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Tastes of Kenya

A couple of months ago we wrote about our culinary explorations through lush wet season Uganda. Since then, we been wandering about Kenya, from the mountains, the plains, the desert, to the coast.   671 more words


Kombucha bottling

As promised, here is the rest of the kombucha process

Once the bottle have cooled down, they are ready to fill.  You need to make sure you stir the kombucha so the yeasts on the bottom are mixed through as these are what gives the finished blend its fizz. 245 more words


A really fun part of our journey into reduced waste has been making at home the things we would have originally bought without thinking about it. 255 more words

Plastic Free July

Fermented cucumber 101 اسهل طريقة لعمل الخيار المخمر

Fermentation is important process that we need to be aware and promote making constantly .. Here is a video that shows how

طريقة تخمير الخيار والتي يمكن تطبيقها على انواع عديده من الخضروات



The Surprising Health Benefits of Unripe Banana, Papaya and Mango

ok- Green Banana Salad (organic of course)  recipe here!  Sounds weird but if it’s healthy for digestion and has lots of Vit C- i’ll do it…. 34 more words

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How to make kombucha

I am OBSESSED with kombucha. Anyone that knows me will tell you, I almost always have one of these on me. Unfortunately for me, buying kombucha gets very expensive, running at about $4-8 per bottle. 735 more words


Summer Solstice Kimchi

Here’s a recipe for a unique kimchi I made last week on the summer solstice using garlic scapes and radish sprouts (along with a few other things) from… 355 more words