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let sleeping dragons lie Pt III, burn

Landlord‘s name is Linda Wilson. She is neglectful, uncommunicative, and unfit to be a landlord. Do not rent from her.

Right about when I had enough alcohol to calm me down Linda responded to my email last night, approaching midnight, destroying any chances I had of sleeping. 854 more words

This Actually Happened

let sleeping dragons lie Pt II, flashback

While we’re waiting for Landlord* to get her act together, I thought I’d share the airport incident referenced in Part I.

It was a Wednesday in early June. 1,080 more words

This Actually Happened

let sleeping dragons lie Pt I

If we’ve met, you know it takes quite a bit to anger me. I am very understanding and pretty tolerant. Mistakes happen; rectify it and we’re good. 888 more words

This Actually Happened

Friction Free Shaving | Coconut Lane Competition! |✨

Hey beauts!

Just a quick post to fill you in on something great that happened to me the other week: I won a competition!

I literally never win anything, ever. 284 more words


New Users Please

Manager: We need two new users by tomorrow setup with email and accounts.

Me: We don’t have the user licenses for that and the order will take until at least Tuesday to get here. 91 more words


Ahh a new place

So, here we are, another blog, another nameless rant into the existence that is the internet. Despite the fact that this is probably just another moaning blog, I do feel the need to put this out there. 142 more words


How to Meet Your In-Laws and Sweat Off 10 Pounds During One Meal

I was really nervous when I proposed to Jenny last October. We talk about it often as it was very clear from the way I presented it that whatever I was about to say to Jenny was big. 800 more words

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