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Rabbits are mammals in the order of Lagomorpha in the Leporidae family. They have come to symbolize fertility, vulnerability, innocence, sexuality, speed, agility, endurance, trickery, protection and good luck. 59 more words

10 reasons to freeze your eggs in your 20s

You’ll take advantage of…

1. More eggs to collect (your number of eggs declines with age)

2. Better egg quality (also declines with age… 145 more words


Officially PUPO (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise)

I was expecting more of a build up to this, but nope.

So, last month, I didn’t get a positive stick change. The OPK just didn’t work, so we kind of guessed when my ovulation happened. 235 more words


I Am Not Defeated.

Today has been tough, and rough as hell.

I had an appointment with the specialist about my brain tumor: which he said is the least of my worries. 133 more words

My Life

How to talk about pregnancy loss

i just want to get this off my chest. Because maybe it will help you understand the other side of things, maybe it will help you know how to react or what to say. 699 more words


Public Health in the News (5/12/19 - 5/18/19)

By Grace Bellinger, NPHR Editor-in-Chief




What Is Semen?

We all know the basics of conception. Sperm meets egg, fertilizes egg, then transforms into a baby. But just how does that happen? For a long time, I thought that everything that came from a male during orgasm was sperm. 504 more words