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Ashtray fantasy — The Art of Sardax

For this commission I had a pretty open brief. The email said simply – “My idea is a group of smoking Mistresses standing over a naked male ‎as they are about to flick their ash into his mouth.” The only other unusual stipulation to this was that the victim wished for his head to be trapped in a […]

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If pants had a psyche, a voice, and could read minds, then what would the diary of a suburban wife’s pants look like. Maybe like this…

Brief Encounter

Tuesday 31st May

She finally picked me! I nestled snugly between freshly bathed thighs and was encased in denim. It was a warm day and I increasingly felt the heat radiating from her, making me slightly damp. 239 more words

Brief Encounter

Hey You. Yes You.

Hey there You,

It never fails to confound me the way I feel implausibly smitten by your charm over and over. You turn it on at your will, and I only keep falling for it like a fool every single time. 819 more words


Favor for a Friend

A friend of mine writes a blog about fetish stuff. Now, I admit, it’s a little on the kinky side for me sometimes. However, I told her that I would write a post about it since she’s always telling people about… 28 more words

My Musings

"Training Daphne - Part Two"

Daphne was scanning the online job listings at one of the library computer stations when she looked up to see Rick walking through the door – It had been roughly two weeks since they had both lost their jobs at the discount athletic goods retail outlet – He had been General Manager – She had been a cashier – Now they were both unemployed and looking for jobs. 92 more words