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Guest Post: Carrie Bailey - "Confirmed Independent Publisher"

We all take different roads to becoming a writer. Some of us have been writing since before we can remember, while others put pen to paper far more recently. 1,839 more words


Star Trek: The Next Generation – Bloodlines [7.22]

Picard’s old enemy, the Ferengi DaiMon Bok, returns, threatening to kill a son that Picard never knew he had.  Picard connects with the young man, Jason Vigo, and the two begin an uneasy relationship.  894 more words

Star Trek

Mancave Monday - TCW Reinforcement Blind Boosters

Tonight was a very exciting time in the Mancave as some lovely goodies I had ordered arrived and just in the nick of time.

Given it was the first glimpse of the Star Trek Beyond trailer and the worldwide premier on Star Wars:The Force Awakens it seemed fitting that my 3 sets of Star Trek Attack Wing Reinforcement Blind Boosters for Temporal Cold War and my final outstanding Star Wars X-Wing Ship, Tantive IV, both arrived. 379 more words

S02E21 Peak Performance


With the Borg threat in mind, Starfleet stages a war-game simulation pitting Captain Picard and the Enterprise against Commander Riker and the eighty-year-old starship Hathaway. 55 more words


Star Trek Attack Wing Updates

Recently David Montgomery, of The Shipyard YouTube channel, has been revealing the latest Blind Booster ships for the forthcoming OP events in Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing.   316 more words

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Force of Nature [7.9]

Attempting to find a missing medical ship, the Enterprise encounter two scientists who claim their world is being threatened by the continued use of warp drive.  1,530 more words

Star Trek

Starlog #233 December 1996

A fan favorite featuring the two Ferengi brothers, Rom and Quark, from “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”