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How Do You Choose a Child

How do you choose your child? That is a question we never thought about before.

When you are pregnant you love and accept the child God has given you. 767 more words

FASD Facts: Homelessness

There’s a saying circulating that describes children with FASD as ten-second kids in a one-second world. They are always behind in the race of life. But, through my experience raising grandchildren with FASD, I would suggest a change to that teaching: lifetime kids in a one-second world. 83 more words


FASD Facts: Mental Illness

I’ve heard there is a high rate of mental illness in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Given my twenty years experience raising grandchildren with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in that city, I would add: there is also a high rate of contempt toward individuals with mental illness. 59 more words



Event information received from:

Hamilton FASD Parent & Caregiver Support Group

eMail:      Hamilton.FASD@gmail.com

Website:  http://hamiltonfasd.webstarts.com/

Registration is required for all events

March 28th Parent conference… 302 more words



Jonathan loves to make this noise with his finger and lips that drives us all batty.  I gently reminded him to try not to do it as it can really get him jacked up and wild! 189 more words

FASD Fact: Sensory Issues

Sensory issues can be a huge obstacle to individuals with FASD obtaining independence. It’s not just a case of the label at the back of the t-shirt irritating their skin. 66 more words


Sad Little Children

I just watched the movie The Nanny Diaries. At the end of the movie I wept for the sad little boy who lost his beloved Nanny and his puppy in one cruel day. 911 more words

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