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Final Fantasy III: I Beat It!

I finished Final Fantasy III! This was the tenth game that I beat that counts toward my goal of finishing 50 games before upgrading to the current generation of consoles. 616 more words

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Chrono Trigger is one of the best RPGs of all time, but-

What can I say? I feel that in a few years this will be another case of people overhyping good childhood memories. That game had literally everything a 90s kid could ever want: even toriyama in design for god sake! 293 more words

End of Week Twelve: Final Fantasy III Completed

It is done. Significant progress was made during this past week, inspired mainly by the complete lack of effort I’ve put into not only my posts for the game, but also into the game itself. 4,142 more words


End of Week Eleven: Final Fantasy III, Part 3

So last time, we left our group of Light Warriors outside of a little town, where some asshat had chained our ship to land. So naturally we have to go fix that. 937 more words


End of Week Ten: Final Fantasy III, Part 2.1: Once again, a no progress week. I blame Warlords of Draenor for this. Back on track next week hopefully.


End of Week Nine: Final Fantasy III, Part 2

Finally back in the game. For my own information, we left off at the Dwarven City where they had one of their artifacts taken deeper into their mountain by some jerk. 1,275 more words


End of Week Eight: Final Fantasy III, Part 1.1: No progress was made on the game this week because we couldn’t find the charger to the 3DS. 12 more words