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Without culling, Victoria's feral horse plan looks set to fail

Feral horses in the eastern Alps.
Griff en/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA

Don Driscoll, Deakin University

Victoria’s new draft feral horse management plan, released on the last working day before Christmas, will be open for comment until February 2. 969 more words


Volunteer of the Month - January 2018

At VOKRA we have hundreds and hundreds of volunteers who dedicate their time to ensuring everything runs smoothly. At our Operations Centre alone there are more than 160 different volunteers who come through the doors on a weekly basis! 1,084 more words

Cat Rescue

Summer Puffballs: Australian Calvatia species

The calvatia genus comprises most of the largest puff balls in the world and in my opinion the best edible puffballs in the country. Australia has a handful of different calvatia species that range from golf ball size up to softball or bigger, over 150 mm across. 636 more words



first death of the year—

the feral cat’s lukewarm breath

leaks from her nostrils


Victorian Commission

This project was a sidelight for the entry of a Victorian home in the Bay Area. The client wanted me to make a window that was inspired by/ or reflected on some level, the window on the second story of her home. 100 more words


The Forest At The End Of The Year

“there are gods who do not care how this order ends, only that it does.”

A year-in-review from Rhyd Wildermuth

In the Catholic Liturgical calendar, 31 December is the feast of St.

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Chlorophyllum molybdites: green-spored parasol

Chlorophyllum molybdites is one of the most common and widespread fungi in the warmer parts of the world. This mushroom is most often seen kicked to pieces, scattered across urban lawns and stomped onto roads. 522 more words