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Imperial Assault: Legends of the Alliance Companion App Coming Soon!

Imperial Assault: Legends of the Alliance

“I’ll not leave you here. I’ve got to save you.”
–Luke Skywalker, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

The Death Star has been destroyed—but as fragments of wreckage rain down on Yavin 4, the war is not over. 1,137 more words

New Releases & Previews

Adventure Log: Living on Borrowed Time Pt. 20

The Last Ditch docked with the newly captured and newly rechristened Time Sink as the CR-90, Interdictor cruiser, and the rest of the rebel task force hurtled through hyperspace towards a rendezvous with… 2,614 more words


Meet the Party: Legend of the Five Rings Beta

An honorable bushi sworn to stand against the Shadowlands but longing to follow her heart.  A wily courtier keeping the Emerald Empire together with his eye straying towards wealth. 3,437 more words


Lord of the Rings LCG - The Campaign Project: The Shadow of Mirkwood

There are a couple of obvious difficulties when it comes to tying the core set and first cycle together into a campaign. It made for an interesting challenge to say the least. 1,804 more words


Legend of the Five Rings Beta Review

Fantasy Flight Games is at it again with their open beta tests, this time for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG! L5R, as it is often abbreviated as, was originally published back in ’95 by Alderac Entertainment Group, and is set in the feudal-pseudo-Japan setting of Rokugan, a land of samurai, shugenja, and courtiers fulfilling their duties and struggling amongst themselves in the Emerald Empire. 1,821 more words


Honor Control? Kinda? Not really?

Yep. I’m definitely flooding the blog with my Crane decks. Stopped trying to figure out Unicorn for a while. So what does one do? Why splash them instead! 99 more words

The Little Sensei

Manly Neighbours v3

A tweaked up version from the previous deck. While the previous one was resilient like a rock, this one is vicious. A bit more swingy and more punishing to the personalities that give you fits, it trades Honor stability for the optimized use of Noble Sacrifice to snipe problematic Dishonored peeps before anyone steps foot into the battlefield/court. 49 more words

The Little Sensei