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At first, I thought I was reading satire.

Surely this wasn’t meant as a serious article… I wanted to congratulate the author for sneaking this highly entertaining satire past the editors at the Huffington Post. 56 more words

Feel The Vibes


Dear Ladies and Gents,

Today I am starting my own blog.

As Silvia von Stein is already alive today for more than ten years I´d like to inspire you with some material.  28 more words


Thoughts on Nichijou

Small disclaimer: the images placed within this post were found via Google search.

Nichijou is the quintessential comedy/gag anime for the current generation. Loaded with wacky reaction faces, overexaggerated freak-outs, and random resolutions, it has the components to be one of the most recognizable comedy anime out there. 1,462 more words


Q & A #11

Three questions addressed in this post: The daughter of folks who were my church members expressed confusion over my transitioning, a man wants to know why I need the public to see me as a woman, and a trans friend was kind to ask how my transitioning is coming along. 1,366 more words

Batsh The Black Knight (FFS) Model Kit

I’ve always loved the robots found in the Five Star Stories series of anime and manga.  Their mechs are very stylized and expressive.  Unfortunately they aren’t all that popular, and their model kits are generally hard to find. 203 more words

FFS, 2016

If you’re the sort of person who values intelligence and kindness, then this has not been your year. Just when you think that we have got to our lowest point, as a species, then a man who has befriended racists beats a qualified woman to a job he is totally unqualified for. 397 more words


Fly Fishing Shows 2017

By Temple Fork Outfitters

Temple Fork Outfitters is proud to announce the 2017 line-up for the Fly Fishing Shows.

TFO will be exhibiting at all seven FFS events,  including the… 12 more words