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Cockney Characters: Rubber Johnny, The Sexually Insane Dinner Party Consultant

Dear Rubber Johnny

My wife and I are throwing a small dinner party for around a dozen friends this weekend and we were wondering about hors oeuvres. 166 more words


Avoiding Fetishism in the Study of Entrepreneurship

  • What inspired you to be interest in this topic?

Our starting point was a Dialogue piece published by Alvarez et al. (2014) that dismissed all the prior theory and research focusing on entrepreneurship and seemed to be perpetuating a debate about the ontological nature of opportunities as a core issue in…

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Art and Value

Review of Dave Beech, Art and Value: Art’s Economic Exceptionalism in Classical, Neoclassical and Marxist Economics

by Jasper Bernes and Daniel Spaulding, RP 195 (Jan/Feb 2016)  2,741 more words


"She only sleeps with Black guys" : On racial fetishism

So on Saturday night, I was approached at the bar by a guy who leant over and told me I could have the honour of being the first black girl he had ever slept with, because he “never usually finds black girls attractive”. 434 more words


Curating Bodies

In class today we discussed the idea of Fashion and Dress being a way to rewrite or re-define our ideal of the perfect body. For Frida Kahlo, who suffered horrific injuries when very young rendering her unable to bear children, her ideal body was one that could conceive. 535 more words


O giro dos ponteiros do relógio no pulso de um morto

Por Marildo Menegat [*]:

No momento em que os laços de coação que constrangiam a vida social começam a se dissolver, ele passa a servir de ameaça contra a própria dissolução das relações sociais que perderam sua objetividade. 16,875 more words

Crisis Capitalism

Macrophilia 204

Macrophilia 200 Series

  1. Basics/Refresher
  2. Giants in Popular Media
  3. Female Socialization, Male Gaze, and Paraphilia
  4. Asexuality, Paraphilia, and Identity
  5. On “Reverse Pedophilia”, GT vs SW, and Other Tangents…
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