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Not So Fertile Fran

There aren’t many things in life I take too seriously or shall I say effect me enough to want to check out of my own life and start a whole new one as shepherd on a remote island like a negative pregnancy test does. 530 more words


The First Doctors Appointment

February 15th 2017
This was our first appointment concerning our fertility. We had been trying for a baby for over a year now and if you are under 35 then this is the time you should look for help.
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Wait for it...

If anyone was a fan of “How I Met Your Mother” maybe you remember one of Barney Stinson’s catchphrases “Wait for it…” usually interjected between Legen- and -dary. 515 more words


How Pregnancy Affects Your Mental Health

Written by Dr. Andrea Potthoff PhD LP
Most of us have heard of the “baby blues,” but few of us realize the ways in which all stages of pregnancy can affect mental health. 496 more words

Choosing your surrogate

I rather like this short but useful guide to choosing a surrogate https://www.gayswithkids.com/7-tips-for-gay-men-to-consider-when-choosing-your-gestational-carrier-2465988294.html  It was specifically written for gay men, but most of the points apply just as well to heterosexual couples and single women choosing a gestational carrier.   71 more words


The Daily Temp Brain Bender

I have not been able to focus on anything lately. My temperatures with OvuSense have been toying with me so much that I don’t know what is up and what is down. 1,281 more words

Health & Fitness Journey


Six months have dragged onward like a dark winter’s night, and I am huddled with Julie in the cold corner of an empty room desperately waiting for sunrise. 1,872 more words