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“Doing a Dry9 means you are making the decision to not drink any alcohol throughout your pregnancy.”

“It can be difficult for pregnant women who are constantly being told to “just take a sip,” or “half a glass is fine,” and that “one or two won’t hurt,” however the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission ( 23 more words

Canberra women explore how to juggle work, life and motherhood

On 10 November, Pregnant Pause partnered with four high profile Canberra women, to host an interactive panel discussion for mums and mums-to-be, in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). 71 more words

Here’s what we know about alcohol & pregnancy

“This infographic provides an overview of what we know about alcohol and pregnancy and the kinds of support women deserve. It was developed with support from Canada FASD Research Network and its Prevention Network Action Team with a goal of promoting engagement between women, partners, providers and communities.” 10 more words

12.3 - Alaska IV

The first thing I remember Mr. Hale telling us was that we would be dealing with several children who had “fetal alcohol syndrome” at the Native church. 542 more words


17-40 Segment 1: A Possible Treatment For Fetal Alcohol Syndrome


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can cause many physical and mental problems that last a lifetime.  Dr. Eva Redei, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Northwestern University, says that most children who grow up with fetal alcohol syndrome usually never live independently because their neurodevelopment was stalled, and if they make it to adulthood they will require help. 297 more words

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