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7 Sexy Words Every Lady Should Add To Their Vocabulary To Attract The Man Of Their Dreams

Are you suffering from communication issues in your relationship? Or you’re just looking to spice up things with your partner? Ladies are known to have a way with words but the most attractive to men are those that have an expansive vocabulary. 516 more words

Dyeing Eggs with a Botanical Touch - Literally.

Easter is just around the corner so I thought I’d make a quick (not really) tutorial on a different approach of dyeing eggs. This is not originally my method, but I saw it on Pinterest a year ago and now that I have a blog, I want to share with y’all how fun this is, not to mention, gorgeous! 505 more words


Oh So Fetching

Along the same theme that I had to make sure my sister, Curls, keeps warm while delivering mail in the mountains this winter, I used my very favorite fingerless glove pattern, Fetching, to make a pair for her. 208 more words


Behind the Scene: Making a Splash

Timing, timing, timing…anyone who’s a photo shooter knows how important timing is. Years ago, I only shot manual cameras without an auto-winder and my shot timing benefitted from the experience. 154 more words


Day 70: Gifts for Pearl

One of the (many) best things about being little and feathery and very very fetching is that you don’t have to wait for special occasions to get gifts. 124 more words

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