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The day after the November 2015 Paris attacks

I was standing on the platform with my eyes shut, listening for the familiar rumble of the northbound train. 240 more words


Count me out as a political pundit.

Labor have taken government in Western Australia.

Well, now I get to see if I was right about McGowan being another Andrews. Maybe I’ll be wrong twice. Here’s hoping.

This Is My City


FFS: facial feminization surgery.

I sit here and watch my father in pain, nauseated, swollen, and disfigured. I wonder how anyone can think that someone would chose this path, as if it were a choice. 833 more words


Review: Friction Free Shaving

I think I have a problem. Birchbox apparently isn’t enough for me. Having signed up to Glossybox this month too, I got suckered in by another subscription box, this one called Friction Free Shaving, or FFS for short. 301 more words


Charmed, I'm sure

Everybody steals everything online, it seems. I never mind when someone legitimately swipes pictures or quotes from my blog when they’re writing about swords, dorkery, or swords and dorkery, but occasionally weird content farmers steal entire posts just populate their awful little adfarms. 371 more words