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Done with culture!

Culture is something that appeals to the conservative elements all across the society, something that appeals to the feudal elements across the society, it appeals to the moral police everywhere and it is the first and final argument of all the reactionaries, fascists, fundamentalists and extremists to justify their extremely racist, bigoted, misogynistic, casteist, irrational and inhumane conduct. 27 more words

Medieval Times

Sarah’s medieval unit was a lot of fun. I am really happy I decided to follow what she was interested in. We had a lot of fun researching the Medieval years through books and the internet and we had great fun setting up our medieval village. 583 more words




A feudal lord.

For the costume party, I will dress like a seignior from Spain.


Women cotton pickers of Sindh await recognition

Hasan Mansoor

MATIARI: For 60-year-old cotton picker Mai Bachil, life is grim in the vast and rich land of this largely out-of-sight Jamal Dahiri village where her bare hands, marked with old and new abrasions, are her only asset used adroitly to feed herself, her divorced daughter and grandchildren. 841 more words


Custom of the Manor - A Glossary: Feudal

Feudal systems closely connected governance and land tenure. It was based on the relationship between two free men, a lord and a vassal. The lord gave the use of his land, rights and privileges to his vassal in return for a variety of services, including military service, money, labour, something symbolic, or prayers. 81 more words

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