every night, on a mission to protect its thousands of much-loved “community cats”.[…]

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Animal Welfare


We have two cats  ̶  rescue cats. Our family found Bush Cat in the bush many years ago, starving to death. Bushy is neither equipped nor inclined to hunt his own meals. 440 more words


Killers: Lily and Turbo

This is Killer.

Her real name is Lily, befitting her sparkly collar – but belying her murderous manners. She moved into the neighborhood about a year ago, along with a once-feral cat named Turbo. 130 more words



“Promote a co-ordinated approach to Trap-Neuter (vaccinate) and Release (TNR) of feral cats in priority areas.” (http://www.snh.org.uk/pdfs/publications/wildlife/wildcatconservationactionplan.pdf, page 8)

“Any individuals which are obviously feral domestic cats, non-native or unfit for release will bedispatched according to standard predator control practices, by the land manager, as per estate norms. 74 more words

Stop jumping the gun: A call for evidence-based invasive predator management

Authors: Tim S Doherty and Euan G Ritchie

Published in: Conservation Letters (early access)


Invasive mammalian predators are major drivers of species extinctions globally. 206 more words