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Announcing Rule 34 - Volume 1

RULE 34: if it exists, someone’s kinky for it.

Beyond high-priced fetish clubs, alpha billionaires and connect-the-dots BDSM ‘journeys’, there exist limitless possibilities for the erotic imagination. 99 more words


The Roto-est Of Rooters

I’ll need a photo ID as well as your insurance card.

A pleasant delivery doesn’t stop me from wondering aloud from behind the Silver Fox if they wouldn’t likely have a lot of imposters showing up to an appointment like his.

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Your honeyed juices flood my throat as I temp your engorged morsels. Your pleading moans perfume the air with your urgent need. Beg.

The dark desires of your flesh entice me but it’s your mind I yearn to wickedly ravish. 43 more words

My Thoughts

Room with a View - #SinfulSunday #NSFW

I like to play with balls. You know, the ‘not-tennis’ kind of balls. I love it when they dangle right in front of me and I can explore their texture, how heavy they are. 168 more words


Lily Luvs

I’m Lily. I’m borderline fetishistic about my niche interests. I enjoy gluing things to my coffee table. I make manic, masking-tape animals while watching movies because I just can’t. 72 more words


Spend Time with a Dominatrix for Experiencing Excitement

Not everyone is interested in leading a normal, routine life where they work and return home to make sweet love to their spouse or partner. There are people who expect more from their sex life. 142 more words