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Ubi Bene Ibi Patria

I miss
How the horizon is an image of solace
How the sky and sea looks unending
Despite knowing that there is at least one point
Where the two are distinctly apart
How everything looks like a blank canvass
Waiting for an artist' stroke of the brush
The first touch of pen to paper

I can almost hear the waves
Crashing against the shore
Like the first line of notes in a musician's sheet
Like the first movement of a dancer's body

I wish to be able to take all of these in
Until my mind is brimming over of things I care to see
Until my heart stops beating fast with every whisper of the wind saying,
"Go and remember yourself"

I wish to find the courage within me
To go after things I need instead of want
And right now both seem to be the same thing

I wish to be understood and misunderstood at the same time
And not give a fuck whichever everyone prefers

I do not wish to satiate my need to leave
Because it will always be inside me
Burning and consuming every inch of my being
Until I can say that this is it
This is home.


The First of Many

I was very used to travelling all by myself since its what I prefer most of the time. Today however was quite a special day because for the first time in forever, I got to wander with someone, but not just anybody but SO. 431 more words


My Birthday Abroad

“A Birthday is just the first day in another 365 day journey around the sun, so enjoy the trip!”

I turned 28 while drinking a bottle of wine, eating a baguette with cheese & chocolate under the Eiffel Tower while it twinkled under the night sky. 938 more words


India 2016 (part XLI): Pushkar 2

Pushkar, Rajasthan:

Two weeks after my return from Himachal Pradesh, I joined a couple of friends for a day trip to Pushkar.

Since my last visit to the holy town in January ( 148 more words


Travel-That which truly satisfies my soul

Today’s prompt: Sated


  1. wanderlust, a desire to travel, a longing for far-off places

I believe in my heart there is one thing that truly satisfies my soul and spirit and that is seeing things with my gypsy eyes.

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Candace Stauber

Myanmar Travelogue

So today is the start of my 9 days journey to Myanmar. I am awaiting my boarding while I am typing this entry on my iPhone and starting to have mixed emotions about this trip to be honest. 239 more words