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Expo, nutrire il pianeta, energia per la vita. Ma forse qualcosa rimane anche all'anima

Si conta. Uno, due, tre, quattro, cinque…quando si arriva al decimo animale, quello è per D-o. Si conta uno, due, tre, quattro…quando si arriva al settimo anno, quello è per D-o. 419 more words


The Strasbourg knob.

It has been a long time in coming but are now getting warm to taking another trip overseas. The closest I have been lately to anything away from these fair shores, is the eating of the occasional Danish biscuit or a generous thick slice of Strasbourg sausage sometimes called a ‘knob of Strasbourg.’. 419 more words

Gerard Oosterman

Vacation envy

My wife and I were discussing whether envy could be positive. She was of the mind that envy could be a motivator, that seeing what others have can spur ambition. 758 more words


Emozionante il biopic sulla vita di Stephen Hawking del premio Oscar James Marsh

Dal 15 gennaio la storia dell’astrofisico noto per lo studiosu buchi neri e tempo

Il miglior film biografico portato sul grande schermo, tessuto di forti emozioni ed un finale che non dimenticherete. 435 more words

Heavy As Fuck

There are days my mind feels like a sticky, humid swamp; Just…stagnant, filled with Lord knows what. And even though its contents are unclear, it’s heavy as fuck. 383 more words


Try the Fermata Light For Free!

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Lampcraft Products

Fermata Supreme-Cloud Gavin

Yesterday I received a twitter invite from a band called Cloud Gavin to listen to their new album Fermata Supreme. Now I get lots of these mentions, so sometimes I overlook them accidentally but Cloud Gavin also asked me the question “Do you like Brand New?”. 210 more words