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Let adults be adult (rant)

About two years ago, the adult industry was under attack. By banks. They were shutting down accounts of known adult performers. Last year, my local dungeon had to go cash only for a night because their credit card processing account had been shut down, despite it being a registered charitable organization. 563 more words


June Butterflies - 10 day Total Power Exchange

I have butterflies in my stomach.  Not the anxiety driven type such as before a test or important presentation. Not the type you get from a great roller coaster ride. 640 more words


So I met someone from Fetlife

A few weeks ago, I went to an event and met someone that actually followed me on Fetlife.

Because I didn’t have any pictures and neither did he, we started a conversation and shared how we enjoyed fetlife and few things we discovered. 93 more words


I won’t tell you how to bite your master if you don’t tell me how to be a sub.

Sometimes Fetlife is eerily Orwellian. When I arrived, I read enough guidelines to drown in, and I hadn’t even come across “128 slave rules” yet. There were positions with names, there were expectations of obedience, there was post upon post illustrating the perfect picture of the perfect sub I knew I’d never be. 402 more words


Follow his lead...

I will have a gentleman caller this weekend.

We met through FetLife and have been talking on and off for a couple of months.  He is thoughtful, considered, experienced and could be exactly what I need right now. 154 more words


The list of never wills...

I tried OkCupid again for a week or so…anything come from it?  Not a fucking chance…

And FetLife…not really either.  Interesting and seemingly interested men but so far nothing for all the energy I am putting into it. 299 more words


I apologize for my lack of updates lately – this week marked the ended of the semester… AKA finals’ week! After this week from hell, I am happy to announce that I have now met all the requirement to graduate! 200 more words