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TEMPTING: Fermented Sauerkraut in a Jar.

Gather together a head of cabbage, a little salt, some water and a couple of clean quart jars. Prepare, wait a short amount of time and with patience be rewarded a delicious batch of crispy, fermented sauerkraut… 18 more words

Homesteading Downsized

homemade ginger soda

I’ve been experimenting with different ferments this winter. We made a lemon dill sauerkraut that is delicious, a beet kraut that is great with potatoes, and we’ve got a spicier kraut mix still bubbling away. 44 more words


Peggy Scoob

This post is about Kombucha. I have been hearing about it for years and recently tried  some home made and also from a wholefoods cafe and I was wowed by  the fact I liked it and was tasty and refreshing. 700 more words


Napa Kimchi

Ok, this one is a little bit more work, but it lasts for a while in the fridge and is well worth it in both the health and taste departments. 603 more words


A crème fraîche convert

Crème fraîche. It’s not all that common here in Australia. We have cream, whipped cream (the fake fluffy sugar filled treat one squirts directly into ones mouth ;) ), sour cream and cream cheese. 693 more words

In The Kitchen

Fun with Fermentation: Grow Your Own Kombucha SCOBY

So there I was, happily enjoying a bottle of ‘buch when I realized there was something in my mouth. Something – stringy. Spitting it out into the sink I was horrified to see a fermented blob of nastiness glistening up at me and sliding slowly toward the drain. 1,303 more words


Review: Goodal Waterest Lasting Water Oil, an "Oil" for Those Who Aren't Ready for Oils

I love AB blogging because it gives me an excuse to jump from product to product instead of settling down like a normal person. I definitely have that itch for the new. 1,870 more words