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Age of War Review | COG Gaming

Year Published: 2014
Designer: Reiner Knizia
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Players: 2-6
Playtime: 20-60 minutes

One Sentence Synopsis: An exercise in randomness with no end in sight.  828 more words

COG Gaming

The Cull

The High Priest was ushered into the King’s presence.

“How is the campaign going?”

The Priest bowed respectfully  and answered smoothly.

“Our Priest’s sermons focused on humility, accepting Divine Will, forgiving your enemy and heavenly rewards in the after-life. 197 more words

Fiction - Tales Of Unwise Paths

The wages of slavery is death

The King woke late. The sun was well up. He stretched his hand out for his morning refreshment but it wasn’t there. Well, he would have the servant punished. 295 more words

Fiction - Tales Of Unwise Paths

Bonfire of innocence

“Chief of Police and Chief of  Spies” the servant announced.

“Show them in”, the King ordered.

The two men entered the private audience room and bowed low. 298 more words

Fiction - Tales Of Unwise Paths

One Year Of Modi Govt

One Year of Modi govt: Bure Din For Social Sector

Modi government has damaged the rights-based legislative framework without spelling out what will replace it. 1,058 more words


Public is paying a heavy price for the countenance to the corrupt Babudom: Is the Modi Government watching?

Our World-Our Times

Anoop Swarup

Do we need an incompetent bureaucracy or a committed adhocracy

I may sound overly sceptical perhaps angry, yes I am, as are scores of my patriotic fellowmen, on the state of the nation and more particularly on the plight of the poorest of the poor.

2,118 more words