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New YouTube Channel! 

I have been away for quite a while and for that I apologise. I was struggling to write reviews on my dying laptop (especially when half your keys don’t like to work) and the phone I had at the time was so bad I wasn’t able to access WordPress. 98 more words

Baku Talks Bluntly About the Changes on FetLife. 

I’ll let his words speak for themselves, but I will say it was a though and thoughtful post.


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My Thoughts on the Recent Purge on FetLife

Recently I posted about the new purge of forbidden fetishes and groups on FetLife. I want to make something clear. While I hate that John Baku and BitLove have to toe the line of the credit card processors, but let us be real they do. 116 more words


FetLife's Great Purge

Looks like our favorite fetish social network is purging again, and has been silent on it again too. Right now there is no credit card payment option, no add new group link, and groups and fetishes on the… 44 more words


FetLife Chronicles: It's Been One Week

EDITOR’S NOTE: Twitter user @mrjamesbroker asked me to expound on this post a bit, so I updated to include those remarks.

One week ago I took a deep breath and got to work. 256 more words


Face It: Dating Isn't Fair Anymore

The internet has turned dating into an assembly line. Swipe, click, fill out this 200-question form, then wait for the product—erm—I mean person with the appropriate list of requirements to arrive in your inbox. 451 more words