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  • What three words would you use to describe Christmas?
  • What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
  • What’s the most meaningful Christmas gift you’ve ever received?
  • How do you usually spend your spare time during the Christmas holidays?
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As the days grow cooler and the nights grow longer, Halloween can’t be far away…

It’s one of America’s favorite holidays, but what’s the real story behind the tricks and treats of Halloween? 16 more words


My Grandmother's Hakkah Tea Cake【客家茶粿】

April passed by like a whirlwind. Work was so busy and stressful that I felt constricted to the point of suffocation. But I still made time to be in the kitchen despite the hectic schedule. 1,586 more words


The Kids' Kimono Debut for Shichi-Go-San

Last month, we went to Studio Mario to let the professionals photograph our children for Shichigosan (七五三 / lit. 7, 5, 3).  It is a Japanese event that celebrates the growth and well-being of young children. 384 more words

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