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Lack of vitamin C during pregnancy affects brain development

Pregnant women need to pay special attention to vitamin C intake, especially during the first trimester. Although the fetus draws required nutrients from the mother, insufficient intake of vitamin C by the mother herself can lead to deficiency in both. 199 more words


TDaP and Pregnancy, is it Safe?

TDaP and Pregnancy, is it Safe?
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OBGYN’s routinely recommend the TDaP vaccine during pregnancy to protect your newborn from pertussis. 24 more words



Slowly, I wake up. At first, I’m only aware of the gentle murmurs of the breeze. The humid air weighs heavily upon me. I feel coarse sand against my cheek. 242 more words


new life

fresh life bound through cord
distressing new sights and sounds
soothed by mother’s warmth

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Hands In The Garden


Yesterday we had our follow-up visit with the MFM doctors just to ensure everything was still looking good two weeks after the initial visit.

I’d like to say I feel confident everything is progressing smoothly.   591 more words


Maintaining adequate hydration during pregnancy

Sufficient hydration is a must for everybody to prevent several minor as well as major illnesses. But, during pregnancy, increased fluid intake is needed to support fetal circulation, amniotic fluid, and a higher blood volume. 198 more words


A Modern-Day Holocaust

As a former peer counselor at a Woman’s Pregnancy Care Center, the center helps to lead women choose life for their baby rather than abortion. We help them by offering material items as well as spiritual needs while they navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy. 1,736 more words