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No Place for a Jotun

What a difference a few degrees make!

Observe this dial:

It’s a little complex for puny mortal brains, so I will explain it.  This shows what the temperature is inside this small, sealed room.  259 more words

Random Mischief

No Gender Reassignment Surgery

I am planning on having Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS). I hope to have it this autumn.

Despite that you rarely hear it called SRS anymore, and despite that it is most commonly called Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS), there is no such thing as GRS. 996 more words

How to get ahead in advertising.

I am so tired from labouring on overdue projects that I am almost dead at my desk. While I am waiting for some files to upload, here’s my advice for new graduates at the start of their careers. 537 more words


one month out!

Hi everyone! It has been one month since the end of VONA. That’s 4 weeks/30+ days out of the haven for writers of color. Due to the overwhelming (seriously, I teared up multiple times) support I received through my… 1,083 more words


Two WTFs in One Day

First off, who changed my doctor appointment and didn’t tell me? I get a call this morning from my doctor’s office saying that they have to move my August 9th appointment to the 10th. 75 more words