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11 Reasons to Despise Abortion

A student asked me, “How come having an abortion is so bad?” As a Youth Pastor it’s easy to run straight to the Bible (and I do).   915 more words

An Imperfect Youth Pastor


I’m starting off big with this topic. Abortion is so controversial, especially among religious groups. This subject talks about life and human rights, and so speaks to the emotions of many, many people. 845 more words


A Collage of Your Early Childhood

Each and every one of us passed through the same stages of life as these children. From embryo to fetus to adult, we are one human family.

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How safe is abortion?

Years ago I did an informal study of the language associated with the debate over abortion.

At that time, forty years ago, both sides of the debate referred to “the contents of the uterus” as babies. 321 more words

Child Advocacy

Continental Steel Manufacturing Corp. v. Montao, 182836, 13 October 2009.


Hortillano, an employee of Continental Steel, filed a claim for Paternity Leave, Bereavement Leave and Death and Accident Insurance for dependent pursuant to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) concluded between Continental and the Union. 483 more words

Case Digests

Thought of the day 2

Thought of the day…. if a person is medically declared dead when they no longer have brain activity, why do we have laws declaring someone living at the first sign of a heart beat? 36 more words


baby girl, baby girl, baby girl

nobody told me it would be so pinch worthy!

this whole new experience, from the pregnancy test, to the first ultrasound, to hearing the heartbeat for the first time, to feeling her kick, i can’t stop pinching myself! 295 more words