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sorry for the formatting, I’m having a hard time getting the wordpress formatting right.. I wish I could just import my .RTF files and have it all formatted correctly how I intended it to be, I don’t feel like messing around with each line for 10 minutes, previewing, messing around more. 2,098 more words


Romance Books: Don’t Fetish Disabilities

Something interesting has happened as publishing looks more and more to getting diverse characters on the page. This isn’t something I noticed right away, but one that has built up over time. 691 more words


Chance Encounter

She spotted him from across a crowded room. He looked like someone that she’d like to get to know better. He sees her passing glance, figuring it’s just his imagination as his eyes danced over her curves. 1,984 more words


More dreams.

The dreams sure keep rolling in now. I’m still not waking up in pain so that’s a plus cause I sure love good dreams.

My dream last night was me bent over I had my rubber dress flipped up on my back and my girl fucking me deep from behind.   484 more words

Diaper Lover

I’ve known I liked wearing diapers for a very long time. When GC and I were dating I told her about my interest in diapers and she confessed to me that wearing diapers was her deepest, darkest, most secret fantasy and she was a little disappointed that the one thing she thought might be her ‘thing’ (once she got up the courage to tell me) was something I was already into. 455 more words


When reality returns.

Last nights sleep was better, much more comfy and less waking up to the right cage.

Today was a little different however. I spent the majority of the day in mum own head thinking about things. 228 more words

You don't own me I'm not just one of your many toys....♫

CATWA HEAD – Catya – Bento

Raquel Applier [ Catwa ] –  COLLABOR88

DOUX – Unati hairstyle – Access

Bauhaus Movement – NYC – Piercing Mouth COMMON 3 –  19 more words