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O giro dos ponteiros do relógio no pulso de um morto

Por Marildo Menegat [*]:

No momento em que os laços de coação que constrangiam a vida social começam a se dissolver, ele passa a servir de ameaça contra a própria dissolução das relações sociais que perderam sua objetividade. 16,875 more words

Crisis Capitalism

Macrophilia 204

Macrophilia 200 Series

  1. Basics/Refresher
  2. Giants in Popular Media
  3. Female Socialization, Male Gaze, and Paraphilia
  4. Asexuality, Paraphilia, and Identity
  5. On “Reverse Pedophilia”, GT vs SW, and Other Tangents…
  6. 1,642 more words


The original “bad girl” of burlesque, Zorita (1915-2001) was famous for her performance with snakes.

Although Zorita dated men, and admitted she only spent time with the ones she could use, she was a lesbian and never married. (www.playfulpromises.com)


Straight, No Chaser: Sexual Deviances and Perversions (Paraphilias)

This is a serious conversation that I won’t sensationalize or joke about. The mental health disorders known as paraphilias (commonly referred to as sexual deviancies or perversions) represent a disturbing level of dysfunction that has devastating consequences for victims. 540 more words

Sterling Medical Advice

Susana Medina's 'Philosophical Toys' for Public Books

While working for Dalkey Archive Press I became acquainted with the Spanish writer and visual artist Susana Medina. Intrigued, I knew one day I’d like to review her first novel,  20 more words


licking fingers, touching pages

a civilization of fetishists
not surprising really
see how we treat
the book as idol
the paragraph
the sentence
the phrase
the word

and yet we wonder… 30 more words


We recently met a submissive who has a strong fetish for fur.  He enjoys tease and denial, bondage and torment with fur coats, stoles and boas.  144 more words