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Tzatziki The Ram

I was looking through photos earlier today and realized that Tzatziki really is a very handsome ram.  I thought I would share…  What a Cassanova!

Sheep Management

A Cure for My Wintertime Blues

I lost my hat.  I lost my favorite hat.  I suppose I should be seriously bummed but, with all the problems in the world, it’s not worth the effort it would take. 469 more words


Pressing Matters

An iron and it’s companion ironing board do you no good when they’re tucked away in a closet.  And in that same vein, keeping your unfinished tiny tapestries confined to a shoebox do you no good as well.  311 more words


It's A Yarn Trap!

Megan gave me a box of assorted yarn for two reasons. First, to expose me (a novice crocheter) to different materials. Second, because she’s become a yarn hoarder of sorts and has accumulated more yarn than she has storage space. 218 more words

Some Bright Scrumbles

It looks like we’re going to be in our empty house for at least another week. Since all of my dyeing supplies are packed away deep in a storage space, I went to JoAnn to get some new yarns to play with while I am waiting to move. 114 more words


Dream Job

One of my favorite things about being between jobs is having time to walk places.  San Francisco has so many things to see.  Little bits of life here and there.  539 more words