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Life in the Womb

Hi, I am the writer on here.  I want you to know that I am not trying to vilify people who have abortions.  I have sympathy with those whom I know who’ve had abortions as I know the circumstances surrounding them were harsh, and as I feel they were each impacted severely, and there is one who told me she was devastated. 233 more words


October 21st 2016

Are You Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?


I don’t understand the pro-life movement for a second. There are so many valid reasons for abortion. The main thing that baffles me is how they say they are “pro-life”. 974 more words

Dream a Little Dream: 6 Month Fetus

By the time that you were six months in the womb, you were already physically reacting to music, moving rhythmically to songs.  What was your first playlist?   402 more words

Being Human


I once meet a man named Don. T.

Who spoke of great walls and money.

He then grabbed my pussy

And called me a hussy, 7 more words


Speaking on Anti-Abortion

The Pro-Life Speaker came to campus on Monday. One comes every year to our Christian college to talk about all things anti-abortion. Walking down the stairs to the auditorium, we were greeted with models of tiny, unborn humans — each neatly labeled with the number of weeks of life the carefully-molded plastic represented. 721 more words


Why ProTrump is NOT Prolife

A lot of prolife Christians are in a quandary over Donald Trump. They realize he’s a fool, yet know that he’s likely to appoint a conservative judge to the Supreme Court, which is a necessary step if they hope to overturn Roe v. 488 more words

Week 25: The Edge of Viability

A baby cannot survive outside of the womb prior to 21 weeks.

At 23 weeks, it has a 10-35% chance of survival with significant intervention. 633 more words