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Process Knitter, Production Spinner

Spinning has led me to many insights; after all, during all of those long hours, you have to think about something right?

So, here is my little list of zen: 294 more words


On the Road: Lyons, Colorado

By the time I arrived in Denver, Colorado, I had already been traveling for fifteen days. I’d taught for eight of those days and had forty students with forty projects. 1,231 more words

Fiber Art

Dyeing Alpaca Fleece (My Science Experiement)

This week I mentally was transported back to grade school, with the attempts to figure out how to dye fleece to make some neat finished products with a little more flair than the traditional, gorgeous on it’s own, fleece. 728 more words

Indigo Dyeing Workshop

Saturday’s indigo workshop hosted and taught by the warmhearted Ashley Eva Brock was an exciting and fascinating experience. The day in Bolinas was bright, mild, and breezy. 266 more words


Episode 99: Fabric Painty Goodness

We are going to keep this post short and sweet today as Katie is getting ready for a trip and has been elbow deep in cleaning and cooking in preparing to leave her husband and son on their own for a week. 302 more words

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