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Let's Talk About Sex Baby...

…let’s talk about you and me…or maybe not haha!


This is where I really hope my family aren’t reading my blog! Now this isn’t going to be a post full of gory X rated details as I’m not that sort of person to share that much. 961 more words

Personal Experience

Little me!

So until the last 6 months or so , I would of said I differently of said the I didn’t have a little side to me . 273 more words


Diagnosis: Kinky As Fuck

As I don’t feel especially partial to writing some tongue-in-cheek post about random shit that can fuck people up, this post is going to get into my social justice warrior side and all the 4chan assholes can go cum in a cup. 938 more words


OUCH!!  Newsworthy PSA

So this isn’t directly chastity related, but it COULD be! A man trying to wear a metal cock ring that’s too small, gets it stuck on, and has to have the local fire department cut it off with an angle grinder! 442 more words

Male Chastity

Artwork by Stephanie Dim

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