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meeting yellow-faced god in the garden section

I have a very clear memory of being a teenager and wandering into the garden and landscaping section of Big W to be met with an aisle of boxed up Buddhas, with Jamie Drury’s personable smile branded on the front. 41 more words


The Aroma Factor

Having the combination of both a pantyhose fetish and a foot fetish always means mixed emotions about the changing of the seasons. With the weather getting warmer, I’ve had to say a teary goodbye to my wife’s pantyhose and tights. 278 more words

Foot Fetish

The big lie: Some thoughts on ideology and the Tory victory

Joe Sabatini on ideology, fetishism, and 5 more years of Cameron.

On Thursday 7 May, The English Tory Party won a shock victory that was utterly unpredicted and yet so predictable. 2,731 more words


The Black Girl Fetish

My first romantic rejection, at aged 8, consisted of a younger somewhat more confident me approaching a cute white boy that went by the name of Oliver. 940 more words


Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

Alex Gibney’s on a tear. He’s one of the few documentary filmmakers who is releasing more films than most folks can keep up with, including Mr. 844 more words

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S. L. Tuxen's Shoe Collection

“I love worn shoes as well as new ones, perhaps even more, because they show you that they have been of use to someone.”

Spoken like a true shoe-fetishist, you might be surprised to learn that these words were written by a Danish zoologist 1957 in acknowledgement of his shoe collecting hobby having run a little wild! 317 more words

Shoe Collection

Being Confident in Your Fetish

The internet is a wonderful thing for people who have fetishes. I don’t mean that in the way that you probably think I mean it; what I mean is that it connects you with other like-minded people and allows you to feel less alone in the world. 453 more words

Foot Fetish