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Miscellany 04/19/2018

Propaganda Points

To persuade normal men, you should de-emphasize boylove and de-emphasize girls younger than 10. To de-emphasize does not mean to avoid altogether; it… 1,549 more words


The Gentle Dominant

I have some odd perspectives I know. I say things that would make most Dominants cringe at the thought of actually being a Dominant. You see. 447 more words


More On Triggers

There is an account on Tumblr called femdomdoneright which is my newest trigger and makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside. It’s a blog roll of infomercials and factoids on Femdom and it’s truly delicious. 472 more words

Problems within the lifestyle.

Being in the lifestyle for as long as I have. I have come across a lot of things that I see that are worrying me a lot. 972 more words


On Fat Bottomed Bottoms

Context:  On Fetlife this week, there have been numerous posts on the subject of rope bottom diversity.  People are having a very healthy and (in my perspective) positive discussion on how to make rope bottoming more accessible to those who are not thin, bendy, young, white women.    260 more words


Phases of Being a Kinkster

Phase One

Oh Em Gee, a whole kinky website full of kinky people, guyz! Imma spend all my time here. Will you be my best kinky friend?

449 more words

The Rising Cost Of Housing And Kink

This is a something I don’t hear much about. But for those of us it affects, it can have a serious impact. So here goes… 447 more words