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Alfred and Lucy

Learned that I don’t even need a video editing program; FFMPEG does 90% of what I need :)


Real Streaming Video with FFmpeg

As part of my next ROV model I have decided to redesign the live video stream. The current solution involves a raspberry pi camera streaming through a raw TCP socket to mplayer on a laptop. 322 more words

Capturing Video During Test Runs

Today I decided to show my readers how to build simple setup which runs Robot Framework test case with Selenium 2. Twist is using Firefox rendering its UI to separate Xvfb container and using yet another container with FFmpeg video capture. 802 more words


crtmpserver + ffmpeg

This post will show the process of installing , running and using crtmpserver on ubuntu 64 bit machine with gstreamer .

gcc and cmake

We shall build gstreamer directly from sources . 1,682 more words

Live Streaming And Broadcasting

Creating video demonstrations for projects

If you use an online platform like Github to host your project’s source code and want to improve its reception, then this post is for you. 985 more words

Super fast HLS trimming with frame accuracy


This article is an evolution of this code: Trim HLS stream with frame accuracy using ffmpeg and Bash script

  • The implementation gets a group if HLS chunks (.ts) and based on input and output points (timestamps) it creates an mp4 output file frame accuracy trimmed, and with AV perfectly aligned.
  • 91 more words
Papers & Articles

Simple DTS to AC3 using FFmpeg

Many people ask if they can convert the audio (usually DTS, DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD) of their .mkv file to AC3 audio (Dolby Digital) without extracting the audio, converting the audio to AC3 and then muxing the audio back to .mkv. 443 more words