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I began researching ingredients that are supposed to “improve” fertility. Since We wanted to get pregnant right away, being the researcher that I am, I scoured the internet for anything I could find that could be healthy to try. 267 more words


Pregnant. We couldn’t be anymore excited and nervous. We wanted a honeymoon baby and got pretty close to it. Even after living apart for a month. 203 more words


Comic: The Cure for Cancer and other Pro-Life

Since the so-called pro-choice people are only ever pro-abortion, anti-natal, I thought to balance the dialogue out somewhat. I won’t use religion since these people don’t believe in the soul, nor have one, just science and logic. 1,224 more words

Cramping, spotting...

Alright ladies (and men who like to brush up on their fertility knowledge) lets get to my nemesis, the question that owns my reality, and haunts my dreams. 433 more words



Since January 1st I’ve lost 1 stone 2pounds! Whilst this is amazing I’ve still got a way to go and need to lose another 1 stone 5 pounds to get my BMI under 30, or ideally 2 stones 2 pounds to get to my target weight of 11 stone. 383 more words


Two Cars, a Mortgage, Share Investments and a Baby On The Way.

Most modern couples start out with little or nothing but have a long-term plan in place to get something before starting their family. 

They get a car, then another, perhaps a home. 540 more words


Love is in the air - and what else?

Millions of couples get engaged on Valentine’s day. Five years ago, my son proposed. This year, my wife and I were invited to two weddings.  707 more words