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Quit Bottoming From the Top, House of Twue

Not submissive enough. Now there’s a concept that makes me want to leave black-and-blue marks on a dominant’s ass. Here’s one that makes me want to take to their hides with a blunt blade: 428 more words


Thoughts of a Facebook Nilla Visiting Fetlife

Oh, look! A sexy Facebook! This is going to be awesome!

What the fuck does a photo of a man carrying a chicken have to do with sex? 447 more words


So behind!

I haven’t posted anything in forever, sorry!

I was having some major technical issues and just could not get wordpress to be my friend :( 114 more words

Kink, the All You Can Eat Buffet

Kinksters are damned lucky. No two sexual experiences are the same. We get to dip into an all you can eat buffet that has a thousand dishes. 392 more words


My Privilege as Part of the K&P Brigade

Yesterday I was told that I’m unappreciative of my privilege. What is it that makes me a part of the privileged few, you ask? The fact that my posts go onto Fetlife’s K&P page, and I quote: 564 more words


Faking a Life Online

Every time I see one of my friends get their heart shattered into a million tiny heart-shaped pieces, it’s because some fuckwit pretended to be someone they weren’t online. 496 more words


There's No Right Way to do D/s

Not a day passes without me chewing my experiences into smaller chunks and kicking the results into the Fetisphere. I find life and power exchange fascinating and beautiful, even when they hurt. 492 more words