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I Wish That I Could Stick Around Berlin*

Berlin has a tumultuous – some would even say at times tortuous – history. Politics and world events have had a tremendous impact on the city, too. 1,179 more words

Philip Kerr

Prove My Hypotheses*

One of the things that academic types do is research. Even if you’re not an academic, I’ll bet you’ve had your own experience with research. Writers do it when they’re planning books. 937 more words

Agatha Christie

The Collini Case and The Girl Who Wasn’t There by Ferdinand von Schirach

Ferdinand von Schirach was a lawyer before he became a writer. A popular choice for lawyers. It can’t be that much fun. His first book was ‘Verbrechen’ or ‘Crime’ in English, his second book was Schuld/Guilt. 230 more words


The Collini Case - Ferdinand von Schirach (trans. Anthea Bell)

For German Lit Month 2012 I read Ferdinand von Schirach’s collection of crime short stories Crime & Guilt largely based on his experiences as one of Germany’s most prominent defence lawyers.   241 more words


The Girl Who Wasn't There by Ferdinand von Schirach

Perception and reality…

:| :|

Sebastian von Eschburg has a troubled childhood. Son of a mother who seems incapable of warmth and a father who is terminally depressed, he also has a condition, never quite confirmed to be synaesthesia, that means he sees colours oddly and has visual hallucinations. 614 more words

Book Review

TBR Thursday 65...

Episode 65

Well, the TBR now stands at 151 which is down 2 on last week – still well over a year’s worth though. Unless I can find a way to read one book with each eye simutaneously, while listening to an audiobook… hmm! 785 more words

Book Review

Review: The Girl Who Wasn't There

ISBN: 978 0 349 14046 9

Published by Abacus, an imprint of Little, Brown

There are some books that grip from the first page, some that intrigue and keep you reading. 720 more words