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Male Fertility

For prospective fathers, healthy eating helps improve the chances for success. Certain nutrients such as folic acid, vitamins C and E and other antioxidants have been shown to improve the number of sperm produced, and ability of those sperm to fertilize the egg. 1,141 more words

From boosting fertility to keeping your heart healthy and fighting depression: 13 reasons we need omega-3 (and how to get more of it)

How much fish do you eat? Be honest. Half a can of tuna a week? A fillet of cod every other fortnight? A bit of smoked salmon draped over a bagel? 401 more words

Doctor sues gay friend for child support, 16 years after he first donated sperm to her

In 2000, a gay man donated sperm to help a friend from medical school conceive one child, and then another.

Now, 16 years later, the mother, a medical doctor, is suing him for child support using a loophole in Ontario law that means known sperm and egg donors can he held liable for child support based on biology alone. 1,257 more words


The Burden of Optimism: Just Let Me Be Sad

When I went to the doctor after months of trying to conceive she referred me to a specialist. I had actually thought she would tell me to chill out, that nothing was wrong and I was just being neurotic. 458 more words

It ain't all that bad

Day four of my first round of Clomid and happily I haven’t experienced any weird side effects, save for a couple of small bouts of nausea and a few tiny pains around my ovaries. 418 more words


Speaking of family

Maybe I’m being sensitive, but twice this week I’ve been asked: 1) are you married? 2) do you have kids (followed by: why not?). These are questions that many women (I don’t know about men) are asked all the time, especially after you are a ‘certain age’. 653 more words


Alexander's Birth Story

Being pregnant for the first time is such an amazing, life-changing experience. Your body goes through changes that it’s never gone through before – and honestly, it can be kind of scary. 2,180 more words