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From FlatSixes.com: it's a VW gas vs diesel LeMons Showdown - Ferkel Nein-11 vs. the 908/14

Re-shared from FlatSixes.com, Text by Bradley Brownell, Lead photo by Zandr Milewski.

Life is weird sometimes. A couple of months ago, I mentioned how awesome I thought it would be to pit the two most well known San Francisco Bay Area based Porsche LeMons cars against each other in a tongue-in-cheek ‘battle royale’ with a journalist hot-shoe at the wheel . 102 more words


The Guinea Pig Wedding | Alfalfa’s Adventures

This wedding took place in my back yard, long before Dobbye came to live with me! Re-posted from Alfalfa’s Adventures, I was the guest blogger. 28 more words

Dobby News

Ferkel // Piglet

An einem regnerischen Abend vor einigen Wochen haben wir diesen armen kleinen Kerl auf der Straße neben einigem Sperrmüll gefunden: er war nass, ziemlich schmutzig und hat fürchterlich nach Zigarettenrauch gestunken. 317 more words

The Tumbledown Fairies Tumble Down

The tumbledown fairies were the naughtiest of the king’s many subjects, and it was this naughtiness that occupied their hours between their long, cosy sleepings.  It was the fairies, no less, who tipped poor Humpty from his wall, and it was the fairies too who tickled him where he fell, his large round shell wibbling and wobbling among the prickles of a thick, green hedge. 927 more words

Padraig De Brun

The Tumbledown Fairies Grow Tall

The tumbledown fairies loved mischief, and it was this mischief, more than anything that earned them their reputation as the king’s naughtiest subjects.  It was the fairies no less who baked the blackbirds that they might sing from the pie and it was they too who tickled the forlorn maid, causing her to squeal with delight as her pecked nose came to rest beneath the large, warm seat of an old mother swan. 865 more words

Padraig De Brun

About the name: Verkel

My name is Vincent and when I was a sales man (german: Verkäufer) I choose make my email address:vincentverkeufer [ä is similar to e in german] and this changed to vverkel for a very private email address. 54 more words

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