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Warum weg?

Eine der meistgestellten Fragen in den ersten Tagen in La Paz war bisher: Warum Bolivien? Warum verlässt man als Europäer die scheinbar so tolle Heimat? Und warum dann ausgerechnet Bolivien? 591 more words


Ithaka or Travelling Through Life

During my travels to Greece – on a bumpy bus ride headed for the ancient ruins of Poseidon in the late afternoon –  I discovered the poem below, which later became one of my favorite poems of all time because I believe it captures that beautiful, mysterious and reviving spirit of travel; how travelling is one of the few things you buy that truly makes you richer, especially in wisdom and spirit; and how, ultimately, we are travelling through life, Ithaka – the experience of a life fully lived – to be found at the end when life becomes nothing more than a dream. 334 more words


A Life of "Fernweh"

According to google translate “Fernweh” means Fernweh. Since google can’t translate, I will. Fernweh is a type of homesickness for places you have never been. For me this means sitting on Pinterest for endless hours and looking at potential travel destinations.   255 more words

Fernweh and Wanderlust.

Ever since I began to walk I wanted to run. Run and explore. And in growing up, my desire to run and run and never stop has grown. 396 more words


Full Moon

I have always loved full moons. I mean, who doesn’t? Full moons look even more impressive from the Cairns Esplanade.

Amazing view! Another full moon photo from last week.

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what it's all about

Your nationality doesn’t matter, or does it?

In a world where my bananas travel further than my grandma ever has, it should be fairly easy to be at home wherever I want, right? 260 more words


That One Night.

That One Night.

The night when my heavy eyes took its toll, I aimlessly wandered in that effervescent dream. How wonderful it was to see my family back in Hawaii. 383 more words