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A simple Ip-TV viewer for iOS

Adding video streaming functionality within an App is becoming more and more important, health care organizations (telemedicine), hospitality (marketing), education (training)  are just a few industries that have adopted real time media to conduct their business. 260 more words

FFMpeg: Convert Videos for streaming

@echo off
echo Bitte in dieses Fenster die zu konvertierende Datei "reinziehen" 
set /p file=UND mit  bestaetigen:

FOR /f "eol=; delims=?" %%i IN ("%file%") DO (
set filedrive=%%~di
set filename=%%~ni
set filepath=%%~pi
echo %%i

echo Film: %file%
echo Ausgabedatei: "%filedrive%%filepath%%filename%_konvertiert.mp4"

start "" "bin\ffmpeg" -i %file% -crf 15 -maxrate 2000k -bufsize 2000k "%filedrive%%filepath%%filename%_1_high.mp4"
start "" "bin\ffmpeg" -i %file% -crf 15 -maxrate 1000k -bufsize 1000k "%filedrive%%filepath%%filename%_2_medium.mp4"
start "" "bin\ffmpeg" -i %file% -crf 15 -maxrate  750k -bufsize  750k "%filedrive%%filepath%%filename%_3_low.mp4"
start "" "bin\ffmpeg" -i %file% -crf 15 -maxrate  500k -bufsize  500k "%filedrive%%filepath%%filename%_4_lower.mp4"


Xác lập độ ưu tiên của 1 tiến trình bằng lệnh START

START [“title”] [/I]


Ex: START /belownormal /w ffmpeg.exe ….

/MIN Start window Minimized.
/MAX Start window Maximized.
/W or /WAIT Start application and wait for it to terminate.

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Cắt video mà ko làm giảm chất lượng

ffmpeg -i largefile.mp4 -t 00:50:00 -c copy smallfile1.mp4 -ss 00:50:00 -c copy smallfile2.mp4

cắt ra 2 file: file1 từ đầu đến phút 50, file2 từ phút 50 đến cuối…

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