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Just lying here in bed waiting for the painkillers to kick in.

Really, I’m starting to become a little fatigued with this. Everything seems to irritate, and I think that it a function of my shattered nerves more than it is a product of the people and things around me. 337 more words


Another year older...

May the fourth be with you and happy 38th birthday to me. It’s been a manic few weeks and the blogging has taken a back seat. 1,061 more words

On My Mind

FFS Done, Back Home, Musings and Preparing for July Now

I’m back home from Guadalajara, still pretty swollen and bruised, but the surgery went fine. I’ll be taping my nose every four days until May 22nd, when I can stop. 680 more words


There's Been A Murder

I really hope you read that in the voice of Taggart.  If not, or if you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m very disappointed. 108 more words


Ahhh... Fuggedduboutit..;

… on the scale of actual hurts, I have a skinned knee. There’s friends out there running in fear of their professional lives; arterial bleeds and no tourniquet in sight. 309 more words


Wheres all the punctucrap

I might enumerate my symptoms here, but suffice to say, that would bore ME to tears so god knows what it would do to you. Self-diagnosis in this instance is deemed to be, and is, a bad plan, unless you have the backing of a hefty tranche of actual diagnosis, which I do. 323 more words