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Abortion Stories: A Priceless Cup of Coffee

“It’s freezing out. Why don’t you c’mon in for a cup of coffee while you wait?”

The tall woman waiting alone outside the Germantown abortion clinic shivered. 965 more words

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Dispelling Myths About Infertility

Everyday more myths erupt about infertility and ways to conceive a child. Some of them are based on ignorance. Others are carefully crafted plans for the creators to make money at the expense of people who feel desperate to conceive a child. 290 more words

Fertility And Infertility

How To Choose a Fertility Specialist

When you face fertility issues, you are not alone. There are skilled reproductive specialists who can help you get past the problem. Speculation or denial will not bring you closer to having the family you want. 292 more words

Fertility And Infertility

Working Together As A Couple Facing Infertility

Many couples face infertility and the related stresses. From personal blame to financial problems, dealing with infertility issues can take a toll on your relationship. Instead of letting it drive you apart, there are ways to get closer to each other through this trying experience. 296 more words

Fertility And Infertility

Fertility and Finances

One of the major issues when couple face fertility problems is covering the cost of the bills. Some insurance coverage will take care of certain procedures. 277 more words

Fertility And Infertility

Reasons To Choose Donor Egg Or Sperm

Donor egg and sperm are given by people to help others conceive the child they always wanted. When there are egg and/or sperm issues, a couple often feels helpless about their ability to start a family. 294 more words

Fertility And Infertility

Five Major Reasons For Egg and Sperm Freezing

After a consultation with a fertility expert, many couples realizes egg and sperm freezing is a way to preserve their fertility for the future. There are several major reasons why… 300 more words

Fertility And Infertility