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Being a Fetlebrity is Hard

Being a Fetlebrity is hard. Even if I arrive 10 minutes early to an event, there is already a queue of 50 people at the door waiting for my autograph. 302 more words


Thousands Dying of Fetlife Addiction

The New York Times published a poll this morning stating that eight in 10 Fetlife members are addicted to the site. Side effects include an inability to read stuff without arguing about it, an obsession with fake celebrities, and an inability to get turned on at the sight of nekked people. 293 more words



Are you able to remember your twenties? Or maybe you haven’t reach twenty yet, and you want to experiment more with life and what it has to offer, sexually that is. 803 more words

Conversations with a Cockshot Avatar

Cock Shot Avatar

Interested in joining Me for drinks tonight at the Casino Leamy??


Your cock shot avatar is going to cut down your odds of getting drink dates by 90%. 516 more words


How to Get Blocked on Social Media

There are three kinds of women on social media:

  • Friends,
  • women you want to shag
  • women you want to shag who don’t want to shag you…
  • 561 more words
A Hint Of Vanilla

Online Dating Rape: A New Apocalypse

Once upon a time, I met a man on Fetlife and joined him for lunch in a public place. Like a responsible kinkster, I arranged a safe call. 532 more words


Vanilla Tastes Delicious

You wouldn’t think it is that hard of a concept to grasp. Just because your local ice cream shop stocks 48 different flavors, that doesn’t suddenly make any other flavor less delicious, does it? 934 more words