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Partner in Crime

Before the British Raj India was self-colonized entity, colonized by upper caste feudal landowners.
During British Raj India was colonized by the nexus of British imperialism and Indian feudalism. 31 more words

Controlling the movement of people

For the mediaeval serf, movement wasn’t an option unless your Lord moved you. If you didn’t like how your feudal master behaved, you could not vote with your feet. 439 more words

The Quiet Revolution


Wanna get lit on Friday nights before you even step outta the house? Well, just play this track before you go out and we PROMISE you….that something will catch fire! 12 more words


Offer prayers to dispassionate gods, with the ground you walk and the blood you trade. Hear, in the calls of the night and the sighs of the snow, the silence in their answers. 308 more words


Dreamcage Escape: Two Towers Creek

Published by Mescape LLC. I played this on android.

The Short: Garden variety escape game that gets 1 extra point for having a cool level-up structure (you climb a tower). 223 more words


2/24/17 - Get Out, SPECIAL GUEST WRITER!

Hellooooo!  Thank you so much for joining us.  Today’s trending topic is “Get Out”.  My rule is not to look up anything, but in this case I had to figure out why this phrase would be trending.   623 more words


Post 297a

A martial arts trainee pauses his fighting regimen to take on the menial job of cleaning their training base. The master-servant relationship of the feudal times is still evident today.

Photo by I.R. Arenas