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The Kids' Kimono Debut for Shichi-Go-San

Last month, we went to Studio Mario to let the professionals photograph our children for Shichigosan (七五三 / lit. 7, 5, 3).  It is a Japanese event that celebrates the growth and well-being of young children. 384 more words

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Friday Photo #44 from Papua New Guinea

Here is a Mud Man, costumed for the annual Goroka Show, held in September in Goroka, Papua New Guinea. If you go, you’ll see a couple of days of dance presentations from maybe a hundred tribes from all over Papua New Guinea and as you can see from our Mud Man friend’s headgear, the whole thing is elaborate, exotic and while our man is all white other than his betel juice stains, the rest of the festival is wildly colorful. 209 more words

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Polite Paris

*Published April 1, 2015

Ahh Paris… Just the mention of its name brings up images of sophisticated people in sidewalk cafés surrounded by elegance.  It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world and one of the most visited tourist destinations. 622 more words

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Have a Warm New Year in 2015!

Dearest Friends of Blackcabbit,
A Japanese New Year e-card (Nengajo/ 年賀状) for you, for the year 2015.
May the Lord bless you and your loved ones with tons of goodness and heartwarming moments. 51 more words

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Happy Thanksgiving

Today, unsurprisingly, doesn’t feel anything like Thanksgiving here in Surat. There are no decorations, no parades, no turkey trots, no feasts, no football, no big family gatherings, and no days off from school. 119 more words

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National Foundation Day (개천절)

Last Friday was National Foundation Day (개천절), which celebrates the founding of the first kingdom of Korea by the “godson of heaven”, Dangun Wanggeom (단군왕검) in the year  82 more words


The United States Embassy with Costa Rica Presents

The United States Embassy with Costa Rica Presents:
An International Book Fair Will be Held on August 22-31, 2014

If you are an American ex-pat and your are an author, a lecturer, a sculptor, musician, artist or photographer, here is your opportunity to be involved in an International Book Fair sponsored by the Costa Rica Ministry de Culture and The United States Embassy in Pavas. 227 more words