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Talking About It

It’s always encouraging and perhaps a little affirming to hear a public figure talk about their fetishes in an honest way. I recently starting listening to the podcast… 339 more words

Pantyhose Fetish

Fetishism And Curiosity (1996) by Laura Mulvey Research Notes (28/03/2015)

Fetishism And Curiosity (1996) by Laura Mulvey Research Notes:

The idea of fetishism links towards sexuality, and there are many fetishes that link to different things, creating social tensions and actions. 174 more words



The session is over. Their part anyway. They’ve beaten me and taunted me, laughed at me for enjoying things i claim to hate, but in a nice way… yes there is a nice way. 413 more words


Fetishism by Carrician Fair

What comes to mind when you hear the word fetish? I would think that perception becomes everything to the individual considering the word. In psychology, fetishism branches into various segments of behavior such as paraphilia, commodity fetishes and, uncommonly thought-of, religious fetishes. 1,490 more words

Carrician Fair

The Female Body (From a Dude's Perspective),

I’ve stated in the past that I am a fan of nude art, especially through photography and as a budding photographer, my aim to work on meaningful and conceptual projects highlighting issues that can enlighten others with positive messages through creative ways and nudity. 1,503 more words

Food For Thought

Take a good look at yourself, or... over-analyzing isn't always fun

It seems recently that I have stated that my time spent in cross-dressing internet chatrooms is becoming less and less. This is largely due to the fact that the “trolls” seem to infiltrate them and spend their time trying to cut you down or turn legitimate participants against each other. 1,049 more words


Just Ignore Me

I’ve noticed a trend in my trawling for foot and pantyhose videos in the past year or so. It doesn’t mean that it’s a recent trend, just something that I’ve noticed, although I do believe that it’s gaining momentum. 281 more words

Pantyhose Fetish