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More Personal Ads of Storybook Characters

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

As my username suggests, I’m very, very hungry <wink> On Monday I ate through one pussy, but I was still hungry so on Tuesday I ate out two subs, but I was still hungry! 273 more words


Profile of (Another) Fetlife Pseudo-intellectual


orientation: Pseudointellectual active: 25 hours a day

About me

As my profile suggests, I have an IQ of 200, which basically means I know the difference between “their” and “there.” I apply my infinite intellect to sex positive pursuits like swallowing cum using my theorem of ejaculative deglution and screaming during spankings to express my aphemia. 398 more words


Profile of a Fetlife Dudebro


orientation: Wanker active: I wank proudly all damn day.

About me

Hiiiiii!!! Well, as my profile says, I’m a wanker. My career as a masturbator has taught me many skills, all of which are highly valued among The Wimmenz of Fetlife. 479 more words


Open Letter from Your Crappy Fetlife Friends

Variation of Open Letter from Your Horrible Facebook Friends

Hello, there,

We’re your Fetlife friends. Those Fetlife friends. The True Subs who’ve been developing their gag reflexes ever since they were old enough to swallow half a banana.

522 more words

Punching the fuck out of love

I can’t remember what I wanted from this or why I came here. It’s morphed so dramatically in such a short space of time.
Fun? Probably, yes. 755 more words

Exploring Submission

Mr. B Makes Three - Part I

Though Nick and I have continued to experiment and play with cuckolding, it’s been over two years since my last post. Hard to believe. I guess it has to do with feeling slightly burned out by the long discussions Nick and I often had after a scene–discussions about what went right and, more heavily weighted, what went wrong. 514 more words


Longing for my old kink life back

I have been away from a kinky life and everything that goes with it for over a year. This is some of what I miss about that kinky life and also K (as she was the only real kinky partner I had for any substantial length of time). 125 more words