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Batch #2 - Reflections

Oh boy, the things I’ve learned…

One of my favorite parts of this journey is learning how little I really know. Cider is simple but the process from apple to hard cider takes many twists and turns–the possibilities are endless. 240 more words

First Impressions: Banila Co. Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Essence Oil

I’ve been in the AB game for long enough by now that not every parcel I get is cause for excitement. Sometimes they’re just restocks, and sometimes they contain items that, while new and interesting, just aren’t all that exciting. 658 more words


Kombucha Progress: Scoby Junior has emerged

I’m reporting on further progress with my kombucha brewing. Last time I checked in, the mother scoby had grown some unappealing tendrils and was smelling rather rank. 400 more words

Backpocket Brewing NewBo Pils

Backpocket Brewing is getting to be known as the brewery of choice for collaboration beers. Recently, they have released a Swabian Hall Smoked Brown and Raygun IPA with the store of the same name in Des Moines. 393 more words


Beer52 A Year On

Wow this year has gone quick! This is one of many posts I’ve meant to have done by now but seems to be put back due to busy work days or me being eager to get out a new post. 1,076 more words




A high-protein food made from partially cooked, fermented soy beans.

I have been curious to try tempeh for a while now after seeing an enticing photo of it in a picture book.


Kombucha - the immortal health elixir

While suffering through a very rare but severe hangover, I discovered something that looked really interesting and I have decided to give it a go… 606 more words