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Zandari Festa Special: Interview With Ooberfuse

**Editors’ note: This piece was written by Sohn Jeong-Eun, a guest writer we met while in Seoul for Zandari Festa. She’s been kind enough to share her interview with the fabulous Ooberfuse with us. 703 more words

Year: 2016

Wiebke von Carolsfeld Interview - European Union Film Festival 2016

Movie “Stay” directed by Wiebke Von Carolsfeld touches upon a love story between two people who have to learn about themselves and decide their future being apart from each other. 1,255 more words

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Corona Capital 2016 Festival Review: The 10 Best Performances

Had the American presidential election gone differently two weeks ago, Corona Capital’s seventh edition in Mexico City would have looked and felt a lot differently. 3,832 more words

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2016 Dallas Korean Festival - No Brain

There have been very few defining moments in my life, moments that take what I knew about the world, about music, sound, energy, and irrevocably shift their meaning. 1,084 more words

Year: 2016

TIFF 2016 Interview: Isabelle Huppert Talks "Elle"

Michèle Leblanc is a successful businesswoman, who leads a huge company that develops computer games. Everything will turn upside down, when she decides single-handedly to hunt down a man that rapes her. 1,149 more words

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EUFF 2016 Review: "Eva Nová" (2015) ★★★★★

Once you become famous, the world changes. If you fall under negative influence, everything you have earned – respect, fame, money, achievement will be forgotten due to the wrong choices made. 488 more words

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EUFF 2016 Review: "Family Member" (2016) ★★★★

Can you imagine for a second that living in the contemporary world someone can hide the death of their family member to stay financially afloat? Unfortunately, what had been described and told delicately and honestly in… 445 more words

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