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Did you know that when a pregnant woman makes the choice to get drunk her unborn baby will remain intoxicated for up to THREE DAYS???? That means that once the mother’s buzz has worn off and she is ready for another drink, her baby is still “drunk” within her womb. 342 more words


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Explained

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a conglomeration of physical, emotional and cognitive disorders that people suffer as a result of early exposure (at fetal developmental stages during pregnancy) to alcohol. 330 more words


There's a New Group in town!

Over the past few years, first cities, now countries are becoming more tolerant of LGBTQ individuals. It is wonderful to see how accepting communities can be when they open their minds to groups or individuals who are considered minorities, undesirables, or less vital to the community. 337 more words


To the Pregnant Girl on a Beer Run

It was late, and I needed stuff for lunch tomorrow. My two year old had refused to eat the vegetable soup I made today, and I knew tomorrow she would refuse the leftovers. 449 more words

She said "call me Henry"

Just when I thought the mood swings, challenges to authority and anxiety attacks were going to get the best of me, I’ve had to sit myself down and contemplate the newest challenge…my daughter’s identity. 605 more words

Raising The Future