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Entry #10: The 'Aria' Series (SoA 2017)

(Recommended, once again, by Sango.)

This post will feature the series Aria the Animation, Aria the Natural, and Aria the Origination, and none of the OVAs or specials that go along with them. 1,216 more words


Friction Free Shaving - Month 3

This month I received my second instalment of FFS (friction free shaving). I have the bi-monthly subscription with them so receive new blade sets every couple on months, this is after receiving the first box with the razor handle, blades and shaving cream. 251 more words


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Anyone for barbecued penguin?

To mark America’s exit from the Paris Climate Accord, I thought I’d beat the Chicken Littles to the punch.

My home town has been a particular target of the Global Warming Cabal. 49 more words

The WTF File

#GE2017: Experts puzzled by 'first party' effect

The last few years have seen huge shifts in world politics, with some established parties (the French Parti Socialiste, PASOK in Greece) more or less disappearing overnight and new contenders coming into play as the voting public tire of the same old establishment names and faces. 768 more words


My Info-graphic

My Info-graphic concerns itself with music sales, the types of music formats we use and their basics. From Vinyl to Downloads the Info-graphic looks at these formats peaks and most recent unit sales. Check out the info-graphic below

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