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Choco-tastic guide to what's on in London this Easter 2015

Easter Holidays means different things to people – chocolate, bunnies, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and two bank holidays. However, to many parents and guardians it also means – eek, how do we keep the children entertained for two weeks? 1,647 more words


National Something-On-A-Stick Day!

Time for another national day post! This particular “unofficial” national day is one that I vividly remember discussing & celebrating with high school friends. We even tried to contemplate a way to dress up for this holiday in a way that would look eye-catching & not get us suspended or sent to the principal’s office. 263 more words

Ramayana in Srimad Bhagavatham.

Lord Rāmacandra appeared in the dynasty of Mahārāja Khaṭvāṅga. When the Lord descended into this world in His full quadruple expansion—as Lord Rāmacandra, Lakṣmaṇa, Bharata and Śatrughna—great sages like Vālmīki who were actually in knowledge of the Absolute Truth described His transcendental pastimes. 726 more words


Lord Rama.

The Personality of Godhead Śrī Rāma assumed the form of a human being and appeared on the earth for the purpose of doing some pleasing work for the demigods or the administrative personalities to maintain the order of the universe. 374 more words


REVIEW: Is it Flirting, Or is it Not?

Lots of flirtatious fun

By Narelle Wood

Kelly Rose Ryan deals with the hard topics and questions that affect us all through her musical investigation, seeking answers to… 232 more words

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REVIEW: Aunty Donna

Sketches of comedic truth

By Narelle Wood

It was clear while lining up for this show that I didn’t really fit into the normal demographic of… 238 more words

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Shri Ram Navami 2015

May our Lord Sai Ram bless us all on this beautiful Ram Navami day.

Jai Sai Ram

Shirdi Sai Baba