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The School of Friendship

François Boucher (French, 1703-1770) – The School of Friendship, 1760 (Oil on canvas. Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe) – – The center of attention is the letter from the absent male. 53 more words


Woman with Lyre

Leopold Schmutzler (Bohemian-born German, 1864-1940) – Woman with Lyre (Oil on canvas) – – By the turn of the century, Schmutzler had become one of the busiest portrait painters in Munich. 35 more words


The Virgin Mary in the Hortus Conclusus

Johann Evangelist Scheffer von Leonhardshoff (Austrian, 1795-1822) – The Virgin Mary in the Hortus Conclusus, 1820 (Oil on panel) – – Von Leonhardshoff, a significant representative of Romanticism, studied at the Viennese Academy. 42 more words


Bordeaux (Poster)

Jean Dupas (French, 1882-1964) – Bordeaux, 1937 (Poster) – – An alluring, Art Deco, allegorical beauty representing the wonderment of all that Bordeaux has to offer is actually showing off those very same attributes in the form of ships from the city’s famous harbor, monuments and the wine for which the region is so renowned.


O’Kley - Casino de Paris (Poster)

O’Kley was a pseudonym for Nantes-born Pierre Gilardeau, the man behind some of the most collectable Folies Bergère posters. Here, Can Can dancers in black stockings, white feathers and sparkling jewelry are dancing against a red and yellow background.

Németh György

La Muse du Peintre

Henri-Jean Guillaume Martin (French, 1860-1943) – La Muse du Peintre, c.1900 (Oil on canvas) – – Painted circa 1900, the present work is the culmination in a series of allegorical figures and muses that Martin produced in the 1890s. 38 more words


The Reading

Ettore Tito (Italian, 1859-1941) – The Reading, 1907 (Oil on canvas) – Tito was an particularly known for his paintings of contemporary life and landscapes in Venice and the surrounding region. 38 more words