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S01E05: The Last Outpost

0:00: Do the Stardate numbers actually mean anything? Never mind, don’t tell me, I don’t care.

0:01: Picard: “What is their course?” Geordi: “They’re now angling through that solar system, Captain.” Picard: “That tells me absolutely nothing.” 618 more words

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Top 10 Star Trek species: 50 years of Trek, 50 things to love Pt 1/5

Star Trek is celebrating 50 years and in commemoration there was a cool panel at San Diego Comic Con (which you can read about here… 1,356 more words

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Star Trek: What's your Inner Star Trek Alien?

You don’t have to be a Trill to discover your inner alien!

A Kazon of the Delta Quadrant, a Vorta of the Gamma Quadrant or the take-it-or-leave it approach to foreheads adopted by those closer-to-home Klingons? 1,642 more words


In hopes of a Star Trek future

Is a Star Trek future of a world without money possible? Trekonomics by Manu Saadia seems to think so but before you dismiss this as a sci fi geek’s fantasy, take a look at this pie graph of  U.S. 346 more words

Ferengi Rule of Acquisition # 3

Never send more for an acquisition than you have to 

Ferengi Rule of Acquisition # 2

You can’t cheat an honest customer, but it never hurts to try