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Learning Points from Alexander Tsiaras's TED Talk on "Conception to Birth - Visualised"

If you ever wanted to visualise how your baby develops from a single cell to the human form in 9 months, watching this TED talk is your chance! 109 more words

TED Talk

What wrong with saying "Fetus"?

Often I find myself grieved over something that many of us don’t even notice. You could say it’s a “microaggression” although I’m not a big fan of that term. 667 more words



I could have called the study below ‘Number Two’ but in the early stages of development, the earth-tone-colored form reminded me of a fetus. As the design progressed, this form came to resemble the arabic numeral 2. 18 more words

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We are creating this blog to discuss the highly controversial debate of abortion. Our purpose is to break down the ideas behind the controversy and share our pro-choice beliefs. 284 more words


Reported Fetus In School Bathroom Found To Be Feminine Hygiene Product

CAHOKIA, Ill. (KMOX) – What a junior high school custodian thought were fetal remains found in a girls’ bathroom turned out to be a feminine hygiene product. 158 more words


[Draft] For or Against the 20 Week Ban? [Draft]

I have decided to fact-check the article titled, “President Donald Trump Will Sign Pro-Life Bill Banning Late-Term Abortions After 20 Weeks”¬†from Lifenews.com. I thought this would be interesting to fact check since it is such a controversial issue in today’s world. 647 more words

New Research Suggests Fetuses Can Recognize Faces in the Womb

While some facts and stages of fetal development remain difficult to pinpoint– such as the precise moment when a fetus begins to feel pain– others are coming sharply into focus as scientific technology advances. 325 more words