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Minecraft - high capitalism and the accumulation of stuff

Minecraft is awesome – a world-wide phenomenon, loved by millions, including me.

But, there is just one small thing which bugs me about this sandbox game. 385 more words


Potatoes and Wormholes

Well. See how lucky you all are today with not 1, but 2 stories about Potatoes. It is truly a marvelous thing to be living in Denmark, writing 2 stories about Potatoes for the people’s of the world! 432 more words


If McDonald's Sold Star Trek Toys in their Happy Meals

Being the fat fuck I am I eat a lot of McDonald’s so I know how they could win the hearts and minds of every Trekkie as well as profit from it. 104 more words

Starlog #226 May 1996

Odo was a shape-changing alien and security officer in the TV series “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” who’s sleep time was spent in a liquid form in a pail. 27 more words


Ferengi Nandi Warship

Those little capitalistic, latinum huggers from Ferenginar can make a pretty sweet battleship! This Nandi Warship, that is available for FREE at the Risa Lohlunat Festival, is a solid performer. 779 more words

STO Ships

New Featured Star Trek Online Episode

If you are a fan of the Star Trek Online (STO) game, which most of us would be, then it will not have escaped your attention that there is a new featured episode out featuring everyones favourite Ferengi Nog! 168 more words


"The Nagus"

Ferengi Grand Nagus Zek (Wallace Shawn) comes on board. He’s the aging leader of the Ferengi Alliance, and he names our buddy Quark as his replacement — to the shock of some gathered Ferengi who are much higher in the pecking order, including Zek’s son, Krax ( 784 more words

Deep Space Nine