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Fizzy Kombucha

This is gonna be our first blog post…. (yeeeiy)  We just adopted a baby “Scoby” from the R&D (I+D+I in spanish) from our university and we are going to experiment with some teas and juices to create a refreshing drink for this summer.  74 more words


What is Kombucha and why is it so good for us?

Have you heard about the health drink called Kombucha and wondered why there is such a buzz about it?

Here’s 5 reasons why everyone is drinking it. 365 more words


Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar!

This post have been a long time coming.

So I’m not a fermenting expert or a scientist (yet), but I can tell you how to throw together some apple cider vinegar and it will most likely turn out. 408 more words

Kombucha Tea

Most of my friends know that I love my kombucha and brew my own at home. Not only is Kombucha (aka. booch) a tasty tea-based drink, but it also has many health benefits because of the fermentation process the tea goes through. 980 more words



Passionfruit can be difficult to grow but once its established it’s well worth it. They like morning sun and are heavy feeders. I’ve been told if you have a roast chicken put the left over chicken carcus under the vine when it’s first planted. 282 more words



All you need is a cabbage and 2-3 tbsp of salt.

Simply chop up your cabbage and discard any thick stalks. Rub in the salt and press under a weighted plate for an hour. 111 more words


Ferment Fortnight Preview | Adam Kammerling

Ferment Fortnight kicks off its biannual explosion of work-in-progress and scratch performances from 26 Jan. Here Adam Kammerling gives us an inside look into his superhero inspired world. 380 more words

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