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What comes first saving for a rainy day or paying off your credit cards?

Depending on whom you ask, you may receive several different answers. How can such a simple question produce so much debate? Many of us perceive debt as a dark cloud hovering over, while others feel that if it is out of mind, it is out of sight. 651 more words


Money Differences Naturally Manifest Problems in Your Relationship

Despite how much we believe that our partners are on the same accord as we are, much of the time there are areas in our relationships that lack harmony. 620 more words


To Tithe or Not to Tithe? That is the Question...

Editors Note:
The purpose of this blog is to teach tithing in it’s correct Biblical context. Most pastors either don’t teach it correctly, or don’t teach it at all. 3,772 more words

When to have a discussion about finances with your parents

When to have a discussion about finances with your parents

We often work with families where children are caregivers for their parents. Inevitably, the conversation of finances comes up. 595 more words

Rob Wilson's Create-A-Budget

  • Are you a family of faith? If so, do you pay tithes and offerings?
  • Are you saving money each month?
  • What do you pay for rent or mortgage?
  • 125 more words

money money money

Hi all!

Life hits us hard sometimes, and our wallets even harder.

I worked a minimum wage, fulltime job, before becoming a mom. It has not been easy at all. 372 more words


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