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IVF treatment IVF with the eggs of mothers received from the candidate’s father in the process of merging the sperm samples from the laboratory environment. 427 more words



Monday 31st July 2017

It’s strange to be back at the clinic, the place where so much happened and so little happened. Sat in the waiting room looking at the wood panelled wall, the plush blue carpet and matching chairs all round the edge, the tv on quietly in the corner with subtitles telling me the news, tatty magazines on the table in the middle, all with a ‘property of argc sticker’ on them. 1,428 more words

Cycle 8

Know About How Stress Can Affect Your Fertility and Solutions To Overcome it!

We live in a fast-paced society, where one can easily get stressed. Some people might think that being stressed means, they are doing something good and in case you are not stressed you are doing nothing. 49 more words


PCOS diagnosis and treatment in the news

PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome.

Another news story today that is both good and not so good.  I started writing this as a Facebook post after reading… 743 more words


I want a child

When I first thought about making this blog, I wrote a very angry post:

Why wasn’t I pregnant yet? What did I do to deserve this? 399 more words


Bumped & Thumped

Apparently I’m fascinated by the genre of fertility dystopias, and so when I discovered Bumped and it’s sequel, Thumped, I put them on my TBR list immediately. 411 more words

Hysteroscopy Pictures: Uterine septum

The septate uterus is the result of a failure in the process of resorption of the medial septum that can range from a minimal septum in the uterine fundus to a complete one dividing the uterine cavity completely or even asociating double cervix and vaginal septum. 140 more words