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Under a parked car

a feral cat takes refuge

from the midday heat.


Obsession, Nora Ash

I never wanted a mate.
Until I was put in chains.
Strapped down.
And claimed.

I always believed I could analyze any situations until I found a solution. 458 more words

The ARCs

Eevee Puppers

I drew a picture of my doggy baby, Rascal. My husband and I call him our Eevee, since he looks like an Eevee from Pokemon lol. 13 more words

Characters For Sale/Trade

I have other characters for sale/trade too, but these are just the first ones I am advertising lol.

This first character is named Santana (you can change the name and /or gender, of course), and I bought him from a former friend, a few years ago. 308 more words

Nomad: Tunes You Can Smash Up Your Office Cubicle To

Nomad’s new album, Feral, opens in homage to the progenitor of all things heavy: rain and pounding tomes set the scene for a grinding riff in much the same way as… 1,024 more words



Feral cats to this day are considered the scourge of Australian wildlife, especially ground nesting birds. Government led campaigns to exterminate them did not please Kate, who was a passionate cat lover and keeper. 110 more words



Lisping, to gentle
feral purls of ink on skin–
Words, crafted to touch.
John Biscello