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Dear Koreaboos, Please Stop.

As a k-pop fan, if you’ve never heard the term “koreaboo” before, you’re either living a life of ignorance or complete bliss. 

In case you really haven’t heard the term, let me break it down. 1,054 more words


Having your cake (but not eating it): A brief look at ‘cake-sitting’ fetishes

“Imagine, a beautiful girl with long silky hair and a seductive expression. She’s standing over a delicious-looking cake. She runs her finger through the frosting. Then after slowly licking it off, she turns around suddenly and sits on the cake. 1,187 more words


Fetishism and Commodity Fetishism

Fetishism is the displacement of desire and fantasy onto alternative objects or body parts (e.g., a foot fetish or a shoe fetish), in order to obviate a subject’s confrontation with the castration complex. 1,276 more words

Literary Theory

Pop, props and monkeying around

The promotional music video is a significant sub-genre of the bicycle film. As I’ve noted on this blog, there are many examples of music videos that use the bicycle as a central prop, spanning a range of musical styles from hip hop to punk. 892 more words

"Sleeping Beauty" by Julia Leigh (Australia, 2011)

A beautiful young woman – student, waitress, and office girl – has to use her body as a prostitute, for medical experiments, and as a sex object to make ends meet. 27 more words


Arming Teachers: The Latest Unargument That Keeps Disposable Populations Disposable

The first time I heard the term “disposable population” was during an interview with Henry Giroux, in which he argues that, because of the way we have understood social interactions as market transactions for the last 40 years, we have created a disposable population of young people for whom we feel no responsibility for. 2,845 more words

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