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Open Letter to a Dating Site Asshole

Dear MasterFrankenCock

Thank you for your message. I’m thrilled you came across my profile because the idea of being stripped and flogged by a 19-year-old master I’ve never met who lives on the opposite side of the world has left me believing, yet again, in the magic and wonder of this world. 419 more words


I need to finish my profile on Fetlife. Deep down I want to start searching for my ideal Dom, though I suspect that I keep self sabotaging any attempts.

1,410 more words


Beads of sweat still glistened, trapped in the soft hairs of his chest and belly. She gently wiped them away with the tip of a finger, one by one, reminiscent of the chasing and popping of bubbles floating through the air during a childhood summer. 281 more words


Your Application to do BDSM Your Way Has Been Declined

Hello! We’re Fetlife—the Fetlife that existed long before you showed up thinking you were equal to the rest of us. It’s a common mistake for noobs. 513 more words


Why Nice Guys Finish First

I’ve received some spectacularly horrible unsolicited messages from strangers on Fetlife. From the dude who told me he wanted to watch me bleed out while hung over a bath to the one who messaged me out of the blue to call me a “dirty AIDS slut” because I’d written a post about blowjobs, my inbox is a kind of fucked up dream catcher that captures toxic sludge instead of fantasies. 270 more words


Because I need Safety to submit!

I heard and read so many articles, blog posts explaining what you should and shouldn’t do when I first join Fetlife.

And at the time, I have to admit it was quite helpful. 300 more words