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And nobody can argue with that!

More’s the pity…

My review of Australian politics will continue in the near future. Till then!

Feel The Vibes

My FFS Dilemma: So Close, But So Far Away

Today, I had a conversation with the patient coordinator for the world’s foremost facial feminization surgeon in the world (who is actually local to me!). Last week, I had sent an e-mail to their office introducing myself. 682 more words



FFS, I used to think as a child, that Bloody!was perhaps The Worst Swear Word in the world.  I was taught via a reaction when I used it, with a sharp  31 more words


Next Steps: Vocal Therapy(!) and Facial Surgery(?)

In my last post, I talked about some of the celebrations that should have happened, but did not:  my court date, my birthday, telling my story publicly for the first time.   769 more words


No Place for a Jotun

What a difference a few degrees make!

Observe this dial:

It’s a little complex for puny mortal brains, so I will explain it.  This shows what the temperature is inside this small, sealed room.  259 more words

Random Mischief

No Gender Reassignment Surgery

I am planning on having Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS). I hope to have it this autumn.

Despite that you rarely hear it called SRS anymore, and despite that it is most commonly called Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS), there is no such thing as GRS. 996 more words