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bash script: automatically make spoken slide presentation of text in movie form for youtube

example here. I fed it a poem of mine written years ago.

you can turn your youtube channel into an automated platform to read out all your thoughts or work 257 more words


Batch Transcoding of Video Files in Linux with FFMPEG

The Linux shell script below, when run in a directory that contains, or has subdirectories that contain, video files in an .avi format, will transcode those video files to use the libx264 video codec. 147 more words

The Best Encoding Settings For Your 4K 360 3D Videos + Free Encoding Tool

This post shows a pretty awesome bit of work at PurplePillVR.

Plus they have a FFMPEG build that includes Facebook’s cube-map filter!

All in all, if you’re involved with 360 or stereoscopic video, this is certainly worth a read.


Removing Video Watermark via FFMPEG-delogo (on Ubuntu)

Today I found myself trying to remove a watermark from a video. I was able to remove it, but the process left a blur on the spot where the watermark came from. 114 more words


A simple Ip-TV viewer for iOS

Adding video streaming functionality within an App is becoming more and more important, health care organizations (telemedicine), hospitality (marketing), education (training)  are just a few industries that have adopted real time media to conduct their business. 260 more words

FFMpeg: Convert Videos for streaming

@echo off
echo Bitte in dieses Fenster die zu konvertierende Datei "reinziehen" 
set /p file=UND mit  bestaetigen:

FOR /f "eol=; delims=?" %%i IN ("%file%") DO (
set filedrive=%%~di
set filename=%%~ni
set filepath=%%~pi
echo %%i

echo Film: %file%
echo Ausgabedatei: "%filedrive%%filepath%%filename%_konvertiert.mp4"

start "" "bin\ffmpeg" -i %file% -crf 15 -maxrate 2000k -bufsize 2000k "%filedrive%%filepath%%filename%_1_high.mp4"
start "" "bin\ffmpeg" -i %file% -crf 15 -maxrate 1000k -bufsize 1000k "%filedrive%%filepath%%filename%_2_medium.mp4"
start "" "bin\ffmpeg" -i %file% -crf 15 -maxrate  750k -bufsize  750k "%filedrive%%filepath%%filename%_3_low.mp4"
start "" "bin\ffmpeg" -i %file% -crf 15 -maxrate  500k -bufsize  500k "%filedrive%%filepath%%filename%_4_lower.mp4"