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Need to avoid nicotine exposure during pregnancy

Smoking or nicotine exposure during pregnancy increases health risks for the baby as well as the mother. Even second hand smoke is extremely dangerous for both and must be avoided as much as possible. 97 more words


Defending the Unborn

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves… -Proverbs 31:8

At the time of this writing, since the American legalization of abortion, 59.8 million human beings have been aborted in their mother’s wombs in the U.S. 1,934 more words



I wrote a grand post about my opinion of when life begins.  Then I had to do something I hate.  I recognized I was wrong and deleted the post. 502 more words

When does human life begin? (Part 1)

A very controversial topic it is. For the purpose of this discussion let us state the basic definition of life as the ability to eat, grow, reproduce, excrete, move, and react to the external environment. 755 more words


Watch: You Might Be Eating Aborted Babies. Biotech Cooks Up New Flavors

A Biotech company,  Senomyx is using technology and human embryonic cells commonly known as HEK 293 to cook up new food flavors for processed food companies. 250 more words


ABORTED - But Not Unborn

Hyram Vyras possesses the capacity of recalling all of his dreams in great detail and using them to foretell local events on that unfolding day. 706 more words

Science Fiction

Haiku #24 - 2017/02/06

new life bound through cord
distressing new sounds and smells
soothed by mother’s touch

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