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the night the eggs got dyed

Easter is approaching. That means it is time to dye eggs. For us that means getting a bunch of kids together to dye about 400 eggs (more or less). 709 more words


This Haiku: What Of Reason

Why does knowing you
feel feral, safe and holy
all at the same time?

Crtica o posrbicama, Turudiću i zakonima protiv budala

Previše je posla, nemam vremena pisati… ali moram biti pošten i prema sebi, pa priznati da nije samo to razlog. U velikoj mjeri me jednostavno napustila volja. 1,381 more words



Her small, limp body

Drapes aross

My belly

In sleep:

She makes her way

Into my dreams.

When I turn, she nestles

In minute crevice… 56 more words


Compassionate Kids--Kate and Jack

We had some special visitors to our Operations Centre last week. One of our great Cat Care Volunteers, Helen, brought her grandchildren Kate and Jack down to learn about what VOKRA does and, yes, pet some kitties. 161 more words


Havohej- Dethrone the Son of God (1993)

Relentless volleys of undulating power chords mesh phrasal rhythms into continuous wavelength formations of rolling aggression while a primal vocalization shreds the listener’s soul. Dethrone the Son of God would be to American black metal what Ildjarn and Burzum’s classics were to the Norwegians and the rest of Europe. 475 more words

Metal Reviews

You Can Choose Your Friends 3

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Thanksgiving dinner went all right, and to my relief it was uninterrupted. Leon made fun of me for expecting something to happen, and I couldn’t argue with him about it; the closest I came to being in danger was when I went back for seconds on turkey, stuffing, and potatoes. 6,837 more words