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New Beginnings

As of yesterday I officially began my journey of infertility investigation, and I once again feel hopeful for positive and new beginnings for my husband and I. 650 more words


Male or female – Who is at fault?

When couples are unable to attain parenthood despite several sexual encounters over a period of time, they become anxious and uptight. Initially they might not pay heed but if duration is longer than usual, it dawns upon them that either one of them or both are facing some kind of problem that is preventing them from having baby. 192 more words

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Egg Freezing: The Modern Day Woman

Here it is everyone! The final documentary of Egg Freezing: The Modern Day Woman.  90 more words

Egg Freezing

3 Ways to fast-track Fertility

When one is unable to conceive even after one year of unprotected sex, one is likely to be afflicted with infertility. While it is advisable to approach… 267 more words

Infertility Treatment

Effects of Smoking on Fertility

Smoking negatively affects fertility prowess among both men and women. So if any couple is planning to have a baby, giving up smoking would help the cause significantly. 298 more words

Infertility Treatment

Edit Edit Edit...

In a month yesterday, I will have completed and handed in in my final documentary Egg Freezing: The Modern Day Woman… A scary thought, but also an exciting one! 86 more words

Egg Freezing

Sofia Vergara lawsuit battle with Embryo's

When deciding to become a part of something like Egg Freezing, it’s so important to understand not only your legal rights, but also your legal responsibility. 124 more words

Egg Freezing