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Converting 96kHz 24-bit FLAC to OGG with ffmpeg

Lately my son Robin asked for Peter Gabriel’s song The Tower That Ate People in a car. I like OGGs, although recently it may have been pointless with… 992 more words



Under Linux you want to do some screen capturing. For instance, you want to do some tutorial videos.

I used gtk-RecordMyDesktop for a long time, but my current favorite is… 291 more words


Mux subtitles into video container (loop over arrays)

This is probably a little over-engineered for what it does, which is to embed/combine/mux loose subtitle files with a corresponding set of video files.
It’s not like it’s a type of thing I need to do on a regular basis either, but the need occurred, I slapped together a few lines, wasn’t quite happy, and now a couple of days later I finally got around to using it for what it was originally intended. 685 more words

Streaming video to iOS devices

It seems that neither iOS devices, nor Safari on OS X, support mp4; so if you’re trying to stream video, you need to provide another format. 142 more words


Create MP4 video file from Quicktime Mov file on a Mac OS X

If you do a screen recording on a Mac, you are most likely using the free Quicktime player that comes with Mac OS X. If you are lucky enough to own a Quicktime Pro then you can simply do an Export > Save-As MP4. 71 more words

Mac OS X

The Linux Setup - Keith Henderson Jr., Software Developer

Keith has a lot of great information in here. For instance, his multi-monitor i3 setup is interesting. I only have one monitor, but I often consider adding a second. 1,340 more words


Streaming video from ffmpeg

ffmpeg is a fantastic tool for converting, concatenating, or otherwise fiddling with video content. If you can generate what you need in advance, then you can upload it to s3 (or some other CDN like option); but sometimes you need to stream video on demand. 350 more words