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My Undoing

There was not enough time for me to cover my mouth this morning.

As I peeled my eyeballs open at 7:45 (which happens to be 5 minutes before the alarm clock gives me my daily heart attack), I really didn’t have a thought in my head except thank God it’s Friday. 586 more words


The Kinks Room

Check out our new and improved “Kinks Room”! Lots of new stuff in there. (just don’t touch anything without gloves)


How to Throw a Sucker Punch

“How to” lesson from one of the best: “Cheeps”


For this thing to just walk up to her and attack her like that, it’s obviously not a sane, civilized human being. 17 more words

"We're Pleased and Satisfied to Join You"

“We’re pleased and satisfied to join you.”

A quote from the new Security Staff (all three in harmony) here at the Kinks Room. We hope this enlargement of our staff will cut down on some of the more vile and disgusting things that have been going on in that room lately. Sincerely, the Mgt.


Clothing and Kink

Just spreading the joy from the Kinks room. It’s gettin weird in there. 18 more words


New Fetish Humor

Coming Soon: new Adventures of Hogtied Wimp, more Zip Ties,ink productions   19 more words