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Who Pays the Piper? 3

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I was in class when Lyle called, so I couldn’t just answer; fortunately, my phone was set to vibrate, so nobody noticed. 4,636 more words


Half Term

One in longjohns, one in boxers, unkempt, all day. When it is holiday, or weekend, they go feral. ❤️


Feral Magazine Launch Party

The Feral team is owning a party celebratate their FIRST EVER PRINTED ISSUE!

Feral is a new magazine created by young talent London based.

They aim to create a neo community of sanguine artists. 94 more words



Our new exhibit. Aged approximately
thirteen years, small, but fully developed.
Nostrils flared, otherwise
recognisably human. As you see
she’s naked, scrawny, covered in a soft… 102 more words


Born in Blood

I took the thing all wet and worn into the tenements
The linen wrapped ‘round smelled old while it soaked in some fresh death
It wore and tore, unfurled to show the strength in one’s last breath… 193 more words


How To Quickly Identify Stray Cats From Feral Cats & How To Help Them Survive

The most important part is to share information on how to tell the difference between the two, and how you can help protect them over the coming months. 149 more words