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´╗┐Ramble On

The UK produces somewhere in the region of 500 million metric tonnes of carbon emissions annually. Mature, dense forests are amongst the most effective carbon capture and storage sinks that we know. 34 more words


Hold the front page!

The Wild Cats of Piran, Chronicle One, as seen on the home page of website for The Daily Express. And many thanks to Staz who sent it to us. 64 more words


Kitten Lady

I happened across a Vice article recently titled, “‘Kitten Rescuer’ Is a Real Career and This Woman Has It“. Well, obviously they have top-notch writers at Vice because that title definitely had me clicking. 232 more words


Rule Kit-annia!

Yes, we know. We have been a tad quiet around here of late. But one thing that stirs us from our slumber is news of the chronicle going on sale, in a new territory. 107 more words