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The Female Body (From a Dude's Perspective),

I’ve stated in the past that I am a fan of nude art, especially through photography and as a budding photographer, my aim to work on meaningful and conceptual projects highlighting issues that can enlighten others with positive messages through creative ways and nudity. 1,503 more words

Food For Thought

Take a good look at yourself, or... over-analyzing isn't always fun

It seems recently that I have stated that my time spent in cross-dressing internet chatrooms is becoming less and less. This is largely due to the fact that the “trolls” seem to infiltrate them and spend their time trying to cut you down or turn legitimate participants against each other. 1,049 more words


Just Ignore Me

I’ve noticed a trend in my trawling for foot and pantyhose videos in the past year or so. It doesn’t mean that it’s a recent trend, just something that I’ve noticed, although I do believe that it’s gaining momentum. 281 more words

Pantyhose Fetish

Dominatrixes trick prison guards to free inmates

Three women wearing dominatrix costumes sprung prisoners free from a Brazilian jail after drugging the guards and locking them up with their handcuffs. 165 more words

Weird News

Misogyny?? A reprint from Belle Jar Magazine

I’m not sure who the respondent to this question is however, it is very well written and articulated. I don’t necessarily consider myself a feminist, but it’s interesting to read what those who do consider themselves feminist believe about assuming a submissive role in a sexual relationship. 1,096 more words

Domination And Submission

Gardening as Reperformance

Thoughts from Danielle

To me, one of the marks of great literature is the ability to use the smallest moment of common ground to connect with the reader, especially when the greater text sits in a space that is at times, unimaginable. 860 more words

Princess Teeva Commission

I’ve debated with myself about sharing this cartoon because it’s not for everyone. However, I think it turned out quite well, and that it’s a good demonstration of my skill with frame-by-frame animation. 140 more words