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OK guys, it’s here! My very first podcast! I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing LOL but I have sort of created a Podcasts type of thing to go along with my blog so you guys can actually hear my voice and see me in little space interacting with my partner and answering questions and goofing off! 44 more words


Profile of a Fetlife Drama Queen


32F Drama Queen Relationship Status: Agonisingly single

About Me

My profile says I’m a drama queen, but that’s not really true. My life is genuinely harder than everyone else’s, so I wish everyone would stop accusing me of being a whiner. 478 more words


"Fuck you!" and other ways to make friends

I have recently been inspired to write this as I am not sure about anyone else but my experience in any sort of community has been that of finding people with like minds, pruning off the douche bags then finding people to which my douchery matches theirs. 817 more words


Welcome to Fetlife! Women, please understand you have just lost your freedom to sexually express yourself!

Huh Ren? You lost ya mind there? FL is crammed with women expressing themsleves sexually.

Oh yes; that is very true. One cannot argue with that. 704 more words


A Sadist Looks In A Mirror

The term sadist, I hated at first. Cruel, grim, tough, dangerous, harmful  … does not define who and what I am! I failed to see the beauty in the term “sadist”. 574 more words



In order to feel alive I need to feel broken first.Bold statement I know. But that’s true.

As opposite to most society, I don’t need cuddles, kisses, romantic dances and flirtous talking in restaurants to make my inner self happy. 117 more words


Why I Rarely Post My Marks

The Morning After is one of my favourite things: I have cum dripping out of me, and I can still feel his tongue in my mouth. 344 more words