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Twisted Terrifying Trip

November 1, 1520: Ferdinand Magellan’s ships enter a precarious stretch of water. Magellan, a Portuguese sailor christened Fernão de Magalhães in his native tongue, sailed for King Charles I of Spain. 553 more words


Snapshots: Mactan Shrine in Cebu

Mactan Island is a sprawling island paradise in the province of Cebu that calls to mind vestiges of precolonial Philippine history. The site of the historic battle between the island’s chieftain, Lapu-Lapu, and Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan, the island is now peppered with hotels and all sorts of establishment that cater to tourists stopping by via the Mactan International Airport, as well as neighboring islands. 182 more words


New Unit: Age of Discovery (1450-1700)

This week we begin a new unit-Age of Discovery (1450-1700). We will examine scientific discoveries, technological inventions, and visionaries who sparked an age of scientific innovations in Europe.   232 more words

Age Of Exploration

11 ways to experience the maritime tradition on a trip to the Netherlands, part 1

By the time I debarked from my two-month tall ship journey, not only did I know how to belay, sew sails, and polish brass, I had a healthy curiosity about the Dutch–this strange, tall seafaring race that taught me how to do all of that stuff. 1,021 more words


Guam 2015 and MM 2-18: Boat on the Beach

It was about an hour before sunset and we were strolling along Tumon Beach near the Reef Hotel when we came across these guys hauling their boat up on the beach. 221 more words


494 Years and One Day Ago Today

April 28, 2015: One of Europe’s most famous explorers – right up there in the ranks with Columbus (the Americas), Cabot (North America) and Vasco de Gama (India via Cape of Good Hope) – is Ferdinand Magellan. 620 more words


Kidlat Tahimik's Balikbayan #1: a quintessential Filipino indie film

Balikbayan #1 has nothing remarkable for the average Filipino moviegoer, provided he actually gets the unlikely opportunity to watch it. The film would probably come across as a bad movie even, given the Hollywood-satiated audience’s expectations of a ‘movie’: thrilling, spectacular, and highly entertaining. 956 more words