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Which baby has more rights?

My hometown has a University Research Center which specializes in the breeding, management and importation of a diverse range of nonhuman primate species for the purpose of research aimed at promoting human and animal quality of life.   707 more words

My Miscarriage Story.

I always knew that I would miscarry. It was something that I just knew. When I became pregnant for the second time, I was in a really bad place. 404 more words

My old Diary


I’ve decided to share my cringy diary entries with you! :-D At the time, I was about 11-13, and my spelling was (and still is) terrible. 232 more words

God only sees us when we are clean in His eyes

Now why do I bring up this point in the title of this post. In Jeremiah 1:5 it is stated that God knew him before he was conceived. 696 more words


Why do Christians insist abortion is murder?

The news has been buzzing with reports of secretly recorded video showing abortion providers discussing the best way to dismember a baby to maximize the possibility of getting salable parts. 633 more words

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