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Who the fuck are you to judge me!

This is a full on rant! not at anyone from my work. But at the but a the sanctimonious bitch that decided to give me her full an expressive views about what I do for a job! 466 more words


Keep me occupied while my wife is fucking someone else!

I normally only work in the days times, until at 2pm. But occasionally due to my circumstances I work in the evening, only on the phone though. 449 more words


I made my point!

My artsy mood knocked on my door and i let it in! At least i think so, because i pretty much enjoyed working on these pictures. 121 more words


My secret pleasure...

Get your minds out of the gutters – it’s Barbies! One of my secret wishes was to win the lottery and then have a (small) room full of Barbies, antique and new. 567 more words


5 Things I have learnt about Sex from being a Ginger

What I have learnt about sex as a ginger

So I’m ginger, it’s natural, I’ve been blessed by genetics. And it’s great, I LOVE being ginger, but as I’ve gotten older and past the bullying stage, I’ve realised what a massive part it plays in the dating game. 629 more words


So yesterday I had a bit of a journey; up at 7am on a Sunday morning to jump on a train from the Midlands all the way to Portsmouth to do a shoot at a fantastic Dungeon with three Dominatrices and one Slave. 48 more words


Robot sex dolls! Will I be replaced?

Whatever I do for work is based online or in an unreal world of fantasy and illusion. But still I am real even if I do tell clients what they want to see and hear. 329 more words