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A new womb recreated

Is it at all possible that what science has failed to do in years of research can be done in an instant. For hundreds of years, scientists have conducted research in order to create human life or at the very least aid in creating human life. 177 more words

a sin to read again

shells of all smizes

colonial conquel conqueror

fetal receipt eater

molloquius to the certainity

the gideons

march until the formation breaks

the rock in the stack of the cracks… 17 more words

FETUS’:A Point of View of a Fetus Inside Mother’s Womb

Darkness. I am in a total darkness. Darkness that makes me feel unsafe. Mom, why am I here? Did I even deserve to be locked out here in very dark place? 490 more words



Writing the first edition of my essay “We need to talk about this” – the second edition is in the works – forced me to think about issues I had never thought about before in great depth and I had to leave many of them untouched at the time. 369 more words

Global Awareness

I'm Sorry,but....

I’m Sorry, but Your Fetus is not Viable…. 

The one sentence no pregnant person wants to hear. It was like all the joy and happiness was drained out of me and turned into sorrow. 587 more words