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Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

Alex Gibney’s on a tear. He’s one of the few documentary filmmakers who is releasing more films than most folks can keep up with, including Mr. 844 more words

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S. L. Tuxen's Shoe Collection

“I love worn shoes as well as new ones, perhaps even more, because they show you that they have been of use to someone.”

Spoken like a true shoe-fetishist, you might be surprised to learn that these words were written by a Danish zoologist 1957 in acknowledgement of his shoe collecting hobby having run a little wild! 317 more words


Being Confident in Your Fetish

The internet is a wonderful thing for people who have fetishes. I don’t mean that in the way that you probably think I mean it; what I mean is that it connects you with other like-minded people and allows you to feel less alone in the world. 453 more words

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Pantyhose vs. Stockings: The Great Debate

One the questions I’ve always asked myself as a pantyhose fetishist is “Why pantyhose and not stockings?”

Now, before I continue, lets get some definitions straightened out. 468 more words

Pantyhose Fetish

The Desirable Body, Cultural Fetishism And The Erotics Of Consumption (1996) by John Stratton Research Notes (01/04/2015)

The Desirable Body, Cultural Fetishism And The Erotics Of Consumption (1996) by Jon Stratton Research Notes:

I found that fetishism has become allied with the capitalist requirement to increase consumption, something which has become paramount to capitalism since the spread of mass production techniques in the early part of the twentieth century. 341 more words


Talking About It

It’s always encouraging and perhaps a little affirming to hear a public figure talk about their fetishes in an honest way. I recently starting listening to the podcast… 339 more words

Pantyhose Fetish

Fetishism And Curiosity (1996) by Laura Mulvey Research Notes (28/03/2015)

Fetishism And Curiosity (1996) by Laura Mulvey Research Notes:

The idea of fetishism links towards sexuality, and there are many fetishes that link to different things, creating social tensions and actions. 174 more words