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"Today is the first blank page of a 365 day book...

…write a good one.” I think this quote was meant for New Year’s Day, but I think it is a good quote for any day, really. 604 more words

dark and twisted fears

Fear is this crazy dark shadow that just seems to linger. It comes out and scares you every so often just to remind you how dark and twisted it can be. 229 more words


Transfer Day!

Today was transfer day! Not the worst experience I’ve had through this journey but was definitely not fun. You bladder needs to be completely full to help them find the uterus and to help flatten it out to make putting the embryo in easier. 278 more words

4 All-natural Remedies to Help Beat Your Winter Cold for Pregnancy

It’s the end of January, which means that, yes, cold season is upon us. Your co-worker is coughing, your partner is sniffling, the bus driver is sneezing, and before you know it, you may start feeling a bit under the weather also. 502 more words


When the happiness of others feels like a kick in the teeth! 

Yes, I’ve got to that stage. I was probably at that stage at the time of my last post, probably even before Christmas, but it’s getting worse. 373 more words

15 Reasons Why Men Need to Get Over Their Fear of Periods

We’ve all heard it: “Never trust someone who bleeds for five days and doesn’t die.” If you’re one of those guys who transforms into a pre-pubescent boy the moment a woman refers to her monthly period, the time has come to educate yourself and face your fears. 606 more words


The Beginning of the End...

It’s been a little less than one month since I had my hysterectomy where the surgeon intended to take only my uterus. Instead, he was forced to take my uterus, cervix, right ovary and Fallopian tube. 679 more words

Infertility And Adoption