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Enable Video Thumbnails in KDE Dolphin and Xfce Thunar

Open Dolphin

In dolphin, enable previews then go to
Settings, Configure Dolphin.
General, Previews
Put a check in Video File

The Thumbnails created by Dolphin will be shown in Thunar too! 45 more words

The Net

fyi [links, may 2015]

Some more or less recent stuff, focussed on GIFs. Or other web animations. Or something else loosely connected to that.

Why GIFs Are the Words of the Future… 344 more words


Ffmpeg installation from source

Pre configuration

Install git and nasm and rest of the dependencies via yum before installation of ffmpeg and assorted packages ( git can be installed from Centos EPEL repo) 1,105 more words


How to install opencv 2.4.10 in ubuntu 14.04 LTS

OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is a library of programming functions mainly aimed at real-time computer vision. This cross platform library mainly focuses on real-time image processing. 735 more words

Gnu/linux Tips

FFMPEG installation in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

FFmpeg is popular multimedia framework, that allows users to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play almost all codecs that have been created. 556 more words

Gnu/linux Tips

ffmpeg Notes

ffmpeg is really handy for encoding video and audio.

Dump audio from mp4 to a wav file

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vn -ac 2 -ar 44100 -f wav output.wav
… 32 more words

Compiling ffmpeg and vlc from source

Both ffmpeg and vlc are two of the important applications in free software media processing. I wanted to compile both to incorporate latest codecs, x264 and libvpx for video along with aac and libopus for audio. 546 more words