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Latest experimental beers well received 

I did a split batch from one beer. The wort was for a stout beer. Both were well received. Read more about them down below. 65 more words

Scrap vinegar

This long wet summer has seen a bumper crop of apples. This tree grows by a creek near a friends house. I collected from it last year and grabbed some again this year too. 382 more words


Kimchee (or Kimchi): It Grows On You

There is a living, growing colony of bacteria hanging out in my kitchen cabinet. A few days ago, I started the colony myself in a mix of cabbage, daikon radish, and scallion. 662 more words


Ode to an Olive

twisted stunted foul-fruited tree
drop your bitterness into the sea
some of those, trapped, in tidal lea
ferment into something extraordinary



Live! From the Stock Pot List: Kimchi (or Kimchee)

Anaerobic fermentation! No, that is not a spell from Harry Potter. It is a process by which glucose and other sugars are broken down in the absence of oxygen to produce lactate and other byproducts. 851 more words


How to easily make Kombucha at home

Kombucha is a super health drink that is really quick to make so it is easy to fit brewing a few batches into your weekly routine. 697 more words


Beer 101: Fermentation

I know I’m skipping around a little bit (after all, there are several steps that come before fermentation in the brewing process), but it’s kind of because fermentation is my favorite. 511 more words