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American Fetishism

3 “You shall have no other gods before me.

4 “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.

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[29 May 2016] Member's Note #2

Questions to the text:

1. Why was Zhuang Zi not a fool according to Lacanian perspective? (p. 46)?

2. What is the basic difference between Freudian and Marxian notions of fetishism? (p. 50)


A god damned piece of paper

As you surely cannot have failed to recently become aware, Khizr Khan set the political world ablaze with his speech at the Democratic convention, wherein he “humiliated” Orange Julius Caesar by whipping out his pocket Constitution. 1,016 more words


Rest day: no run, no panties

Hi guys! :D

How are you?

I am really well. Today is my rest day, which means no run (and no panties) for me. I spent all my day enjoying myself at home. 41 more words


Ian Reid: Fetishism into the streets

Ian Reid, former skater and now professional documentary photographer, is bringing our most personal thoughts and instinctual drives into a public space. Fetishism, and the opus of photography surrounding it is often relegated to dim-lit dungeon-like sets that often feel more Disney and dominatrix. 78 more words


Your Body is Not Your Own: Brief Thoughts on Patriarchy

Bad Thoughts

Late night at our house in Nashville, my roommates and I sat around the dinner table engaged in a lively brainstorming session. Two of my roommates were trying to develop the concept of their band’s album art. 5,592 more words


[Day 40] Asian fetish or yellow fever

So I met a white guy last night at a party in Edinburgh and he told me he liked me because, said he, “I really like Asian girls.” How is it supposed to be cute? 221 more words

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