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Cole's Notes for Manifesting your Desires

Here is the spread for today!

The first card is Persistence. This is a reminder that persistence pays off when it comes to manifesting. The things you want are coming. 229 more words

Cycle day 12

I used one clear blue this morning and internet cheapies OKP twice today, oddly they are lighter than they have been the past few days. 164 more words

Ice Ice Baby

Just a few days ago an article about frozen embryo transfer was published in The Star .

In summary, the article mentioned about the advantage of deferring embryo transfer to a later date (ie freezing the embryo first and do the embryo transfer later). 326 more words

Dr Agilan Arjunan

But, How?

We haven’t left our path to our baby bird’s conception a mystery, not at all. We’ve both written (here and here) about the trials and tribulations of infertility, quite openly. 229 more words


Another positive day 😊

Another positive day… Finally got our face to face apology from Barnsley Hospital NHS which will come with a written statement of apology. They are going to use our journey and complaint as a case study to help train the doctors/junior doctors/nurses to give fair treatment to same sex couples who have infertility. 283 more words


Top of the List!

I had to look back over my previous posts to see how long we’ve been waiting.

The last hurdle was passed on 11 April. So, 4 months and 13 days later…..it appears our waiting is nearly over. 138 more words

Preconception Nutrition Series - Vitamin A

We may as well start at the beginning of the alphabet with Vitamin A.  Vitamin A not only plays a very important role in both male and female reproduction, but is also vital for the healthy development of the embryo.   1,765 more words