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Poms Away! The Potential of Pomegranates

History ahead!

Pomegranates have been touted as one of the most important fruits to have ever graced the Middle East, having a significant symbolic role in many local cultures and religions. 540 more words

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Herbal Remedies To Increase Sperm Count And Fertility In Males

Reduced sperm count is one of the main causes for male impotency. It can be corrected through making lifestyle changes and consuming herbal remedies to increase sperm count. 492 more words

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Herbal Male Fertility Pills To Boost Sperm Count In An Effective Manner

I have seen many couples sharing their ordeals of trying to conceive for more than seven years. Yet, some couples are unable to conceive to own a cure baby. 497 more words

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Our Very First Round of Insems, and Two Week Wait!

Warning: This blog posts contains female body parts, and very personal information about a pregnancy attempt.  If any of the above will make you feel grossed out, or squeamish, I’d advise you to skip this post. 1,564 more words


Weddings and Baby Bumps

I guess it started when I noticed that my newsfeed on Facebook had more engagement announcements, wedding photos, and baby bumps than party posts. Strewn amidst the apocalyptic visions of Trump’s America my social media feeds are now littered with baby photos. 212 more words


Track Marks

Well, here I am, five days into my injections, with a line of track marks across my tummy. I have to admit, since the first injection, they have become much easier. 439 more words


The Beginning......

From a very early age I always knew I wanted to be a mummy one day, I would play for hours on end with dolls, dressing them up, pushing them in their prams….I was a typical girl. 323 more words