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Happy Thanksgiving

Hello all! I hope you are able to spend a lovely thanksgiving in a way which is important to you. As for us, we keep things pretty low key. 395 more words

Fiber Arts

The Virus Blanket

For my first project ever I chose a “virus blanket.” It looked cool but also seemed like it had the potential to get complicated ( 323 more words

Yeah No

My momentum stayed off yesterday. I just had a really hard time motivating. Though my family was happy to see me as up and around as I was. 279 more words

Fiber Arts

Crochet Practice

After learning some basic stitches, Megan said I could try out a pattern but… I felt like I needed more practice. I mean, I still stitched slowly, had to focus on my hands, my stitches were nowhere near uniform—clearly these fundamental skills were quite far from being habit. 224 more words

Episode 1

Welcome to Episode 1! Thanks for joining me.

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Here are the show notes:

Random Notes


Baby Mine

A tiny sweater, newborn size, was completed last week.

I didn’t get around to getting it soaked until midday Saturday, and then it took forever to dry since it’s a nice heavy cotton. 296 more words

Fiber Arts

This Week November 20-26

Last week:

  • Step goals 5 out of 7 days.
    • Got 6 out of 7.
  • Clean the edges of the floors in the bedroom.
    • Well, I went ahead and deep cleaned the bedroom, so the edges and MUCH more got done.
  • 692 more words
Fiber Arts