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Hack-A-Mole....The New Game For Cheating Men And How My Mind Turned It Into Thoughts On Communication

So I was a little bored today while eating my lunch and I decided to journey into the spooky dark web areas and looked at the ‘Ashley Madison hack’ details.  776 more words



I chatted with MrMcCoy for about a week. We met each other through fetlife. He was a dom in search of a sub. And I a sub in search of her dom. 1,669 more words


I Don't Understand...

I don’t understand the fucking selfish Dumbinant.  The guy that expects his girl to suck him off whenever he wants or wants to fuck his girl whenever the need/mood/urge hits him but he never cares a lick about her pleasure.  320 more words


Things I Need And Want

The question always gets asked when you start the getting to know you dance with another single person who you think might have potential, what do you want or need in a relationship.  1,800 more words


Conducting Scene Negotiations from the Bottom

As someone who identifies on the submissive/bottom side of the tilted fence, I really enjoy it when a partner has that take-charge and confident sort of attitude, especially when it comes to negotiation. 713 more words


Dear Kink Community

My thoughts about the community and what I want to find within it:

First and foremost I want to make, build, and grow friendships.

I want to find others who do not live the lifestyle 24/7 but the lifestyle is just one part of them. 358 more words


Open Letter To Dominants/Daddies Seeking A LTR Partner…

First off, I am not a woman so I know what I have to say may not fit with exactly with what a woman is looking for (and I am sure they will correct me where they see my errors). 271 more words