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A bad blood test?

Warning: extremely dry facts post coming up.

All the blood tests ordered by the GP since the third miscarriage have come back ok except for my progesterone levels, which I knew were low anyway. 271 more words


Cramping and insurance stress

I’ve had light cramping yesterday morning and this morning. It feels like my period coming on, but I hope it’s just my embryos getting cozy in my lining. 267 more words


I Ate the Cookies

I’m still recovering from my laparoscopic surgery on my ovary. By ‘still recovering,’ I mean, I think I’m fine, so I do something, and then I am no longer quite so fine. 537 more words


Being an Egg Donor?!

Okay, so what? Donating eggs? Like chicken eggs? No, no,no lol I’m talking about YOUR eggs! Human Baby eggs haha So what exactly does this mean? 1,158 more words


"It could be worse..." - All my ladies fighting IVF & infertility

Remember it  could be worse.”

These are the words so often muttered in my ear
The truth is there is so much that we still fear… 606 more words

Cocktails of a different kind

The only type of cocktail on a Saturday night I have these days 😂😂🍸is this concoction of magic meds. Work your magic. Grow follicles grow!!

No more conceiving the old fashioned way in 2300.

Humans will be created in glass wombs, much like how IVF starts off today. However foetuses will spend the whole 9 months in these glass uteruses filled with lab-made amniotic fluid, without ever being implanted into their mothers. 62 more words