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Bludgeoned from the inside.

Well, let me preface that this is not a post about multiple personalities, though while on some fertility drugs, your entire circle will be certain there are at least two people in your mind at all times (mood swings, anyone). 596 more words


How to understand our Ovulation Cycle -in a natural way?

To know when you are ovulating while listening to your body is possible! today we will learn to detect the signs of our ovulation cycle. 404 more words

Mom And Fertility

I can do this!

I did it.

I survived my first night of giving myself shots and I didn’t even panic. I felt fine about it all day and there was a brief moment right before when I had to pause and just say aloud “this seemed less terrifying before I actually had to do it.” Then, dressed in my ugliest and comfiest shorts, I rolled up my shirt, bent over, pinched some stomach skin and just made it happen. 101 more words

Tick tock

On Thursday saw my new ob gyn. When I told him about the IVF, he was perplexed by the weight issue. He told me that my BMI does not mean I can’t have a healthy pregnancy. 82 more words

Artificial Insemination

Hang on? What?

So while I’m organising and mapping the next cycle I’ve forgot to mention where we’re going from here and more importantly how we’ve got here. 739 more words

How to support your infertile friend

It’s been a few weeks since I last blogged. Life has been pretty hectic; we went away on holiday and then we’ve had family visits for the last few weekends. 674 more words


A critical look at IVF ‘add-ons’

Do these procedures increase your chance of getting pregnant, or are fertility clinics just looking for new ways to take more money from patients? This blog will take a critical look at ‘add-on’ procedures which have begun to be offered to IVF patients. 1,786 more words