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FFF- Devastated




Ringing echoed throughout the living room.  Cara’s stomach fluttered at the sound, leaping over the coffee table to grab the phone.  She answered, holding her breath with hope that it was him.   274 more words


Marmozets at Riverside, Newcastle on 25th February 2015

Riverside is a venue notorious for entertaining Geordie Shore ‘stars’ and wannabes. Luckily tonight there is no sign of perma-tanned brutes or scantily-clad ladies, as an altogether more interesting crowd are in attendance to see Marmozets continue their UK headline tour. 595 more words


We Are Knuckle Dragger at Think Tank, Newcastle on 20th February 2015

Backed by support from The 78 and Hypochrist tonight’s performance in Newcastle City Centre is a headline “return” performance from Newcastle based trio WAKD – formed in 2008 after the reunion of Irish friends Aran Glover and Pete Currie.  522 more words


FFF~Week #9

Ancestor: My paternal great-grandmother (Clara Criss Ford)


  1. She died fairly young (age 48) and her youngest son, my grandfather, was bothered by that.
  2. She was born in 1885 in Owen County, Indiana.
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Friday Fun Fact

The aorta, the largest artery in the body, is almost the diameter of a garden hose.

Capillaries, on the other hand, are so small that it takes ten of them to equal the thickness of a human hair. 36 more words


How to choose a FFF/FDM 3D printer - Do I have a limitation on my printer size

Each 3d printer technologies will have different form factors and will require more or less space.
For example, the SLS machines will have nearly the size of a shelf whereas a SLA or FFF printer will more likely be the size of a micro wave. 38 more words

3D Printer

FFF~Week #8

Ancestor: My paternal great-grandfather (Joseph Varian Ford)


  1. Went by the nickname ‘Joe’.
  2. Owned land in Indiana that had a coal mine on it.
  3. Married Clara Criss.
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