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The List

The sound of the telephone startled me as I stood in the kitchen trying to prepare the evening meal. My mind was not on food, because T had just been telling me about some rumours he had heard concerning the existence of a list drawn up by the FIS, the… 917 more words


Dear Trainer

You seem like a nice guy so that’s why I am sorry that I found it hard to co-operatively fake enthusiasm this morning.

I just need you to get to the point. 382 more words


Why we should encourage new countries to join the EU

Say hello to Saliman Barci who is a living advertisement for why we should encourage new countries to join our border free Fourth Reich.

Mr Barci is from Albania. 254 more words

Fourth Reich

One from the Archives.

Give them a sign.

This came up in yesterday’s list of views. I thought I’d share it again, since it’s sure to be just as topical as it was then. 15 more words

Feel The Vibes

G to G transitioning diary

Key dates and events in my roller coaster years of going from Greg to Gina. From guy to gal. From G to G.

Pre 2013… 2,893 more words

GoFund My Abortion? Why I Gave Money to a Total Stranger on Twitter

This post was first published on The Huffington Post here

Terrifying, is the only way I can think of to describe it.

Imagine, if you will, taking a pregnancy test – ripping open the packet, making sure you take it correctly, and waiting for those crucial three minutes – each second thumping into your head as deafeningly as your heartbeat in your chest. 1,203 more words


Democracy is undemocratic

Even by the standards of the unelected bureaucracy of the European Union, this one is a real cracker!

Fraser Cameron is a former European Commission official and Senior Adviser with Cambre Associates, a Brussels-based, integrated public relations and public affairs consultancy – and he’s had the unmitigated bare faced cheek to suggest that holding a referendum before the EU introduces a new piece of legislation – that’s legislation that’s formulated by people we didn’t elect – is undemocratic. 258 more words

Fourth Reich