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THANDAI Panacotta

This year I was not very excited about Holi, perhaps because of kids exams and being a mum I was quite occupied with helping them with their studies and nursing them as bothwere down with flue, until a few days ago when i saw the hoardings of Holi celebration to be held at quite a few places in Bahrain. 404 more words

GRILLED FISH with Mustard, Ginger-Garlic,Cilantro, Chili and Lime.........,, Zero oil deliciousness!!

Happy Celebration guys!!! Yes, why not celebrate any ordinary day or a weekend. Celebrate when you have friends casually coming home or even on relaxed afternoon with family.   295 more words

NO BAKE VANILLA CHEESECAKE With blueberry coulis and strawberry compote

Traditionally its been observed that , everyone goes all out to let their special someone knows how much they are appreciated on this day and everyday. 477 more words

Pan Fried Dumplings (New)! 煎饺子…….9.99

Dumplings (Jiaozi) is a must in winter in most parts of northern China, especially during the Spring Festival. No words can precisely describe Chinese people’s affection for dumplings, as the food has already become a symbol of home and warmth. 8 more words


Pasteis de Nata - Traditional Portuguese custard tarts

If you happen to go to Lisbon, you will hear everyone talking about one thing and that is     “Pasteis de Nata”. A typical portuguese pastry, a kind of mini tartlet with flan or creamy custard, served warm with cinnamon and icing sugar.The cream pastries are one of the most popular specialities of Portuguese sweets. 481 more words

PANEER BAINGAN LAZZEEZ ( No onion garlic cottage cheese and eggplant)

I call it “Spiritual paneer baingan lazzeez”.  This story started  15 years ago in Pai Layout, Bangalore now Bengaluru. Biman and I started meeting each other on a regular basis. 865 more words