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Morning sickness is related to lower risk of miscarriage

Morning sickness involving nausea or vomiting is a symptom of pregnancy.
The cause of morning sickness is ambiguous, but researchers at NIH have suggested that morning sickness is associated with a lower risk of miscarriage in pregnant women. 13 more words

Notes on a hospitalized pregnant woman Pt. 35

Spent the night thinking about everything.

Everything includes: the protests in Charleston, McCauley Culkin, Bloody Mary Tudor, my cats, my dogs, the endless boogers in my nose, how I used to call burgers boogers as a kid, Charley, my bank account, my Spanish boyfriend from 2003 when I was studying abroad. 2,667 more words

All God's Creatures: 2 Month Fetus

What makes a human being a human being?  Is it a case of knowing one when we see one?  The Bible, however, teaches us not to judge by appearances.  496 more words


8 Weeks Equals Happy Cry

I fell into this strange head-space where fear of miscarriage immobilized my thoughts. Then I would feel guilty for even thinking about it and shouldn’t I be feeling so lucky and blessed?   720 more words

The first reading of a pro-life proposal in the Polish Parliament

The 22nd of September will be a decisive day for Polish women. Their lives will be handed over to politicians who will debate on a proposal that introduces almost complete ban on abortion. 354 more words

Abortion: Morality, Mortality versus Reality

I believe the decision to carry a fetus in her womb should be at the sole discretion of the owner of that womb, the mother herself. 678 more words