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Riverdale Rewind 2x18

High School Musical…yeah Riverdale just went there. All good dark TV dramas need a musical episode right? Well this is certainly how Riverdale felt, and I have to say, I’m not mad. 385 more words


Imperial surprise attack at the Rondalla outpost

The Stargazer Company awaits rendezvous with the Rebel Alliance at Rondalla (yeah, I made that up!). Probe droids have discovered the secret outpost and imperial forces are on their way to crush the lone company before reinforcements can arrive. 731 more words

System Hack: Genesys Mecha Archetypes and Careers

A hangar full of CHM-01 Ogo mecha stand ready and waiting, loaded up with weapons and gear, their reactors running hot. The alarms shriek, a voice over the speakers commanding “Pilots, to your machines!” So who precisely is going to answer the call? 2,317 more words


Star Wars: Legion. Much Needed Supplies

The Stargazer Company drops on a backwater planet on the Outer Rim. A long forgotten crash promises fuel reserves much needed by the rebellion. Aided by Luke Skywalker, Stargazer troops advance towards the crash site. 673 more words


Reign and Rotation: A Netrunner Reverie

I keep all my Netrunner cards in long cardboard boxes. By the end of the Red Sands cycle, when the card pool was at its largest, my collection weighed a staggering 13kg. 1,470 more words


High MFin’ King

Forget the Bambi you grew up with, this 2018 Bambi is here to rock your world. No, I’m not referring to Bambi the beloved fawn from your childhood. 350 more words


Star Wars Legion Battle Report

Hey all, in honor of the official release of Star Wars Legion, I will briefly share my experience playing the demo copy we received a few weeks ago. 894 more words