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Heading into the holidays

You know, I am NOT a holiday person. I do celebrate Buy Nothing Day and Festivus.

This year will be the first year in many that I have not spent at least part of the long Thanksgiving weekend at my mother’s house. 635 more words

Fiber Art

Caswell Carpet Impressions in a Prim way...

This carpet is part of our National Heritage, stashed away for safe keeping at the Metropolitan Museum. An impressive testimony to one American woman’s fiber art. 371 more words

Fiber Art

Big Yarn, Big Project, What Should I Make?

I put my hand in this picture so that you can get an idea of how much yarn this is and how big it is. I still don’t know what to make. 45 more words

Fiber Art

Kool Aid to Dye For...For Yarn, That Is

I’ve been curious about dying yarn with Kool Aid.  Sure enough sounds practical, looks easy but…

Tell me, have you tried this yet?

DIY Learn How To Hand Paint Dye Yarn with Kool Aid Easy Tutorial


my behind

I am behind. This is not to say I am procrastinating, really. More like the black dog is dragging my ass around, distracting me. I am unmotivated to write. 259 more words


Embracing Color

I am so pleased to be able to create my own background for my crocheted artwork.  I use wood and jute fabric.  And I sooo love jute in all of its fabulous colors! 22 more words


Chop Chop Chop

I am not talking about carrots or onions for Thanksgiving. I’m talking about fabric.

Being in the sewing room, tied to the machine sewing strips of fabric together, I’ve changed my mind about 100 times on where this is going. 579 more words