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2015 F.U.N Series No. 012 Trigavé by Karbach brewing

Rating: 6/6

2015 F.U.N Series No. 012 Trigavé by Karbach brewing is a 10% ABV Belgian Tripel aged in pre-red wine aged Tequila Barrels.

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Anime Beers :P

Please snow a lot tonight

Hello, internet, it’s me again. I’ve enjoyed my free time in this winter vacations, but unfortunately, today is my last day of freedom and, unless it snows like it’s the ice age again tonight, I must return to jail tomorrow… I mean school; I have to go back to school tomorrow. 1,366 more words


Final Fantasy 6 - Finale

Last time we did a bunch of side quest in preparation for the end of the game.
Check it out. 2,767 more words


Final Fantasy 6 Part 1 - Magic and Mind Control

So with Final Fantasy 5 out of the way, we now begin our venture into the next game into the series, Final Fantasy 6, or Final Fantasy 3 for the SNES. 3,632 more words


Final Fantasy 3 Part 6 -The Invincible

Last time, after restoring the water crystal, the darkness was lifted over the surface world, allowing us full access to it.
However, a man named Goldor chained our ship, making us unable to use it until we could break free. 3,252 more words


Final Fantasy 3 part 5 - Lightning and Despair

After putting a stop to the corrupted royal adviser, Hein, the group saved King Argus, who gave us the Wheel of Time.
Giving the Wheel to Cid, he crafted our sea-fairing ship, the Enterprise, into a sky-flying airship! 2,678 more words