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"The Girl who wasn't there" by Ferdinand von Schirach - review

I’ll be blunt about this from the outset: I found “The Girl who wasn’t there” to be quite a strange book.  Not necessarily in a bad way, I hasten to add, but I got to the end feeling slightly unsure as to what exactly it was I’d just read – and on top of that, the hunch that I wasn’t… 624 more words


Ferdinand von Schirach: Tabu (2013) - The Girl Who Wasn't There (2015)

I bought Ferdinand von Schirach’s last novel The Girl Who Wasn’t There  –  Tabu (Taboo) when it came out in German, but didn’t feel like reading it until now. 553 more words


Writers Series: Ferdinand von Schirach


  • born in 1964 in Germany
  • Education: studied law (specialisation: criminal law)
  • First publication: short stories Verbrechen (crime) in 2009 (aged 45)

Ferdinand von Schirach was 45, when he published his first book, a selection of short stories that are loosly based on cases he had worked on as a lawyer. 360 more words


"He saw what other people saw, but in his mind the colours were different”: “The Girl Who Wasn’t There” by Ferdinand Von Schirach

“The village of Eschburg is halfway between Munich and Salzburg, a little from the major roads. Only a few stones of the castle up on the hill that once gave the village its name still stand today.

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In einem Satz?

Kluge Gedanken zu wichtigen Dingen.


Schonwieder ein Schirach. Man könnte ja meinen ich lese nur Bücher von ihm, dem ist nicht so. 126 more words


Ah, But I Was So Much Older Then, I'm Younger Than That Now*

Have you ever noticed how your perspective on things changes as you get older? For instance, if you visit a home that you lived in as a child, you may see that it’s a lot smaller than you remember. 1,370 more words

Agatha Christie