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Killers: Lily and Turbo

This is Killer.

Her real name is Lily, befitting her sparkly collar – but belying her murderous manners. She moved into the neighborhood about a year ago, along with a once-feral cat named Turbo. 130 more words



“Promote a co-ordinated approach to Trap-Neuter (vaccinate) and Release (TNR) of feral cats in priority areas.” (http://www.snh.org.uk/pdfs/publications/wildlife/wildcatconservationactionplan.pdf, page 8)

“Any individuals which are obviously feral domestic cats, non-native or unfit for release will bedispatched according to standard predator control practices, by the land manager, as per estate norms. 74 more words

Stop jumping the gun: A call for evidence-based invasive predator management

Authors: Tim S Doherty and Euan G Ritchie

Published in: Conservation Letters (early access)


Invasive mammalian predators are major drivers of species extinctions globally. 206 more words


In Other News...

An Inside Look at North Korea’s Metro    I bet their metro isn’t shutting down for months at a time.  Of course, that’s because if it did, the department head would get sent to a forced labor camp.  255 more words


Night after night village Cats took up the challenge of posing for mug-shots.  The Chief of Security at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa opened a dossier on each competitor and shared copies with local law enforcement agencies and Interpol.  27 more words

Sick of strays 

So as you may remember I decided to manage our stray cat population!

Well that’s kinda ground to a halt. To be honest, they aren’t nice kitty’s. 137 more words

Keep Tairua Tidy