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On the Green Bench, Sanary

Henri Lebasque (French, 1865-1937) – On the Green Bench, Sanary, 1911 (Oil on canvas) – – This large-format work was created in Sanary near Toulon. Depicted is the artist’s oldest daughter, Marthe Lebasque, in a wide-cut kimono, sitting relaxed on a garden bench and dreamily looking out. 35 more words


Peggy Reading to Elizabeth

Frederick Bosley (American, 1881-1942) – Peggy Reading to Elizabeth, 1926 (Oil on canvas. The Westmoreland Museum of American Art) – – Bosley entered the Museum School in 1900 and quickly became a star pupil. 42 more words


The Novel

Herman Jean Joseph Richir (Belgian, 1866-1942) – The Novel, c.1920s (Oil on canvas) – – The woman is not reading at the moment. She seems relaxed, the novel is resting at her knees, closed, but her finger is guarding her place. 36 more words


The Angel and the Reader

Marc Chagall (French, born Belarus, 1887-1985) – The Angel and the Reader, c.1930 (Gouache with encaustic and oil paint on cream wove paper. The Art Institute of Chicago) – – Chagall’s ubiquitous angels are sometimes a sensitive expression of God Himself, more often than not the artist’s angels are depicted as messengers. 20 more words


The Dancer Alexander Sacharoff

Marianne von Werefkin (Russian, 1860-1938) – The Dancer Alexander Sacharoff, 1909 (Tempera on cardboard. Museo Comunale d’Arte Moderna) – – Sacharoff married the German dancer Clotilde von der Planitz, and they had a successful career together. 34 more words



A szerelem életteli. Soha nem akartam a sápadt változatot. A szerelem teljes erő. Soha nem akartam a hígított változatot. És soha nem szaladtam el a szerelem dicsőségétől, de fogalmam sem volt róla, hogy a szerelem ugyanolyan megbízható lehet, mint a Nap, a Hold és a csillagok… – Németh György – Egy gyógyszerész feljegyzései

Németh György