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VIDEO: Feud: Bette and Joan (FX) - SHOW REVIEW

We reviewed FX’s newest series, FEUD, from Ryan Murphy starring Jessica Lange (Joan Crawford) & Susan Sarandon (Bette Davis). We let you know if the show is worth the watch. 9 more words


Feud: More, or Less o cuando el mundo cambia...mas o menos.

Disculpen el retraso con el review, entre una cosa y otra apenas ahora me dio chance de ver el cuarto episodio de Feud, antología que relata la famosa rivalidad entre Bette Davis y Joan Crawford. 629 more words


Joan Crawford´s best performances:

Joan Crawford was one of Hollywood´s top legends and one of the greatest faces ever to appear on the big screen, and even though her place in film history is more than secure – her legacy is everlasting!− people tend to overlook  her dramatic abilities over the uber-glamorous and beautiful persona she displayed on screen and off. 3,821 more words

Thank you Mr. Ferrari for Pissing People Off

Enzo Ferrari’s Unintentional Contributions to the Automotive World

In 1947, in the town of Maranello Italy, a 49 year old Enzo Ferrari pushes a car out of a modest garage. 2,112 more words

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Dodging the bullets

intended to hurt, not kill.

It’s time for a truce.

by Scooj


What TV to Watch?! - February/March 2017

A number of excellent debuts and improving returns have made the first few months of 2017 memorable, before a series of exciting returns due in April… 470 more words


Susan Sarandon does a Bette Davis impression on 'More, or Less' - 'Feud: Bette and Joan' a recap

For the run of Feud, I’ve been mentioning how Susan Sarandon’s been avoiding swooping, clipped speech of Bette Davis, but in “More, or Less” it seems as if the actress suddenly remembered she’s playing Bette Davis because inexplicably, the iconic – and much imitated – cadence is there. 1,213 more words