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It's All Happening 

Note: This post was originally written on Nov. 29, as of now I am in Barbados! I am behind on updates, but more to come soon! 475 more words


The TTC Series -Natural fertility treatments.

How many of us have made a trip to the doctor because of infertility issues only to come back feeling like it was a waste of money…Infertility is often a complex problem with a simple solution. 710 more words

Trying To Conceive

The TTC Series -DIY Ovulation detector

In my previous blog post i spoke about how crucial it is to know when you are ovulating and mentioned there is an ovulation test kit you could buy to track your ovulation and time intercourse perfectly .For those who find it difficult to use or cant afford i have a more natural trick to determine when you are most fertile….its e cervical mucus trick .. 129 more words

Trying To Conceive

The TTC Series - Are you ovulating?

At first you feel it should happen naturally since everyone seems to have it easy ,but truth is  a lot of people just do not share their challenges most of the time and only a few easily fall pregnant and its usually easy to fall pregnant when you not trying that’s why we hear of so many abortions. 674 more words

Trying To Conceive

The (TTC) Series -Trying to conceive .1

These series of posts took me a while to put together , it’s a subject matter that is close to my heart mainly because its a very sensitive matter that people have to deal with in private and also because i personally went through the struggles of trying to conceive . 745 more words

Trying To Conceive

I Am Woman

Between my legs (you shudder)
a white string sways (because you’re scared)
to be (taboo or worse) a woman. I am
woman. Watch me – 22 more words


My experience working as nutritionist in a women's health clinic

I worked as a nutritionist with two OB/GYN doctors who performed hysterectomies (surgical removal of ovaries and uterus) near O’Connor Hospital in San Jose many years ago. 345 more words