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Leverhulme Arts Scholarship retreat: Vanessa's Kisuule

Following a week in the wild, Levehulme Scholar Vanessa Kisuule reminisces on her time with the Ferment team as part of this year’s Leverhulme Arts Scholarship… 1,032 more words

Bristol Old Vic Ferment: Artists' Retreat

Ferment Producer, Emma Bettridge fills us in on her countryside retreat with some of the artists from Ferment. 

Bristol Ferment, the Artist Development department of Bristol Old Vic, has existed for almost 10 years. 715 more words

Mad respect for Dad and Dave's Brewery

We have been brewing up a storm over here at Curl Curl Kombucha HQ. Not only have we made some amazing connections, we are squealing and bouncing about an exciting new collaboration with the boys at… 131 more words

[EN] Review #2: Zymogen Ferment Houttuynia Cordata Extract Serum

Hello girls :)

During my search for a new acne-treating serum, I came across this product from Zymogen that has a name that I could not pronounce correctly everytime, the  985 more words


Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ)

Does Fermented Plant Juice move the energy from a field of plants into one plant?
Do Sprouted Seed Teas move the energy inside a thousand seeds into one plant? 396 more words

#Squash and sage ferment update; don't do it

So, if you remember, I had a Butternut squash sage ferment going on. And I was like, it’s not a Russian thing. Yeah. So here is the update. 184 more words