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Play video out on Decklink SDI

Just a short tip on how to output a video directly on the SDI (or HDMI) of a Decklink MiniMonitor. I spent a long time searching for how to do this with VLC but there is not a viable option on Windows yet. 103 more words


Capturing Perfect Video

Some time ago I made the decision to put some of my gaming projects on hold indefinitely.  Initially it was because I only had a composite capture setup and was recording interlaced video, which I then deinterlaced during encoding.  864 more words


FFmpeg H.264 Constant Bitrate (CBR) Encoding

Example command using a single-frame VBV:

ffmpeg -i <input> -r 25 -c:v libx264 -x264opts nal-hrd=cbr:force-cfr=1 -b:v 2500k -minrate 2500k -maxrate 2500k -bufsize 100k output.ts

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ffmpeg x265 convert

Convert all filename.mkv files in current folder into filename-$crf.mp4 files.
Copy audio track.

for f in *.mkv
    ffmpeg -i "$f$oldext" -c:v libx265 -preset $preset -crf $crf -c:a copy "$f""-""$crf$newext"
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How to 'embed' subtitles into mp4 video

If you ever want to embed or burn subtitles into an mp4 video file, just use ffmpeg. See below:

ffmpeg -i infile.mp4 -f srt -i infile.srt -c:v copy -c:a copy -c:s mov_text outfile.mp4

One-bash-liner to get rid of .WMV container

For reasons known probably to only a very few, selected ones – videos contained in the “.WMV” container seem to have occasional problems with seeking and positioning when played back with XBMC (or “Kodi” if you adapted to the brave new name). 69 more words


How to create ABR content with FFmpeg in one pass

I was once informed that it would be nigh impossible to create ABR content in one pass using FFmpeg.  Challenge accepted!

I remembered that statement when I wanted to calculate a bit per pixel density encoding matrix for different video resolutions.  1,125 more words