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On Changing

I learned to swim when I was around five or six years old, and I hated it. My grandmother had recently purchased a house with a swimming pool, and I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. 846 more words

How I met Loki, the little God of Mischief

It was nearly a year ago, I was cleaning the Cat Room of the animal shelter. We were running low on space, but not so low that I was worried, when animal control brings us a kitten caught in a trap. 880 more words


Final Boss Feral Druid - Second Pass

Final Boss earlier this week posted a video on Feral Druids in the current Legion beta build. The quick and dirty summary:

World Of Warcraft

Feral neighbours Part 3

I am thrilled to say that my feral neighbours have moved on. It looks strangely like they have done a runner, leaving behind the things they did not want  in the back yard. 143 more words

My View Of The World

I Am Learning.

I would imagine that families are similar on some levels.  We like to do things together and enjoy our walks together.   We like to spend time sitting on the stoop, especially when the sun is shining. 457 more words

#fmsphotoaday Day 11 #fms_tiny

I spent most of the day writing “May 10th 2016” on everything so you are lucky that I’m not repeating the travel prompt.  There are days I wonder if I was to get on the Bullet Journal bandwagon, could I save my last remaining brain cells. 212 more words


Ash in Ashes by D.G.

Hello, I’m Ashton, and I’m thirteen years old. You can call me Ash. I was born in Miami, Florida to parents I never knew, and adopted by Charlotte Hushton and her partner Eleanor. 2,794 more words

Hutchins SLCC 2016