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Kimchi Ramen

“People are put on earth for various purposes; I was put on earth to do this. Eat noodles right here.”

—Anthony Bourdain.

Tony, I am sad to see you go. 272 more words


Is Kombucha Healthy for You?

Kombucha is sweeping the nation as a popular detox, inflammation fighting drink. But really, what is it? Is it just another fad or does it really have incredible benefits? 263 more words


Fermented Friday #3: Oatmeal

I can’t tell you when I started dabbling in ferments. My earliest recollection is trying to make some country wine in my basement when I was probably thirteen or fourteen. 925 more words


Word of the day: scoby

About a month ago, I was taking Riley for a walk and stopped in to the drugstore for a drink. After a few minutes of staring at the (overwhelmingly) abundant options, I zeroed in on a bottle of Kombucha. 309 more words


Fun at Ferment

The opportunity to complete a placement as part of my degree was one of the deciding factors in my decision to undertake an MSc in Publishing at Edinburgh Napier University. 437 more words

Work Placement

Fermented Friday #2: SCOBY Doby Doo

When I mentioned making a ginger bug for soda last week, I also mentioned making a slightly carbonated fermented tea called kombucha. If you’re not sure what kombucha is, it is a sweet tea that has been inoculated and allowed to ferment for a period of time. 735 more words