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Reston warmup

Going big with a Weber grill lid, warmup for the weekend in Reston, VA with the Chalk on the Water Festival.

Excited to meet the folks at… 58 more words

Chalk Circles

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The Viral Spirals

A circle is a reflection of eternity. It has no beginning and no end. And if you put several circles together, then you get a spiral… 491 more words

Sacred Geometry

Recursion Example

 * @author Soumitra.Pathak
 * Class Includes Example of Recursion –
 * Fibbonci Series
 * Factorial OF a Number
 * Resverse a String using Recursion… 85 more words

Sacred Geometry and Music

Re-post, original author Ani Williams

“…this music-geometry connection is well stated by Goethe, who said, ‘Sacred architecture is frozen music.’ The same is true of the “architecture” of the human body.”

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Sacred Geometry

AR Trigger to Fibonacci Sequence Activity

As part of a lesson on the Fibbonacci Sequence in a math class I created this AR trigger in LAYAR which led the students to a video about the Fibbonacci sequence on You Tube. 75 more words