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ALMA’s Most Detailed Image of a Protoplanetary Discovery.

Evidence for planet formation in Earth-like orbit around young star.

The star TW Hydrae is a popular target of study for astronomers because of its proximity to Earth (only about 175 light-years away) and its status as an infant star (about 10 million years old). 970 more words


Witnessing a sleeping giant awaken

Astronomers using NASA’s Swift satellite have detected an outburst of high-energy X-rays emanating from a binary system in the constellation Cygnus – signs that a black hole is reawakening after 25 years of slumber.  456 more words


Left-Handed Cosmic Magnetic Field Could Explain Missing Antimatter

The discovery of a ‘left-handed’ magnetic field that pervades the universe could help explain a long standing mystery – the absence of cosmic antimatter. A group of scientists, led by Prof Tanmay Vachaspati from Arizona State University in the United States, with collaborators at the University of Washington and Nagoya University, announce their result in… 139 more words