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Infertility: Googled & Green Eyed

The over use of Google and reading into the results and requisition forms for all this infertility testing has begun.. dun dun dun….

Thursday I actually went for the blood work I had been procrastinating. 445 more words

Rainbow Mission

Bloodwork Woes

So… I have only been for the initial bloodwork for infertility /fertility testing but have been emailed a sheet and requested to go in for more. 171 more words

Rainbow Mission

Trumpcare, Obamacare, Whatever

It’s all the same mess to me. As a health care consumer (do I consume health care?), I am thoroughly disgruntled by the entire scam. 404 more words


Fertility Testing, or How Much Bang for Your Buck?

In Montana, springtime brings the happy sight of momma cows and calves. But as a producer, is there a way that you can help your herds to have higher yields? 1,208 more words


The Feels of Infertility

Before we started trying to have kids, I looked at infertility as something dark and incomprehensible. I understood it to be a tragedy – one of life’s big blows. 1,507 more words

Tears Between Emails

Whenever I thought about people who couldn’t conceive I wondered how they survived. I thought Facebook must be excruciating but that everyday life wouldn’t be much better. 237 more words

Fertility testing: what is it and why should you go for it?

If a couple are trying to conceive a child but are unable to do so for more than a year, one should consider going to a doctor and getting fertility tests done. 372 more words