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TGIF and I Have A Rant!

One of my “followers” on Tumblr posted this and I have a little rant of the day now….

Here is the tumblr post:

Editing my fetlife status for the 2nd time in less than a month. 128 more words


What About The P's?

In this alphabet soup that is D/s, BDSM, DD/lg, and whatever other letters you want to put together there never seems to be a P involved. 910 more words


Maybe I’m different…

So I think I might be a bitter different than most men, and many Dominants/Daddies. My brain and its nawty, sexual, kinky side(s) doesn’t seem to work like the typical or what you might expect. 519 more words


30 Days of Kink - Day #16: The Difficult Aspects of Your Sexuality

In the beginning, the most difficult aspects of being into kink was my personality. I am too kind. I am too shy. When I was learning the ropes, I would be hesitant about, say, using my full aggressive self against my submissive because I didn’t want to hurt her. 124 more words

30 Days Of Kink

Safety...It CAN happen to you!

Often newbies are warned to be careful, especially women and with very good reasons but it can also happen to men and even dominant ones. Maybe things like this have happened to other men, and they choose not to talk about it for many reasons.  1,829 more words


I Just Don't Get BDSM Trainer Dude

As I talk with others on this wonderful kinky journey, there is something I have been seeing and I just do not get it.  What is it I cant understand?  502 more words


Eggs, Toast and Fifty Shades of Grey....

So once again, I’m battling another cold…

This area is trying to kill me, I swear it. While I know that would make certain saddle tramp ecstatic, I refuse to let it knock me down. 673 more words