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Through the Barriers

Through the barriers you came, pulsing as you unraveled gracefully with no definement of shape. Outwardly you pushed and all succumb, all lay gleefully weeping as the world was defiled (released) and time became nothing more than a gentle hum; easily embraced, an echoed movement. 26 more words

Pottoka Piornal ponies WE

This entry was contributed to Wild Equus by Lucy Rees, member and researcher of the Wild Equus Network (WEN). You can visit the Pottokas en Piornal website… 687 more words


Today There Are Three

Today I am up against a new dilemma with the kittens.

When I checked on them last night around 8:30, all five kittens were safely in their box, so I went upstairs and scooped another cupful of cat food.  334 more words

Another feline visitor (and how DO THEY KNOW...)

I’ve been living a bowl of cat food underneath my porch for the local outdoor cats.  They may be feral, or they may belong to someone, but aren’t getting enough food.  338 more words


In Which I am Faced with the Very Real Possibility of Becoming a Crazy Cat Lady

To quote one of my favorite English authors, PG Wodehouse, I’m “really in the soup now”, Jeeves old boy.

It started out innocently enough:

I went for a walk. 750 more words

Exhume the Eye

Exhume the eye from stagnancy to dissolve that which was given…

(wjw, 2015)

Within the Sea

Within the Sea I am consumed, mutilation of mind into a fevered clarity: divine suffocation. Drifting further down into the living body till all blurs into a ever-shifting mass of color and sound is but a keening drone; alive yet unconstrained. 11 more words