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Those lucky enough to live in a city with Google Fiber will soon receive an update that essentially turns their current TV Box into a Chromecast. 193 more words

On the eve of Google I/O, AT&T launches its GigaPower Fiber competitor in Google's backyard

Google I/O officially kicks off tomorrow, but this evening AT&T has taken some wind out of the company’s sails. AT&T has announced that it is brining its Google Fiber competitor to the Bay Area in California. 870 more words

Google experimenting with Fiber/wireless hybrid service to extend reach beyond cities

We heard earlier this month that Google was planning to offer Fiber customers the option of a wireless service within its existing coverage areas, but a  249 more words

When Google Fiber first launched in Kansas City, it did so with the promise of free internet, as long as customers paid for their installation. 258 more words

Google becomes a triple play provider with new Fiber Phone service

Earlier this year, Google began inviting certain Fiber customers to test out a home phone service. Today, the Mountain View company is officially adding a… 192 more words

President Obama says Google plans to help broaden internet access in Cuba

About a year after the United States’ historical renewal of its relationship with Cuba, which among other things allowed American firms to do business in the country, it looks like things are looking bright for Cuban people interested in getting online. 238 more words

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AT&T could use utility pole dispute to get a head start on Google Fiber in Louisville

ArsTechnica reports that AT&T is going to court to prevent Google Fiber getting immediate access to its utility poles in Louisville, potentially delaying Google’s plans… 228 more words