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The Grand Proxy

The Grand Proxy is an appointed position in the Ferengi Alliance, selected by the Grand Nagus to deal with issues that he didn’t wish to deal with personally. 158 more words


Loved, for all the Quarks.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Episode 97 “Body Parts”

Quark, a meddlesome and often antagonistic character on DS9 has returned to the station after a visit to Ferenginar and is plagued with news following a visit to the doctor; he has the fatal and incurable disease: Dorek Syndrome, which he will die from in a matter of days. 894 more words


ET 101: Ferengi

Background info:

  • Home planet: Ferenginar
  • Population: Billions (canon), 78.2 billion (non-canon)
  • Language spoken: Ferengi
  • Life span: 100+ years
  • Viewers’ first encounter with Ferengi: “The Last Outpost…
  • 330 more words

The Ferengi's Desperate Attempt to Hold Off The Borg (STAW)

This post is about the table top game “Star Trek Attack Wing.” Read a brief intro to it here.

We were doing it wrong. We understood that. 1,963 more words

Personal Development

Treksplanations: Beam me up! (Part II)

In Part I, we talked about how they made the transporter beam effects for The Original Series, how the transporter works in the  544 more words

22nd Century Ferengi Starship

The Ferengi are one of my favourite races in Star Trek. In TNG, Voyager and Enterprise they are represented as seemingly incompetent and mercenary but in DS9 their culture is explored in far more detail showing us a rather more believable society. 327 more words


Eric's Life Rules (UPDATE)

They really need a more memorable name. Like, where I borrowed the idea from.

The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.

What do you think of Eric’s Rules Of Logic or Eric’s Logic Of Life? 671 more words