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Trailer Park Trash

I was born in a trailer park in Norwich, Connecticut. Not the most impressive birth place but, an appropriate start to an inappropriate life. My mother was a high school dropout who ran off and married a sailor at fifteen, the only worldly wisdom she had to offer was based on an ideology centered around superstition. 261 more words


Feral animals are running amok on Australia's islands – here's how to stop them

Chris Wilcox, CSIRO and Erin McCreless, University of California, Santa Cruz

Australia has some 8,300 islands, many of them home to threatened species. But humans have introduced rodents and predators such as feral cats and foxes to many of these islands, devastating native wildlife and changing entire island ecosystems. 774 more words


The Last Podcast and Punching

Have wrapped up the monologuing I’ve been doing with Patric Caird. So appreciative of all the listeners and warmth that came my way as I continue expanding this philosophy. 192 more words


Scarlet Red

Red is bold, red is beautiful. Red is the color of fury, love, sex and passion. Red is pleasure and pain, life and death. Red is my color. . .



Miss Scarlet

Pretty enough to eat ...

… but don’t!

WunderbarSoaps is having a sale and the proceeds go to Toronto Community Cats! There’s a little more information here.

Toronto Community Cats does great work in the city and the WunderbarSoaps look amazing! 42 more words

Eat Me

Dear Mr. Wolf, Letting myself think about you yesterday was. . . a. . . very. . .very. . . bad. . .idea! Sincerely,


Miss Scarlet