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Conservatives won't attack the universities because universities are their baby factories.

This is something that is not immediately obvious to many conservative commentators, including far right ones, because the acceptable fringe subcultures who are anti-college but still married with kids are very loud and are in fact massively overrepresented in conservative media.  400 more words


I'm Back!

Hi all

Apologises I just disappeared there for a while, Life got very crazy and hard to deal with for a moment there I just needed to stay in my bubble and work through it all. 244 more words


Male contraceptive successfully stops sperm without affecting hormones in monkeys.

Men have two practical choices for contraception; the condom which has a high typical use failure rate of approximately 18% or vasectomy which is expensive and not readily reversible.  448 more words


Poetry Files. Disinheritance Poems by John Sibley Williams. Fertility.

John Sibley Williams

Can I say that a child died inside us
when all we have conceived is a name
for what could be? 90 more words


Part 1: We’re pregnant....Surprise?

Blair and I had only been together for 10 months when we found out we were expecting our first child.

It was a Thursday afternoon, on video call I sat anxiously in the bathroom at work, trying to convince Blair (or at least myself) that everything was going to be fine as I peed on a tiny strip of plastic awaiting our fate….. 427 more words


fertility hospital at hyderabad

Ferty9 Hospital & Research Center is serving many infertile couples
Nationally and globally. FHRC is set up by highly experienced and expertise
doctors & gynecologist with more than 25 years experience. 56 more words

A Wonderful, Possible New

Be still my heart and do not flutter, stay strong and true, be brave and kind and steady for in comes a wonderful, possible new. 94 more words