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Political and Personal Partnerships

I was recently finishing up Lumpen: The Autobiography of Ed Mead and was impressed by the amount of time Mead dedicates to matters of love and partnership. 1,079 more words


Duterte: the Politics of the Superego

By now, everyone is already familiar with Jessica Zafra’s article, highlighting Rodrigo Duterte as the expression of the Filipino political Id, the unbridled agency of pleasure-satisfaction, loved by the masses, acting as the return of the repressed, set against the all too decent yet incompetent agents of the status quo. 1,234 more words


Uncharacteristic literary smut

Well, dear followers and those forced to see what I post here in this quiet corner of the hurly burly blogosphere, it’s about to get naughty. 112 more words


Final submission: Semester 2: Who's skin are you in?

Who’s skin are you in??

Today we live in an media saturated society whereby we are surrounded by different forms of media formats. It’s an inescapable consumer culture, whether we act passively or independently I believe our choices are initially directed. 2,297 more words

Short Story Review: Fly Away Home.

Marina Warner is a feminist historian and novelist; her latest book Fly Away Home was published last September. Twenty short stories have flown away home to this collection, from their original appearances in radio broadcasts, festival performances, and literary magazines and websites. 1,646 more words


In defense of the Dick Pic Vol 1

For us girls and gay guys, it’s like surveying the mountain before we approach the ascent. All of us penis-lovin’ heathens, like myself, would appreciate knowing what the weather would be like before “lifting our sails.” And it’s helpful to be aware of how fast (or slow) the wind will be before taking off in an airplane…Okay enough euphemisms. 144 more words