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I'm Here for the Sex, Too. Sorry, Not Sorry

Apparently you’re not supposed to use parties, munches, and Fetlife to find partners. Fetlife is not a dating site. Play parties are not to be used to meet partners. 455 more words


The Monday Musings Of This Daddy Dominant

Recently I was having a chat about pain, punishments, and how I am unique because I believe in using pain as a punishment only rarely plus how I always say correction, not punish.  486 more words


My First Play Party: Confused? Me? Never!

I finally got to my first play party last night. This morning I feel as though I’m wearing a new pair of glasses. This whole BDSM deal just got way more complicated than I thought it was. 470 more words


How I got into Sex Work

I am quite young, in my early 20s, and I’ve have been working in the sex industry for around a year. Today I just want to give you a brief understanding of how and why I got into sex work. 225 more words


"Terms of Respect"...

One the things that drives me a bit nuts in the “BDSM community” is the reliance on titles.  Master/Mistress, Sir, Daddy, and the list can go on but why does it seem that people expect a title?  610 more words


It's 2 am...

I woke, had a dream, you were there and now in mind-again. Wide awake I’m thinking of you clear as day. I’m writing this to get you off my mind. 58 more words


Those days when you just want a cock in your mouth

I found this on FetLife, and had to share  There are days when I feel just this…<3
The original link is here: https://fetlife.com/users/2420302/posts/3292372 , but for those who don’t have a FetLife account and wouldn’t be able to read it, I copied and pasted it: 172 more words

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