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Fingernails Aren't Just For Great Back Scratching

Pickle Person wrote:I’m a guy with a sexual fetish for long fingernails (not too long, usually the length that people get when they get their nails done). 260 more words


Poem #124

A midday baroque of fellatio…

‘Though we invade their intimacy of the corridor,

he begs us to join, voyeurs of their art
and principles of silence, 293 more words


There were 2 verticle steel poles 12 feet tall,  part of the jungle gym installed by workcrews over the summer.  The same summer I discovered something very interesting can happen to my body when climbing a pole to the point of exhaustion, and more.   311 more words


What a Shame (embarrassing stories)

My sexual secret was exposed. For several years I was secretly experimenting. I had discovered by accident that after struggling to climb poles and skinny trees I would get the most pleasurable feeling(Orgasm) I ever had and wanted to feel it more and more.

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Reader With Giantess Fetish Asks Me a Hypothetical Question

Josh wrote: “Hey Liz, I love reading all your content. You are very knowledgeable and seem to give out the best advice. I do have a hypothetical question for you: I have a shrinking/ giantess fetish. 158 more words


It is the dry orgasm that is most intense .  Discovering that climbing a pole slowly yet vigorously with persistance to the point of exhaustion can have a very happy ending.  

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