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Heli-Hunters Go Hog Hunting!

KRLD – If there was a designated feral hog hunting season in Texas, it would be now. The newest way to hunt this destructive exotic species is from the air. 76 more words

Around Town

One down, hundreds to go

Momma and her babies just continue to eat our corn.

She got greedy.  Her babies escaped.

Freddie Keel

They just continue to multiply

The sows can have as many as three liters per year.  They are devastating to the landowner.  Control is limited to a few being caught in traps and a few being taken by hunters.   15 more words

Feral Hogs

What happened to this hog's leg? (video)

We got this on a game camera we put out with our #kzkids. What happened to its leg? Any guesses

Chester Moore

Hog hype crosses the line

Wild hogs are potentially dangerous creatures.

They are unpredictable, large and yes they injure people every year.

However, the hype from a recent group of television programs focusing on feral hogs is way overdone. 618 more words

Chester Moore