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Tribeca Review: "Ice Mother" (2017) ★★★★★

Ice Mother written and directed by Bohdan Slama was the first film to I saw as part of Tribeca’s pre-festival press screening at Tribeca’s Film Center in New York. 374 more words

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Tribeca Review: "Again" (2017) ★★★★

Groundhog Day with the legendary Bill Murray deserves to be seen as many times as time could afford. But then, when you see someone who watches the iconic movie many times like the man in Alexis Jacknow’s… 290 more words

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Tribeca Review: "Nobody`s Watching" (2017) ★★★

You don’t often see movies that centers around an actor, especially a famous one who leaves everything behind for bigger roles that he might or not might get in the Land of Opportunity. 396 more words

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Tribeca Review: "Permission" (2017) ★★★★★

After the first ten minutes of PERMISSION, I wanted only one thing to happen – the logical ending, in my opinion or based on my brief analysis, I expected it to have. 788 more words

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An Unparalleled Festival Experience: Sonic Bloom

It’s time to give Sonic Bloom some well deserved credit, as the release of a great lineup along with positive momentum from previous years has this festival deemed as a must-attend. 422 more words

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Festival Files: Dallas International 2017, Remnants and Winners

Wrapping up over the weekend with the Texas premiere of James Gray’s much anticipated The Lost City of Z and an impressive slate of World Cinema choices, such as Johnny Ma’s… 445 more words


Festival Files: Dallas International 2017, Dispatch #3 - 'Unrest,' 'Katie Says Goodbye,' 'Los Presentes'

While physical fatigue is yet to set in, mental fatigue is nestling into my brain. Perhaps its the viewing choices I’ve made the last couple of days, but I find myself increasingly pining for glimmers of hope in a docket full of pretty morose subjects. 692 more words