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Tolerance and Federation Values

Quark has a point.

It’s so easy to believe “we” – whoever we are – understand the way life should be lived, that if everyone else would simply believe as we do, the world would be perfect. 294 more words

What Star Trek Taught Me About Project Management

Do you like Star Trek?

What am I say, of course you like Star Trek. Who doesn’t like Star Trek? It’s more a question of “Which is your favorite Star Trek series?” 996 more words

Personal Development

Chronicle of Triscalia 018

Sorry I did not post last night I was in a god deal of pain…

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Magnificent Ferengi (Review)

In some ways, The Magnificent Ferengi serves as a logical end point for the Ferengi.

It is, after all, the last good Ferengi episode of the Berman era as a whole. 3,865 more words

Star Trek

Star Trek: Deep Space 9 Season 1 "The Nagus" and "Vortex"

I’ve completed my re-watch of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Now it’s time to start Deep Space Nine! I am much less familiar with this show, though I’m pretty sure I’ve seen about 80-90% of the episodes.  1,091 more words

Star Trek

The New Regime of Sewage

The Ferengi are our rulers now, and the constitution has been replaced by the Rules of Acquisition.  Worse, we are surrounded on every side by battalions of ignorant, hate-filled cowards, who believe that everyone who isn’t exactly the same as they are is out to get them.  51 more words

Observations On Life

S1E5: "The Last Outpost"

Written by: Herbert Wright and Richard Krzmeien /\ Directed by: Richard Colla

Originally aired: October 19, 1987

The episode begins with the Enterprise in pursuit of a Ferengi vessel, which apparently stole an energy converter from one of the nearby Federation outposts. 1,705 more words

Star Trek