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keinearbeitsfreude day

I have five days (including the weekend) off work! I had to do some embarrassing begging from my boss. She paused for far too long then said, of course, as long as your caseload is okay. 485 more words


Safety and Health of Egg Donations

Egg donation has become a booming business today, as young, healthy women find it to be an easy way to make money by donating their eggs to fertility clinics, which use them to help childless couples bear children. 516 more words

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Tips for Coping With Fertility Problems

Did you know that one in six couples deal with infertility? It effects many people and can also have extreme emotional effects, as well. Many people feel that there is something wrong with them or feel a sense of loss. 336 more words

Fertility Clinics

The difference in clinics

This IVF cycle will be different to our last. If we stayed with the clinic we were with last time my treatment would have been exactly the same*… which you can argue did work after a fashion as I did get pregnant. 480 more words

Pain Clinics in Chicago – Strategies They Use To Manage Arthritis

Currently the number of people living in America affected with Arthritis is clocking 40 million. Arthritis, though associated with old age could affect anyone. Have you been experiencing pain when walking or sitting? 357 more words

Fertility Clinics

How Denver Fertility Clinics Help Fight Infertility

Fighting infertility can be difficult especially for women. Several women have issues that cause infertility whether it’s with ovary issues or certain types of ovarian cancer. 287 more words

Fertility Clinics

not pregnant mixed tape

After nine eggs collected, eight fertilized, six viable but poor quality and one transfer, I am not pregnant. It seems insensitive to the many women who go through so much worse, but I must say I’ve felt sad and deflated throughout. 345 more words