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Begin, again, but with more kink please

Well, it’s been a loooong time between drinks my friends. And the sexual evolution of me continues to progress sometimes at an exponential rate.  To describe it as a rollercoaster would be a cliché, but ridiculously true.  688 more words


Back on Fetlife

Now that I find myself on my own for the foreseeable future, I’ve decided to try and rediscover myself a bit. One of the things this entails is creating a brand new profile on Fetlife. 117 more words


Profile of a Fetlife Alpha Bitch


Orientation: None of your fucking business Active: I’m too busy to be active

About Me

Like why are you still on my profile even? Why am  439 more words


Profile of a Fetlife Sexpert


Orientation: Sexpert

Is looking for: Ladies to admire my infinite knowledge and wisdom about The Sex.

About Me

Beware. Fucking me will ruin you for every man in your future, for I am Doctor Steve, purveyor of sexual secrets, mystic of the glorious yoni. 328 more words


Being Visible on Fetlife

Being visible on Fetlife exposes you to an absurd amount of love and hate. Your strengths and defects are obvious to anyone who wishes to judge, and I’m profoundly flawed so I give them plenty to work with. 376 more words


Manic Year: a Review

A year ago this week I finally went to the Doctor for what turned out to be an infected cyst on my back. I had had a little marble sized bump there for years, then maybe the beginning of November it started to get a little bigger, then the week before Thanksgiving it started to hurt pretty bad. 2,234 more words


Last Night, I Received a Long Goodbye

Last night I received a long goodbye from an old Fetlife friend who is leaving us for Vanilla Land. Goodbyes and distance are the worst the community has to offer. 310 more words