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Fermented Friday #1: Ginger Bug!

Another repost from the old blog. I am coming to realize soda making is a super fun, fairly inexpensive hobby. It’s healthier than the store bought stuff, and you do not have to pay a sugar tax to your local Uncle Sam!

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Over the last week – week and a half, I have done a few things. One was to go to Columbus for work. It’s a great city to visit for a work trip, by the way. 400 more words


Raspberry Lemonade Kombucha

Tried my first small amount of Kombucha yesterday at my cousins house and have to say I was surprised that I actually quite enjoyed it. Conveniently she left the bottle here at my place and I am having some more today!

First Ferment!

My first go at fermenting! The class on Sunday was really good – I found it simple to follow and easily explained.

My first try is Beet Kvass. 135 more words

The waiting is the hardest part.

Since I’ve been home from our spring break trip, I’ve been itching for my favorite parts of spring and summer. Fresh veggies, farmer’s markets, canning… you get the gist. 389 more words


Kombucha - Starting A Scoby

Back home in Winnipeg, you can get a kombucha scoby from anyone with just one search on Kijiji. A simple search would yield plenty of scoby options. 452 more words


Homemade Wine Ya'll!

J and I enjoy an occasional glass of wine together, so naturally I wondered “can I make wine myself?” – YEP! It’s not difficult at all. 271 more words