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Shards of Glass

There’s a quote on the white board in the office break room by Carl Jung:

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

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Online Mating Rituals #3: He Wasn't Chris Pine

Time for another session of Get To Know Raven. Do you care? Maybe. “Hi, I’m Raven and I’d really like it if you’d tie me up, blindfolded me and fucked my brains out….or anything else you want to do. 615 more words


Reviews of Fetlebrity Journals


Sex is a valuable pastime, so it’s logical that someone should write an entire journal about it. There are definitely not enough nudes in this album. 360 more words


The Dominant's Character

When it comes to being Dominant, don’t think that you are just teaching your submissive. The universe is also teaching you. So listen up and listen well. 729 more words


I don't ask for promises anymore

I just realized something kind of mind boggling.

I don’t ask for promises anymore.

Used to be I’d be told “I’ll be there….” or “Wouldn’t miss it….” or the ever-dreaded, “ 190 more words


How to Go to Your First Munch Without Dying of Terror

-1) Kick the wall. Hard. Was that as bad as you thought? Well, going to a munch is less painful than that.

-2) Go outside. See that woman who just walked down the road? 544 more words


the asterisk in action

Anyway, if you were wondering what it looks like for someone to be nominally “aware” of asexual people but refuse to incorporate them into their claims, all you have do is look at… 166 more words

Asexuality Talk