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On the Road: Travelling with a Heavy Heart

For the first time since it happened my Dad and I will be driving to Mum’s/our relatives for our more or less regular Pentecost visit. 755 more words


Fern and what?!

Allow me to introduce my two favorite words:

Fernweh and Coddiwomple.

A German word, Fernweh, literally means distance-sickness, with “Fern” meaning far and “weh” meaning ache. 155 more words


Hello World... Err... You! 

May 19, 2015

It’s so obvious to write the first post on your first blog by addressing the world! However, I would like to greet ‘you” personally, yes – you reading the blog, as I am sure the animals won’t get to social media anytime soon to satisfy the ‘world’ here Or have they ? 115 more words


Southeast Asia 2008 (part II)

After spending a week in paradise, our journey through Southeast Asia continued in Bangkok. This megacity with a population of more than 8 million people contains a number of really impressive sights. 604 more words


Bratislava Part 1

The hostel I stayed at in Vienna was entirely unremarkable. Although a long walk from anything worth doing, the sheets were clean and the building “modern”. 313 more words



Today we toured Vienna. We saw St. Stephen’s and St. Peter’s, traveled to the summer palace, and tracked down Mozart’s grave. I love all the posters for Eurovision! 42 more words


My Big Affair

It’s been awhile since i had this affair …
I felt the need  to have  a talk about it,now when having a drink,before departure.
There is nothing similar with the feeling that i have  when i’m at the airport,knowing that i will fly somewhere in the world,getting to know different people ,and see new places. 225 more words