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Strange Arguments

Ah so here to rant again…but this is essentially what I have set this up for really.

So in terms of never being able to get anything right, here I am again…not getting it right. 216 more words



ALBUM REVIEW                            :        FRANZ FERDINAND AND SPARKS

ARTIST                                      :        FFS

GENRE                                       :        POP / ROCK

DATE RELEASED                          :        2015

Franz Ferdinand formed a what they called a supergroup with a group named Sparks and they called themselves FFS.  533 more words

Album Review

Glastonbury, So Much To Answer For... (Part 4c)

Sunday Morning. I hate Sunday Morning at Glastonbury.

Hate is maybe too strong a word, but there’s an air of sadness and resignation about the whole place. 3,630 more words


FFS - Album Review

There’s a moment about six minutes into ‘FFS’ highpoint ‘Collaborations Don’t Work’ when you can actually hear art-rock eat itself. Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos opens the track, acoustically singing “Collaborations don’t work/ I’m gonna do it all by myself.” Then, after the whole thing billows into a jazz/synthpop operetta, dissecting the pitfalls that characterise the avereage joint rock venture, Alex swaps operatic barbed swips with Sparks’ Russell Mael (“I don’t need your patronising!/ I don’t need your agonizing!”) and the two bands finally come together for a gloriously unified romp through the chorus. 248 more words



La historieta se remite a la década pasada, donde los Franz Ferdinand sacan en 2004 su disco debut homónimo. Al pasar por Los Ángeles son interceptados por Sparks y les proponen alguna colaboración. 365 more words


Ffs What Else Can They Possibly Diagnose Me With ?????

I suffered horrific abuse as a child from being thrown around, dropped down the stairs and landing on my head (age 3). Subsequently my main abuser (Eldest brother) would beat me to the head every night he came to bed until I was 15 years old (this has resulted in my acute insomnia suffering now since early childhood). 47 more words