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"La sra Muller" Q & A's

This is my first post in over a year ! and I have finally gained back my inspiration thanks to all the women who openly shared their journey’s , questions and concerns on my post “la sra muller”. 301 more words

Having Trouble Getting Pregnant – Risk Faced By Older Women Trying To Get Pregnant

There are so many women having trouble getting pregnant in our society today. This may be due to that fact that they decided to get kids in a bit older ages of their lives; which is really common nowadays since most women follow their career and other stuff in life which really didn’t allow them to be able to become mothers in the early ages of their lives (20s and 30s). 352 more words


Smiley face!!

So for the last 3 days my morning routine has been to wake up and POAS (fertility forum speak for pee on a stick). Following my “breakthrough” last weekend I’ve been impatient to know what’s been going on inside my body. 433 more words

Single Mom By Choice

And the Injections Start

We had yet another ultrasound today and the follicles still aren’t growing well. As a result of this Dr. Amols is starting me on Follistim injections. 228 more words

Signs of Pregnancy

For any woman who is longing to become pregnant the first signs of such a possibility can be scary and exciting. Most women who have been trying to become pregnant for a long time already have most of the warning signs of pregnancy memorized and are keeping their fingers crossed as each month passes by. 498 more words


Losing Faith

So, it has been almost a month since I last posted. In the past month, we grieved the loss of our 2nd round of fertility. I honestly had no idea it would be just as hard the 2nd time. 1,301 more words

Natural ways of achieving fertility

There are no medical approaches or medicines involved in such treatments. No knives, no pills, no potions and no infusions are involved in natural remedies of infertility too. 461 more words