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How to Get Blocked on Dating Sites

There are three kinds of women on dating sites:

  • Friends
  • Women you want to shag
  • Women you want to shag who don’t want to shag you…
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Struggling, Real (or Imagined) Dilemma's.

this particular post is something I do want to share, however it’s going to be written to my little Fae.

You said to me the other day “I just hope I don’t stop you from finding someone.” now this was in regards to our polyamorous search, and to be honest I feel the same way. 899 more words


How To Love A Broken Person....

I just discovered this on Fetlife and the Author said it PERFECTLY. So perfectly in fact, I currently have tears silently falling down my face…..  For My Master: 638 more words


[No Title...... Because My brain is scattered]

Recently I came to realize that sometimes you are not enough for someone………

Maybe you don’t know why you are not enough.
Maybe you are not pretty enough… 332 more words


Hollywood Dirty

I definitely have some fantasies that center on less than sanitary locations – like dirty basements, for example. There’s just something about being forced to do something so… 322 more words


Mr. and Mrs. Shameless (Drabble) at the Movies

Their Story Begins Here


“Please, Daddy. I really want to see it.”

“No, pumpkin. There’s no way that’s what we’re watching.”

They were standing in front of the teller at the box office looking at the upcoming movie times. 58 more words


Mr. and Mrs. Shameless Go to the Supermarket

Their story begins here 


“Can we play our game, Daddy?” she asked as she pulled one of the shopping carts free from the row. 162 more words