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Hot Docs 2017 Interview: Chris Kelly on "A Cambodian Spring"

Injustice has a clear definition in any language you wish to search. It can happen to anyone and in any part of the world. But what does not happen often is, when justice that’s needed so desperately does not arrive to a land that needs that most. 1,691 more words

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Toronto Jewish Film Festival 2017: "A Quiet Heart" (2016) ★★★

Naomi Sirad is a woman whose troubled life compels her to leave Tel Aviv for Jerusalem with the hope to have a fresh start. Moving into a new apartment, seemingly in a quiet neighborhood, she learns that a woman that lived in the same apartment committed suicide but her piano is still there, which will play a significant role in restoring Naomi’s confidence in herself. 406 more words

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Jewish Film Festival Review: "The Pickle Recipe" (2016) ★★★

Anyone who was fortunate enough to eat Polish pickles will understand the entire drama occurring in Michael Manasseri’s The Pickle Recipe. It is filled with salty and delicious pickles, a man who hunts after the famous ingredients and a life-changing lesson that, it’s not the pickle that brings happiness, but the family.… 332 more words

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Hot Docs 2017 Interview: Hesam Eslami Talks "20th Circuit Suspects"

How often, it may not apply to you of course, does an individual takes a camera to film a group of people who has stolen the cameraman’s car? 947 more words

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Hot Docs 2017 Interview: Stacey Tenenbaum Talks "Shiners"

When you are in customer service, any job you do is fine as long as you deliver customer satisfaction. Which is in case of Stacey Tenenbaum’s film SHINERS, where she explores the same profession from a different angle. 1,072 more words

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HAVE MERCY Y’ALL!! Atlanta’s premiere music festival, Shaky Knees, celebrates its fifth anniversary this year– this lineup is the absolute business, and features some favorites, who, if you’re a regular around here (and if you’re not, you totally should be) you’ll recognize, a list that includes the likes of… 66 more words


Hot Docs 2017 Review: "Winnie" (2017) ★★★★

Remember the saying where it states that “there is always a woman behind a great man”? Oh well, a film directed by Pascale Lamche was all about great, strong, determined and a fearless woman who spent decades in a fight to release her husband Nelson Mandela from prison. 485 more words

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