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Yes it's an erection

Yes it’s an erection!

Yes it’s for you!

Is it so hard to believe?

That’s what you do.

You do it to me.

With the words you type. 35 more words

50's Household

She woke up and turned over thinking about her duties of the coming day. She sat up and pulled up her nightgown so she could slip her feet into her pink plush slippers. 977 more words


I had an interesting dream. It was just me and a bunch of acquaintances and friends rolling around a city in the midnight hour. We were rolling twenty deep. 294 more words


Generosity Would Make Me a Book

“I was intoxicated by death because I did not like life: this explains the terror with which it inspired me. Identifying it with glory, I made it my goal. 635 more words

Rise of the Micromeat League: Little Dick Superpower Episode One

Hey there, perverts! Remember all that erotica business I was talking about? Well, the first ebook story is now available here through the auspices of my new Panty Party Publishing umbrella! 99 more words

Writing News

Macrophilia 204

Macrophilia 200 Series

  1. Basics/Refresher
  2. Giants in Popular Media
  3. Female Socialization, Male Gaze, and Paraphilia
  4. Asexuality, Paraphilia, and Identity
  5. On “Reverse Pedophilia”, GT vs SW, and Other Tangents…
  6. 1,642 more words

We finally found an evening to unleash our leather fetish, which has lurked in the background of our everyday lives the past couple months as we let business and other events around us become our masters. 543 more words