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Zine - Concepts - BIRMINGHAM DUST

Installation Development : Final Major Project

MA in Photography, Falmouth University, Module 5

In developing an approach and advancing my previous notes on zine production.  I have started an online conversation with a friend and peer who has a strong graphic skill, Rebecca Foster, to exchange things we both find inspiration using Pinterest as a sample board, fig 1, derived from the wider options, fig 2.  178 more words

Final Major Project

Connections: January 26.18


time out

no up, no down



  ghosts the town.

More thanks to the S. W. Berg Photo Archives.



Music Table : "Fermata-ble", stage 3/4, yet to varnish

The base is purple. I added Funkadelic and CCR, for Credence Clearwater Revival.  The final stage is a varnish. Some of the sky behind the fellow in the middle is flip-flop, pearlescent orange, pink and red and pale purple. 16 more words


A Practice Methodology

MA in Photography, Falmouth University, Module 4, Sustainable Prospects

Crafting a meaningful methodology for one’s practice consumes thinking time and absorbs much research time, in an effort to reach the aspirational refinement. 60 more words

Sustainable Prospects

The Rainbow: Fermatas and Fluency with Amelia

Link to the full video below:

           WRMS – Fermatas and Fluency with Amelia and The Windmill

Amelia is playing the Rainbow for the Eisteddfod and she is having some problems with fluency and the fermatas in the piece. 105 more words