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Green Man 2015 Festival Review: The 15 Best Sets + Photos

Photography by Autumn Andel

As an American, festivals in the UK are only five to eight time zones away, but might as well be in another galaxy. 4,516 more words

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FYF Fest 2015 Festival Review: From Worst to Best

Photography by Philip Cosores

When Sean Carlson started FYF Fest in 2004, it had a more profane name and a lineup that similarly reflected his tastes as an 18-year-old. 5,668 more words

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Bikini, Death: Małgorzata Szumowska’s Body

Małgorzata Szumowska’s Body, which won her the Silver Bear for best director at Berlin, opens with one of the best visual gags I’ve seen at this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival. 843 more words

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Finland's Flow Festival 2015: A Report + Photos

Two weekends ago, I was at a woodsy farm near Portland, Oregon for Pickathon; 15 days later, I’d be 5,000 miles away in Helsinki, Finland, for the completely different experience of… 2,752 more words

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Norway's Øya Festival 2015: A Travel Journal + Photos

There’s an Elizabeth Hardwick quote I love that comes to mind every time I leave the country: “Your first discovery when you travel is that you do not exist.” When you leave home, you strip yourself of your own context. 5,414 more words

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Berserktown II Festival: A Report

This year’s Berserktown was a special kind of festival. It was a festival without corporate sponsors featuring punk, metal, noise, and electronic acts from all around the world, some of which reunited after decades to play this one show. 2,857 more words

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#Iwanttodrawyourband does Sappy Fest X

This year I had the pleasure of road tripping down to Sackville, New Brunswick with friends for Sappy Fest X. This year rather than trying to draw every single set, we decided to be a lot more casual about the whole affair- drawing when it felt appropriate and not pushing when it didn’t. 167 more words