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More Tanizaki short fictions

(1913 portrait)

There must be Japanese who consider that Tanizaki Jun’ichirô shows too much light on obsessive and/or fetishistic Japanese love relationships. One of his equations of unfortunate modernization and overillumination spins out of a paean to nô stylization: “The Kabuki is ultimately a world of sham, having little to do with beauty in the natural state. 678 more words

Japanese Literature

He's Hot For Teacher's Feet

L.M. wrote: “I have a thing for feet. There is a teacher in her 40’s, she helps me out by stopping the bullies for me (I get bullied for a different matter even though people found out about my foot fetish and bullied me for a while, it stopped). 391 more words

The Naked Advice

That triathlon fetish of yours

I used to subscribe to Harper’s Magazine, a publication that has long reveled in social analysis from a literary perspective. With a combination of fascination and incredulity, I read a story about people who develop a sexual fetish for big machinery like cranes and trucks. 630 more words

Political and Personal Partnerships

I was recently finishing up Lumpen: The Autobiography of Ed Mead and was impressed by the amount of time Mead dedicates to matters of love and partnership. 1,079 more words


Duterte: the Politics of the Superego

By now, everyone is already familiar with Jessica Zafra’s article, highlighting Rodrigo Duterte as the expression of the Filipino political Id, the unbridled agency of pleasure-satisfaction, loved by the masses, acting as the return of the repressed, set against the all too decent yet incompetent agents of the status quo. 1,234 more words


Uncharacteristic literary smut

Well, dear followers and those forced to see what I post here in this quiet corner of the hurly burly blogosphere, it’s about to get naughty. 112 more words


Final submission: Semester 2: Who's skin are you in?

Who’s skin are you in??

Today we live in an media saturated society whereby we are surrounded by different forms of media formats. It’s an inescapable consumer culture, whether we act passively or independently I believe our choices are initially directed. 2,297 more words