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ET 101: Ferengi

Background info:

  • Home planet: Ferenginar
  • Population: Billions (canon), 78.2 billion (non-canon)
  • Language spoken: Ferengi
  • Life span: 100+ years
  • Viewers’ first encounter with Ferengi: “The Last Outpost…
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The Ferengi's Desperate Attempt to Hold Off The Borg (STAW)

This post is about the table top game “Star Trek Attack Wing.” Read a brief intro to it here.

We were doing it wrong. We understood that. 1,963 more words

Personal Development

Treksplanations: Beam me up! (Part II)

In Part I, we talked about how they made the transporter beam effects forĀ The Original Series, how the transporter works in theĀ  544 more words

22nd Century Ferengi Starship

The Ferengi are one of my favourite races in Star Trek. In TNG, Voyager and Enterprise they are represented as seemingly incompetent and mercenary but in DS9 their culture is explored in far more detail showing us a rather more believable society. 327 more words


Eric's Life Rules (UPDATE)

They really need a more memorable name. Like, where I borrowed the idea from.

The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.

What do you think of Eric’s Rules Of Logic or Eric’s Logic Of Life? 671 more words

Deep Space Nine at 25 - The Most Multicultural of (Star) Treks

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is the first (and perhaps only) multicultural Star Trek.

Ironically, Deep Space Nine is often derided by traditionalist fans for eschewing core… 4,297 more words

Star Trek

Head 2 Head: Lizard Overlord vs. The Big Lobe Capitalist

I haven’t made all 25 runs down the icy course at Q’s Winter Wonderland yet, so I am not here today to review the new ship that is rather similar to the Plesh Brek he offered us a few years ago. 1,376 more words

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